New All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 after Week 2 …

Northview football is BACK!

1. Bishop Amat (2-1) — Own worst enemy in loss to Rancho.
2. La Habra (3-0) — Not No. 1 because opponents’ records is 1-8.
3. Chino Hills (2-1) — Tesoro opens door for huge season.
4. Monrovia (2-0) — Whipped Arcadia, should do the same to SD.
5. St. Francis (2-0) — Huge test coming vs. hungry La Mirada.
6. Los Altos (3-0) — Wondering how Conqs will do in rugged Hacienda.
7. Glendora (2-0) — Rallied to beat Bonita. Look out now …
8. La Serna (2-1) — Narrow loss to Los Osos is only blemish.
9. Bonita (2-1) — Played Glendora tough. This team is still for real.
10. South Hills (2-1) — Back to being the Kings of Cameron.
11. Santa Fe (3-0) — The forgotten Del Rio/Southeast contender.
12. West Covina (2-1) — Another Sierra beckons in Chino Hills.
13. Whittier Chr. (3-0) — Handed Whittier its first “0”.
14. Charter Oak (0-2) — Two losses by a combined 9 points.
15. Ayala (2-1) — Only blemish is competitive Monrovia loss.
16. Diamond Ranch (2-1) — A blown 16-pt lead away from 3-0.
17. Diamond Bar (2-1) — Simply ran away from San Dimas.
18. Muir (1-1) — Hanging hat on decent showing vs. Alemany.
19. Northview (3-0) — Tough run defense, tough run game. Nice.
20. Arroyo (2-1) — Handed La Puente a reality check.
21. La Salle (2-1) — Two easy wins since Cathedral loss.
21. Rio Hondo Prep (2-1) — Bounced back in style vs. Big Bear.
22. Damien (1-1) — Not sure how Palm Desert was/wasn’t.
23. Pomona (3-0) — Yet another x-factor in Valle Vista.
24. Baldwin Park (3-0) — The turnaround story of the season.
25. La Mirada (0-3) — Hanging by a thread at this point.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    These rankings look real consistent with what Maxpreps has. LH opponent record of 1-8 explains the # 2 ranking. Besides LH goes into MV territory this season. Where will they be ranked if they win that one? If they lose that one, then CHills is # 2 hands down. If SF beats LM this week…this really sets up a big game for my cats in 2 weeks…However South Hills has a week off before coming to Mtown. Will they be rested or rusty. Nevertheless, the next two weeks are huge for everyone. Some programs have easy games, in which they will want to avoid cheap injuries, some will have big games that will solidify rankings, and some just need a win before league to get their confidence up. This is one of the most competitive years in a while…

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Surprised BA stayed no. 1, but looking at the rest of the list, who jumps them? Case in point the argument for La Habra at no. 2. Don’t know how, short of being 3-0, they sit at that spot with an opponent record of 1-8. It should probably be BA at 1 and CH at 2.

  • AramT

    Wow! And I here I thought everyone would be up in arms about Amat staying No. 1. The power of the Santa Margarita and Chino Hills wins is just too much to overcome for now.

    • Husky FB

      Actually, for now I pretty much agree with the rankings. I feel we are a better team than LH, but they are 3-0. I just have a hard time because their competition level is so weak. Amat beat us, and they deserve to stay #1 because they play tough opponents. All of Amat’s opponents are ranked pretty high in maxpreps.
      Like I said before, we are for real this year. We will win the Sierra, while embarrassing CO, and we will make a real run in the playoffs….watch and see.

      • Don

        No way I could let the crack about La Habra competition stand. From the other thread, the same answer:

        “Plays nobody, huh?

        I guess you’re calling El Toro and La Mirada, both 9-2 last season nobody’s. And St. Paul, who has fallen on some hard times lately, has been an area power over the last 50 years and next week they get Mission Viejo, 3-0 and 11-1 last year losing only to D1 Champ Poly.
        Yeah nobody . . . OK, OK, Gahr is a nobody.”

        • SGV_FOOTBALL

          Don, serious question. What’s going to happen when LH gets molly whopped against Mission Viejo? El Toro is down this year, La Mirada fell right flat on their face this year. So honestly you haven’t really played anyone until Mission Viejo.

          Mission Viejo just played the De La Salle of the East Coast and beat them.

          Just so you know, Don Bosco Prep’s schedule looks like this.

          These are the state rankings for the teams they are playing every week:

          Week 1- 12th state ranking
          Week 2- 6th state ranking
          Week 3- 2nd state ranking
          Week 4- 6th state ranking
          Week 5- 3rd state ranking
          Week 6- 1st state ranking
          Week 7- 4th state ranking
          Week 8- 141th state ranking
          Week 9- 2nd state ranking

          Good luck on Friday LH and CO will need it.

          • Don


            First, you gotta know first I’m a Bonita fan with lots of C O pals
            from the old days playing baseball across the street. Had you seen me at a game most likely I’d have been seated with Evan William’s
            Grandpa, Pat Dallen’s Dad, or the Santiago’s. That said, I am back living south of the Puente’s these days and following mostly La Habra
            and La Serna where family and friend’s kids attend(ed). (WC Dan and I share a Whittier connection.)

            That out of the way, I was mostly addressing the general idea that Frank Mazotta schedules tomato cans because he doesn’t need to. You are correct in your assessment of how this season’s opponents have done but in fairness the schedule for these games was set in 2012 or 2011 when things at El Toro and L M was rosier and no, the prospects against Johnson’s little devils ain’t great. He schedules these type teams because he knows the playoffs will bring the best
            the Sunset and the Century can field. That kind of proposition is similar to what the Chargers look forward to when Sierra League play

            Good luck to my pals on Covina Boulevard as well as the Beep Beep Gang.


        Are you for real Husky FB, with your best football team EVER in 2010 you barley beat us by 7 points our first year in the Sierra. That was one our worst teams this decade. Now your saying your going to embarrass us, PLEASE! Save yourself the pain and agony and don’t forget the two losses the past two years at the hands of CO.

        Those games weren’t even close!


        • AMAT 73

          This Friday will be a good measuring stick for you . Should be some hard hitting as CO looking for their first win and AMAT looking to right the ship after last weeks fiasco . See you at Kiefer !!!!!

      • Waldo Truth

        Well La Habra’s opponents, excluding St. Paul, were highly thought of prior to being beaten by La Habra. El Toro was ranked 14th in the OC and La Mirada was ranked above LH on this board and by the L.A. Times. LH has traditionally been under ranked, I’m certain LH thinks they are better than the Huskies as well. LH will make another deep run for the SW title this year.

    • Jefe

      I don’t have a problem with Amat at #1. They better beat up CO good at Kiefer though….

  • Say WhAtt

    7. Glendora (2-0) — Rallied to beat Bonita. Look out now …

    Look out for what? Barely hung on to beat Claremont, and had to go into an overtime to beat Bonita.

    I’m looking….I’m looking.

  • MonkeyWrench

    Seems to me Santa Fe should be swapped with La Serna. But this be a soild list with some good match up comin

  • Eastern Ave.


    La Salle is 1 and 2 not 2 and 1

    • AramT

      Good call. And now they’re gone.

  • Not Since 1995

    So….Ehhh Hemmmn….!

    Where are the Lanceritos ranked this week? Hello…? CIF…? Max Prep…? Anyone…?

    Can we now say…Over RATED….AGAIN….?

    Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh! Heh…Heh!

    Not in 2013 Either

  • Eastern Ave.

    The running back Scooby, from Monrovia looks like the real deal!
    Monrovia is strong!

  • Valley Athletics

    glendoras Qb got mentioned on LA Times blog today .havnt heard anything on him on our valley blogs . And why havnt we heard anything about Koa Haynes on the LA Times blogs . People are sleeping on him .