St. Francis THUMPS La Mirada … Mats now 0-4!!! La Serna does it again to Pac-5 Westlake

St. Francis found the paint early and often against La Mirada on Thursday.

La Serna 38, Westlake 35 — The Lancers blew a big lead (35-14) but scored late to beat Pac-5 Division Westlake for the second consecutive season. Wowza! Looks like Frankie Football and crew are gonna be a force in the Southeast Division playoffs AGAIN.

St. Francis 49, La Mirada 20 — Things go from bad to worse for the Matadores as they are now 0-4!!! Color me shocked as I thought St. Francis was a doable opponent for La Mirada. Instead, Knights QB Ty Gangi went off and Jimmy Bonds’ boys are now 3-0 … that Monrovia showdown cannot come fast enough. PHOTO GALLERY

Gladstone 28, El Monte 14 — First win of the Citos Marinez era at Gladstone. El Monte takes a step back after taking a step forward last week.

Baldwin Park 48, Ganesha 26 — The Braves are the turnaround story of the season. Now 4-0 under second-year coach Chris Williams.

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    Wow St. Francis beat the Super Bowl Champs La Mirada!

    Great win for La Serna, the southeast looks exciting.

    The St. Francis/Monrovia game looks great.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      We got Dimas….can’t sleep on those starving Saints…

      • Saints Fan

        Awwe come on greenie, we ain’t starving yet, hungry as h%&&, oh yah !!! Starving is if we can’t win next week.

      • middy

        LOL. You guys will crush the Saints. They are a joke this year. No Payton and no D.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          When your # 1 the Div and #1 in the Div 3 State rankings…every game has huge implications….It’s a pressure that few bare. SD will be loose tonight…Monrovia is needs to be as well.

          • MonkeyWrench

            Dont b so overly impressed with da rankings and da so call presure dat comes with it. You struglled to beat #152 in da state. Just shut your trap and let da boys play.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Not the least bit impressed… The rankings are more of a bloggers concern. What goes on here has no effect on what happens on the field..wouldn’t you agree?

          • Inland_FB_Fan

            Anyone have a dictionary that translates the above post into english so I can read it????

          • Not Since 1995


            Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

            You, Numb Nuts, play in Division 11.5 in the CIF SS.

            What pressure…?

            You mean…you’re actually worried about Rosemead…Arcadia…Baldwyn Park….Bassett…???

            Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh!

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Have I ever told you I admire your work!!! Promise you will never void your contract as Monrovia’s # 1 Fan…Pinky Swear please !!!

      • Saints Fan

        And by the Way, Way to Go SF…. I am an alum and lovin it, miss those days back when we competed with the Big Boys in the Big 5 Conf, yall remember that, I know your boy Kennedy does….

        • AMAT 73

          Remember them well . Still a solid program and it looks like the game against MTown should be a good one .

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          The St Francis Stadium is tough place to play. Great Crowd…right of the Freeway. I am glad we play them at Monrovia this year.

      • Tradition

        Thank us for giving Monrovia Scoby…If Scoby were still a Swordsmen we would be undefeated.

        • AMAT 73

          You have got to be kidding . Think you’ve been roaming the slime pit a little too long , it’s effects are coming thru in your post .

          • 1st and goal

            I agree. I think they’ve been drinking that green kool-aid one season too many.
            Tradition, what’s the difference from last year to this year? Even when you had Scoby there winning was hard to come by.

        • Saints Fan

          Seriously, the Swordsman are just part of a long and distinguished line of people to thank for that move…

        • Snookie

          They have to be the worst team in the area. The coaches blow.

      • SGV FB Dad

        Are you kidding me. San Dimas really has nothing this season. If Monrovia doesn’t have the game put away by halftime, then something is wrong.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          i’ve seen stranger things happen. Something can go wrong…

  • Time for La Mirada to go to the all-white Pop-Warner uniforms w/no strips or logos and take down the YouTube videos until they start playing up to the hype they created.

    Remember when amat had to earn the capital A from me and the mid-field logo from Hagerty. Moschetti has to make a statement. Maybe he’s learned a lesson too.

    • AramT

      Temple City used to not give out horns or the TC logo til after the first win.

      I dunno, maybe all the promotion backfired … led to overconfidence … put a target on the chest … who knows.

      The Mats have played a very good schedule, but to not be competitive except for a big second-half rally vs. La Habra is just baffling.

      As a media type, Moschetti is a DREAM to work with. Access to the program, info about the program and answering/returning calls are all top notch.

    • Jefe

      I’m LOVING it.

      You put the hype out there, you better back it up.

    • Tradition

      We should have kept the overhyped La Mirada team on our schedule. I truly believe that if we could have kept Scoby, Cloy and Carter we would be undefeated right now. We are a little down at the moment but we will get a BIG victory tonight against Damien in the Pit. Then maybe Aram will give us a little pub!!! Go Swordsmen!!!

      • Snookie

        St Paul program is downhill and will take 5 years to get back on track. those kids were trouble from the start. Why would they want to stay at crap. Hire a new coach this coaches schemes are crap Jr All American

    • Valley Athletics

      The crazy thing moschetti had the balls to have team wear servites black on black colors against servite . What did he think would happen .

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    This needs no introduction….

  • GP AKA Green Machine
  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Northview’s video was much better…”Sail”!

  • The Chef

    Universal equations of Football Coaching 101


    hype<hard work
    Media Development<Player Development
    Playing upper levels teams<demonstrating upper level skill

    Perhaps Coach Moschetti may come back to earn a respectable grade in this class but it does look like he has Failed the first 4 exams…

  • reality

    When I show up to the golf course I got the shoes,shirt,pants, Nike golf bag, Calloway clubs. If the group in front of me waves me up to go ahead and hit on on a par three I wave back and indicate I’ll wait. I don’t want them to know it will take me 4 strokes to get on the green on a 150 yard shot. When I reach the 19th hole with my 125 score I know one can tell based on how good I look that I can’t play. Well any how. La Mirada looks good but the bad part is folks are realizing that La Mirada stinks.

    • Lupe

      Good Stuff

  • Aaron

    I’m wondering if Westlake’s demographics have caught up with them. They are similar in size to a lot of Southeast schools. They played two out of state schools and won. Although I’m wondering how good Canyon Country Canyon is.

    • MonkeyWrench

      That’s just stupid. La Serna has their number its not really that complicated.

      • Aaron

        Uh no…they haven’t been playing like a PAC-5 team and when they do they’d thump most Southeast teams like Oregon did to Tennessee.

  • Eastern Ave.

    St. Francis has some talent yes, but more important… they are playing like a team! Just Awesome!

    How far will that carry them remains to be seen…

    Way to go Golden Knights Fridays (and Thursday’s) are better when y’all are good!

    BTW, La Mirada are victims of their own hubris…
    Pride goeth before the fall! Proverbs 16:18


  • Waldo Truth

    Dance La Mirada, dance!

  • Lupe

    Welcome to the New Age, to the New Age !

  • Tradition

    I wish we would have kept La Mirada on our schedule. If we still had Scoby, Cloy and Carter we would be undefeated. We will win tonight against Damien for our first win in the new Pit. Go Swordsmen!

    • SGV FB Dad

      Wow, have you not seen your Swordsmen play this season? Damien is pretty week this year compared to years past, but they will still beat the Swordsmen by 2 scores plus…..The Pit is really the pits this year…

      • AMAT 73

        Always was and always will be !!!!!!! No matter how much make up they apply to it .

  • Squeaky Ninja

    Ganesha’s Donavon Davis ran for 300 yards and 4 td’s versus BPHS on Thursday including 88, 70 and 55 yard td’s. What made the difference is that BPHS has a pretty good passing attack.

  • Bishops Road

    Let this be a lesson to you SGV honks. SF is the fourth or maybe fifth best team in the MISSION League. The Southwest division is small ball, don’t forget it. LM, too much talking.

  • pirate7

    Amat 73 classless, leave your beer bottles at home police checkpoint waiting for you after the game. Yes. SP isn’t very good this year, so why even schedule them? Bishops Road… You must be Amat’s bitch. you bag on SP like you have always beaten them. Recruiting the inner-city has so many advantages. Great preseason schedule. lol