#Scoby3000: South Hills hoping to put clamps on Scoby … 2,388 needed for 3,000


Scoby’s yards to date: 612
History: 142 yards vs. Ayala
287 yards vs. Arcadia
183 yards vs. San Dimas
Needed for 3,000: 2,388
This week’s opponent: South Hills
Games left: Seven regular season + playoffs.

South Hills coach Albert Rodriguez on stopping Scoby: “I could live with giving him 90-100 yards, but we just can’t give him that huge night. With a back like Scoby, you’re not realistically thinking you’re going to shut him down. What you want to do is contain him and keep him bottled up. You don’t want him to have a 300-yard night on you.”

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  • Mike Robledo

    I’ll be at Monrovia the next two weeks.. I’m pretty certain I’ll be there in mid-December as well…

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Glad to have Mike R in the building… We will roll out the Green carpet for you!

  • FredJ

    Great post Aram, here is the CIF all-time best for a season…Can Scoby get there?



    Yards Player/School Year

    4,495 Tyler Ebell, Ventura 2000

    3,586 Jermaine Marshall, Kilpatrick 1999

    3,523 David Dotson, Valley View 1991

    3,438 Chad Kackert, Grace Brethren 2004

    3,398 DeShaun Foster, Tustin 1997

    3,263 Chris Hanks, Cathedral 1997

    3,233 Toby Gerhart, Norco 2005

    3,219 Oscar Arzu, Sierra Vista 1996

    3,194 Darrell Scott, Moorpark 2006

    3,124 Kenyon Barner, Notre Dame/Riverside 2007

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      What was Gerhart’s carries per game back then, like 40-45 carries a game? lol That guy WAS Norco’s offense.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Mtwown has had a career 5000 yrd rusher In Akil harris….but never 3 g’s in one year. Harris put in 400 + verse South El Monte in 1999. I am just waiting for Scoby to do that!

  • Saints Fan

    He is an absolute force, no question. I don’t see him getting there. Not disrespecting him at all, but if he does, I think Maddox has to step out from being the Classy guy he is. He would have to leave Scoby in there pounding Blair, South Pas, Temple City & La Canada — he is not going to do that. He is also going to use those 4 games to continue the development of young Mr Johnson who is going to bust for 150 yards plus against those teams. Here is my overly complex methodology…..

    To Date 612 yds averaging 15 carries a game (but SD 23)

    Vs South Hills 150 (going to carry 20+ per game tougher D)

    vs St Francis 150 (same as South Hills)

    Cumulative Non League Total —– 912 yards

    Rio Hondo League play…..

    TC/SP/LC/Blair — will have 12 carries per game, get his 200 yards per which will include a Scoby Special 70 yard plus (only reason he hit 287 vs Arcadia was because he had a Scoby Special of 94 yards) — Monrovia in League play will NEVER start that deep in their own turf, thus the Scoby Specials will be limited to 70 yards. Scoby might hurt someone on those teams so Maddox sits him down. Plus Maddox got one little scare in SD game when Scoby hobbled off the field with a Knee boo boo on a fumble. He rambled for 70 yards a little later, but that sight has been ingrained in his brain… admit it Greenie, you know your entire side held their breath for a few minutes even when he was limping still a few plays later. Cumulative total to date is now 1700 yards give or take.

    San Marino — biggest test in league, they will be pumped, always give Cats a game, cats are gonna win, but it will take Potts & Scoby to take em to the matt, he only get’s 185 in this game. Regular Season Ends at 1900 yards….

    Playoff’s — Cat’s are gonna walk as always in rounds 1 & 2 with the #1 seed….. again 12-15 carries 200 yards a pop, we are now at 2300 ….. Semi’s, might be a little tougher, a little, defense a little better he is going to now be back up to about 25 carries as Potts is going to have to be far more active in the offense, slightly less of a chance of a Scoby Special, so I think he ends game around 200-225 yards. CIF Finals —- OK, last man standing, should be the best defense since maybe Ayala or SF game, he still get’s his 225 yards. Ends the “Regular” Season at 2750.

    *** OK, so if they play a 15th Game, He is going to get very close, maybe he does get there, but I think it takes the 15th game… Did those other guy’s hit their #’s with 15
    games, I just don’t know. The Big thing going against those huge numbers of the Gerhart’s and others is just the league they play in. I just can’t see Maddox
    leaving him in there to run for 300 yards against the rest of the League. He is not that type of guy. Now, if the League was tough and those were bang em up games going back and forth where you needed him to run for 300 to
    win it, then by all means he would get it.

    I just think the curse of playing in the Rio Hondo is going to keep him down yardage wise a little bit. Now, if Maddox steps out of character and leaves him in there to “torch em”, of course he will get there.

    • Kennedy Bryant

      Great and objective analysis, and I agree, Maddox is a great humble man and tries to instill that in his players at MHS and I don’t see him breaking character showing any team up.

      • Saints Fan

        Saying a prayer for your older boy, hope everything is better… we go back a long way.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I agree great topic, having said that if he does or doesn’t get 3K.. It’s gonna be fun watching

    • AMAT 73

      Congrats on your son’s game at QB . Did an outstanding job especially since he is a freshman . Much continued success to him and it looks like MTown will be in good hands for another 3 years .

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    So are you guys now on Scoby watch? lol

    I agree with Kennedy Bryant. Whether or not he gets 3,000 yards or even 2,000 yards, he’s a player worth watching.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    It’s going to be close…I am still think about 2, 500 yrds. However, Scoby may have at least two 300 + yards in league and one in the first round of the playoffs. If he stays healthy, Scoby 3000 could do it. However Keeping him Fresh all year is more important than reaching a numerical goal. Monrovia is going to bring a long Soph Cam Johnson as and Jones will be back in the mix as well.

    A Healthy Scoby = RHL title, MVD title and a possible State Bowl appearance.

    • AramT

      It will all come down to Maddox. He controls the playing time and if he’s got Scoby and the starters out after being up 50-0 on La Canada at halftime, then that will hurt Scoby’s chances. But you can’t blame Maddox … he can’t coach for a record.

      However, a record or a 3,000-yard season is kinda one of the final frontiers for M-Town. They have the CIF titles. They’ve had the big-time recruits, i.e. Ellis McCarthy. All that’s missing is some kind of monster record-breaking season that brings even more eyes to the program. Either that or a state title. Why not both?

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        That is a very interested point….If you have a player heading for that kind of historical mark, you may want to help him get there. I did notice that Maddox gave Scoby a few extra carries after the SD game was put away. That could be in the back his mind. I must say Scoby is Fox sports west magnet. Because of his status, when it comes to regional bowl selection time, if your record is right, The selection committee will look at what kind of star power, they can mustard up. Scoby is the best Back on Division 3 state level and arguably top 5-10 in the State. A 3000 yard back is the kind of person you want to put on TV… Great article!

        • AramT

          Exactly right. On some level, it’s appealing to bowl committees and TV peeps to be able to say “This team has that 3,000-yard rusher” … and then throw on that Monrovia will probably a four-time CIF champ all in a row and it’s a no-brainer.

          So like I said, the notoriety of a record-breaking player at a championship program should be the kind of appeal Maddox/Monrovia are going after. I would NEVER expect Maddox to say it in those words, though.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Good Stuff..Articles like this help our cause!

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Star power equals viewers and viewers equal money. I’ve never met a network that wasn’t about getting more of that! lol

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Key phrase: Keeping him fresh all year.

      Maddox is going to have to monitor his touches throughout the season. But I agree with Aram, if you have an athlete that’s capable of hitting that record, do you deny him that opportunity or go full throttle for it??

      I say go for it. To quote a famous USC Coach, John McKay, “That ball ain’t heavy and there ain’t no union.”

  • Football Dad

    Scoby is a good back in a great situation.. Many teams cannot run their #1 back like this before league, because they have to save their #1 for League play, to get into CIF. Monrovia can fall down and win their league.

  • Football Dad

    Scoby will get about 150 yards against South Hills. SH run defense has been weak for at least the last 3 years. However, they have some exciting players. Monrovia vs. South Hills will be a competitive game. It should be fun to watch.

  • 12th man

    Football: An early peek at the Pac-5 playoff pairings

    Yes, it’s pretty silly and probably means we have too much spare time, but here’s a look at what the Pac-5 football playoffs might look like four weeks into the season courtesy of Eric Maddy, who’s in charge of the CalPreps site and compiles statistics for The Times.

    #1 St. John Bosco (Trinity 1) vs. LB Cabrillo (Moore 3)
    #8 St. Bonaventure (Marmonte 2) vs. Trabuco Hills (South Coast 2)
    #5 Poly (Moore 1) vs. JSerra/Orange Lutheran/Santa Margarita (Trinity 4)
    #4 Alemany (Serra 1) vs. Moorpark (Marmonte 3)
    #3 Mater Dei (Trinity 2) v. Lakewood (Moore 2)
    #6 Oaks Christian (Marmonte 1) vs. Bishop Amat (Serra 3)
    #7 SO Notre Dame (Serra 2) vs. #10 Servite (Trinity 3)
    #2 Mission Viejo (South Coast 1) vs. Westlake (Marmonte 4)

    Remember, league play hasn’t even begun, but there’s no rule against speculating or projecting.

  • FredJ

    For Scoby to get to 3,000, the next two weeks are critical. Personally, not sure he can do it because every RHL game will be a blowout. He probably won’t play after halftime.