• reality

    Very in-ter-es ting. No that Monrovia and Amat have shown to have feet of clay their backers stop posting. The Glendora folks have been away so long they forgot how to write and San Dimas can only compete in the Valle Vista so nothing to brag about there. No need for both SGVN blogs right now.

    • 626

      I was thinking the same thing. This past week on the blogs was like Chicago on March 18…all of the green just disappeared. Goes to show that however annoyed some people are about Monrovia, Amat, and CO fans, they are the ones that get the blogs going.

  • observantcat

    As for Monrovia, this is the beginning of our rest period. St. Francis will surprise a lot of the Big guns in the Mission League and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they run the table. Monrovia will be playing a lot of underclassmen in the upcoming games to gain the experience they will need going into the playoffs and for next season. Monrovia started Myles Bryant (Freshman) QB against TC on Friday night and gave newcomer Asaph Zomora (Sophomore) some playing time where both showed their talents and both threw for TD’s in a 54-0 route of TC. Other than that, there’s really nothing to talk about unless an upset of massive proportion takes place. Like Blair routing Monrovia in the RHL or Hoover routing Muir in the Pacific. Fred looks like he wants to wave the white flag when talking about his Amat Lancers, They will always be the Little brothers of the Big Boys until they can come up with some superior athletes. I do wish all of the San Gabriel Valley teams luck in going forward. St. Francis is not only the new number one team in the Tribune they will be the surprise team in the area to bring home the final gauntlet.


      Are you serious? St. Francis has no hope against Serra or Chaminade! Don’t be surprised if they end up in third place.

    • FredJ

      Monrovia is where it should be, third best in Pasadena behind St. Francis and Muir. Monrovia can rest its starters until the playoffs because the Rio Hondo League is worse than the prep league.

    • AMAT 73

      Are you serious , SF running the table in the Mission . Please don’t come on here trying to build up the waxing you took at their hands by saying they will win league . No way in hell they beat Serra nor Chaminade . As for AMAT we will be fine and it looks as if the Serra other than your Cal Prep fantasy win team Crespi , is going to be a free for all . As for your post it seems you are backing the blogs thinking that you are in one of the weakest leagues in the SGV to the point of even downgrading a league title even further than the blog thinks . Good luck in the playoffs because according to you there is no need for well wishes in league . Is this another one of those weak jabs you ocassionally throw at AMAT .

    • Boycott lacerito

      Come on really??? You mean to tell me that st Francis would be able to win amat??? Not a fat chance… D4-D1… St Francis played the weakest team in there division…. Wait till they have to put on their big boy pants against Serra and chaminade and really Monrovia??? Baldwin park road runners would put up a game against them….superior athletes??? Uh they are there in due time you defiantly will start hearing some nose …. Stay tune my friend.

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    Is it just me, or does the pic of the guys above look like a billboard for special olympics…..lol