If you have VIDEO of the Diamond Ranch-Diamond Bar brawl, please email it to aram.tolegian@langnews.com … you will remain anonymous

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  • LongTimeTartan

    Fox Sports Prep Zone has some footage of it. You even get to see PARENTS jumping the fence and running out on the field. Skip ahead to the 2:31:44 mark.


  • reality

    With the many fans taping the game from all angles I find it strange no one has posted some good video. Why?? Anybody know where I might find some? Not Utube.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      Not to mention the hundreds ( if not more) of cell phones in that audience. Then again, mayhaps they don’t want it to get out for fear of what may happen if it does.

      • AramT

        What I find even weirder is that we had a reporter, a Mike The Cousin and a photog at the game and yet NO VIDEO!!! But hey, you can go to Fred’s blog and watch video of the entire game right up until the brawl. Then, it cuts off.

  • Valley Athletics

    That has been edited and stops right before incident .

    • FootballGuy

      The two schools, I would guess, have it on the game tape. Read an article that mentioned #21 & 24.

      • Gamer

        I saw number 29 and 2 as instigators on Dranch as well as 54 to start it off