Monrovia running back Kurt Scoby gives “soft commit” to Fresno St.


Monrovia running back Kurt Scoby has given a “soft commitment” to Fresno State, according to several recruiting websites.

Scoby, a senior, has rushed for 1,268 yards and 16 touchdowns this season.

Aram’s take: No clue what a soft commitment is.

  • 626

    Brace yourself Monrovia fans, the “soft commit” jokes are soon to follow…

    I just hope the young man lands at any school, and earns a degree while balling out. Good luck kid.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      we too hope he goes on to college..a soft commit is better than no commit.

      • FootballGuy

        Soft commit means that right now Fresno State is his prom date. If something better comes along it will change.
        Fresno State made an offer pending a successful situation regarding his academic work.

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Exactly. He’s got to not only have “the” grades, he needs to have at least mediocre test scores as well. Should be interesting.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            That’s a great scenario to be in, especially with his history…I am sure Fresno does not make the offer, if things are not looking good…They are ranked #17 in the nation…He should take the offer and not look for something”better”.

          • AMAT 73

            I wish nothing but success for Scoby but the real test will come after football season is over . Nothing but school work for the rest of the year so I hope the staff keeps after him on maintaining his grades and attendence . I agree he should commit and work towards being worthy of attending .

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Statistically, the odds are stacked against students that do not meet minimum academic requirements. There’s always exceptions, let’s hope Mr. Scoby and his 6 page H.S. Transcript can succeed despite the tumultuous last 4 years.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Basically, means he’s still listening and will take his five trips.

    • AramT

      so basically it’s something for recruiting nerds to write about to pass the time.

  • Dustin ohara

    He’s a beast to take down a tackle sheds blocks so well

  • Boycott lacerito

    Yeah right. I won’t believe it till he is actually at the school. This kid went to 4 high schools last year and you except me to believe he is going to Fresno??? This kid is very unpredictable.

  • Galileo

    a soft commit?…is what you say to a soft offer IE…shows us that you can qualify grade-wise,core classes and test scores….

  • GrimReaper

    It was clear Scoby is a “Free Agent” based on his past track record. Monrovia jumped at the prospect and the CIF anointed that free agency. Special deals for special talents?

    Just read the Eric Sondheimer LA Times Comments in this very blog last March 2013 regarding Scoby’s past playing and academic record, and Scoby and Scoby’s foster parents total loss of credibility

    Who knows where this will go, it could go either way.

    Years from now will we be talking about Reggie Bush, Billie Don Jackson, or Colt Brennan situations where special deals and problems were covered up by programs that needed special talents. Or will Scoby rise from adversity and overcome on his own merits and we will be honoring his successes. Lets hope it is the later.

    Who knows where this will go, it could go either way,
    but the comments of Aram and Sondheimer are not encouraging as the “soft commitment” is just another continuing announcement from Scoby and his foster parent that has in Sondheimer’s statement “Scoby and his foster parent, have lost all credibility” (quote)