La Mirada coach Mike Moschetti on No. 1 Norwalk: “We’re going to try and keep the game within 30 points” …


La Mirada head coach Mike Moschetti is either really impressed by Norwalk, or he’s the world’s greatest sandbagger.

Moschetti wasn’t mincing words on Tuesday when describing Southeast Division No. 1-ranked team Norwalk (8-0), who the Matadores will play on Friday.

“This is the best football team the Suburban League’s ever seen,” Moschetti said. “I’m serious. We’re going to go out there and try to keep the game within 30 points.”

Moschetti has quite a perspective on the history of the Suburban League. He was a standout quarterback at La Mirada and led the Matadores to a CIF championship his senior year in 1992.

As a coach, he led the program to another CIF title in 2009. But La Mirada has been one of the area’s biggest disappointments this season following an aggressive campaign of program promotion that put a big target on the Matadores once play started.

La Mirada has several top-notch recruits on the roster, led by Oklahoma-bound receiver Dalis Todd and super recruit Tyler Luatua, who is considered one of the best tight end prospects in the country.

The bevy of blue chippers haven’t translated to a significant amount of wins, however. La Mirada enters Friday’s game at 3-5 overall and 3-1 in the Suburban League. Norwalk is the top-ranked team in the division beating league foes by an average of 54.3 points per game.

Back in August, most area observers would have thought La Mirada would be the top-ranked team in the Southeast by this point of the season. Instead, the Matadores are fighting for their playoff lives and Moschetti isn’t too keen on discussing what’s gone wrong.

“I don’t even want to talk about the past,” Moschetti said. “There’s going to be good things that happen in a season and bad things. What’s happened in the past is over, good or bad. Our goals are all still ahead of us.

“I really don’t care what people think of me and our coaching staff and our kids. We’ve had a lot of adversity and they keep showing up and giving me their heart and soul.”

Part of that adversity came two weeks ago when highly touted quarterback Kevin Dillman, a junior with several early college offers, tore his achilles’ tendon and is gone for the season. Sophomore Noah Santillian will make his second start on Friday.

“Our rally cry over here is ‘next man up’,” Moschetti said. “We can still have a great season. I’m not disappointed, I’m proud of these kids.”

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  • Raindropz

    La Mirada have like tons of injured players right? So ofc they will lose

  • The Chef

    It looks like Moschetti is still dancing… at a press conference no less… does the term attention whore apply here? I hope he eventually teaches the kids that you play the game for your integrity, your buddies and trying to exceed personal expectations and not to maximize press exposure…

    • Inland_FB_Fan

      Attention wh@re is absolutley right…. The dude needs to figure out it’s not all about him and the press. Just shut up and play football. With the talent he has to work with, there is NO reason they should suck as bad as they do. That falls on bad coaching. They lost to Mayfair for gods sake.HAHAHAHA

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Sandbagging at it’s finest. lol.

  • Lupe

    Is this the new age I was being welcomed to???? Just play ball coach!

  • AMAT 73

    Does a great job of moving his players to the next level but maybe has lost sight of his real job . Coaching the team . But then again this might be what the people of LM want as opposed to playing good team football , just get good individuals to college on a free ride .

    • The Chef

      He would get more players to JUCO and Div II if he won CIF and made the State playoffs… But that may mean that he would have to stay in the shadows and I think that the limelight is just too strong a drug…

  • Wells

    This is nonsense. If they lose, as long as they keep the score within 30 points, they did a good job. If they win, it is the greatest upset of all time and he is the best coach around and it takes the spotlight on a season that has not lived up to expectations.

    Check the common opponents scores. They are no where close to 30 points difference.

    • AramT

      I gave Coach Moschetti tons of chances to back off the statement, but he refused. I believe that’s how he really feels about Norwalk. Have you guys seen what they’re doing in league? Scary. La Serna and D-Ranch better hope they end up on the other side of the bracket than Norwalk or Downey. If somehow Norwalk and Downey can be on the same side, it may give somebody else a chance.

      This is why I continually tell the Charter Oak guys not to sleep on this division. Playing Norwalk, Downey or Compton Dominguez in the postseason won’t be a walkover. I think CO would probably win the division this year and will be favored to do so next year, but it’s narrow. Very, very narrow.


        I don’t know which real CO fans think they would walk right through the Southeast.

        If I had to bet, I would have Muir and Norwalk in the finals.

        • The Chef

          I think you have to look at who LS lost to and how the same as who Downey lost to and how. For my money I have LS and Downey repeating in the Finals as long as they are in opposite side of the brackets. Otherwise I will see LS and whomever gets set up as #1 seed… Norwalk and Los Altos have not tested themselves and Muir has not been impresive. Find another win in the entire Southeast that is more impressive than Westlake (and 1 play from beating Los Osos)

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Norwalk is going to get behind in the Semi Final game and lose…They have ran over everyone so far, but if they get behind by 10 pts…they lose.

        • Southeast follower

          I agree but if they can control the game with running attack they will limit scoring opportunities for the other teams. Special Teams or causing turnovers could be costly to opponents.

      • Jefe

        LOL @ anyone thinking Moschetti REALLY & TRULY feels this way about the game.

        C’mon Aram, you know better than that.

      • The Chef

        You are assuming that the Hacienda ends up in the Southeast and does not get moved to the Southwest, Central or God forbid the Western…

      • The truth and nothing but…

        There is only one problem with CO winning it all next year, most of Downey’s core will be seniors, and I don’t mean just Reyna and Huff I am talking about maybe 17 or 18 returning starters.

  • reality

    This guy is the sgv’s own P.T. Barnum.”There’s a sucker born every minute”. He had all his players when he was losing at the start. Now that some players are out just like the other teams have, he wants to lose by only 30? Then after saying his team is that lousy he says he is proud of them. Even his bs sucks. Trying reverse psychology on the blog might fool Aram and Fred but not most posters. He is just promoting himself for if La Mirada should win it would be a monumental upset that only he is responsible for. Wanna hear that press conference? Just shut up already.

  • SGV_Football_Fan

    I think we need to start calling this guy Mike Bull-Schetti. This is too much. Most good coaches call off the dogs with a 28 point lead so it shouldnt take anything to keep it under 30.

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Great marketer! And the adjectives stop right there.