Mid-Valley Division MADNESS!!!! FIVE league championship games this week … ENTIRE DIVISION COULD CHANGE COMPLEXION …

10-11-13 ARROYO12
Arroyo QB Nathan Coto living up to his number.

I had to have it put to me like this by a local coach. And wow, he’s right! I’ve never seen anything like this in a Week 10. Top four seeds ALL up for grabs. FIVE league titles all up for grabs!!! Gonna be awesome …

Mission Valley League

Arroyo (8-1) at Rosemead (8-1)
Aram’s Pick: Arroyo 27, Rosemead 19

Rio Hondo League

Monrovia (8-1) at San Marino (8-1)
Aram’s Pick: Monrovia 48, San Marino 21

Valle Vista League

Pomona (9-0) at San Dimas (5-4)
Aram’s Pick: San Dimas 30, Pomona 28

Almont League

Schurr (5-4) at Montebello (6-3)
Aram’s Pick: Montebello 17, Schurr 13

Alpha League

Paraclete (5-3) at Viewpoint (8-1)
Aram’s Pick: No idea

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  • Dustin ohara

    Pomona will win there undefeated and haven’t tasted defeat yet

    • AramT

      There’s gonna be a rule on here this week: Pomona fans are gonna have to be coherent with their posts. I don’t want to strain to try and figure out what you’re saying. So use proper grammar, not country grammar, and sound like a fan base befitting of a league champion!

      • Dustin ohara

        Sorry my fault

        • SGVSports


          Don’t apologize to this guy. Aram is the one with issues; he
          wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror and see a failure. He couldn’t
          handle it in the big times so he came back to the Tribune so he can be the big guy around town. Little did he realize, he just had to look in that same mirror?

      • Tom Foolery

        Burn (lol)

      • SGVSports

        How could any one guess, Aram’s first comment would be a negative one toward Pomona. Tell you what Aram show up to a home Pomona game and talk your crap. You love to talk fat, I mean big when your behind your computer.


    The San Marino Monrovia game will be closer. Monrovia isn’t that good. Expect as similar game like last year. Who knows maybe the titans have it in them to derail the wildcats rio hondo streak.

    • Valley Athletics

      Monrovia is good . Only loss to a very good st francis who played Serra tough .

      • AramT

        I would not want to play San Marino in the first round. That’s all I know.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          I think Arroyo should be lined up for a 2nd round match up with SM. I wouldn’t be fair for anyone else. SD, the Clete, and Monrovia have played tougher games.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Historically, games played at SM are close. However, Monrovia left the St Francis game shook up. No team in the Area has a made a 180 degree turn like they did this season. The are a good team. Monrovia will be up for this one, because they have not had a game that has mattered in all season. The preseason is Fun, but this is for the league title, and #1 seed. San Marino winning would be the biggest upset in the History of this area. Monrovia has never been #1 going into the playoffs. Besides Monrovia has only lost league 3 times in the last 17 years.

      • reality

        Biggest upset in the History of the area??. Who do you think you are Mike Tyson against Buster Douglas.?? Mike fought all comers and beat them all until Buster. You guys don’t do that. This would barely be an upset if SM beat you. You sound like that moschetti dude claiming if we lose by less than 30 we actually win. Keep dancing monrovites because the curtain has already been pulled back and you have been discovered for what you are. Your league if thats what you call it is as Bill Murray said “It just does’nt matter”.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          No one has SM winning this game. You don’t…I only see two other teams like SF in our Area and none in our division. Out of the games listed above the Monrovia game is supposed to be a lock of the day. Monrovia is supposed to be the lock of the division. If Mtown loses any games starting Friday…it would be the biggest let down of the year.

          • SGVSports

            The biggest shock of the CIF playoffs would be a Monrovia loss. Monrovia will dominate the playoffs. No team can play with them, not even San Dimas (haha)

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            A freshman QB won’t be playing in any more games….

          • New York

            Why not? Have the others learned how to play a full game/season?

          • AMAT 73

            New York ,
            What’s your take on this game since you are the most level headed out of the MTown group .

          • New York

            Monrovia has not lost or tied any Rio Hondo League games since Coach Maddox took over in 2008, and I don’t forsee San Marino ending that streak this year.
            Admittedly, playing at SMHS is always tough. Something always seems a bit off.

            We probably have the ability to really blow them out, but it will probably be more along the lines of 21-0 or 21-7.
            San Marino is still relatively untested. It is hard to tell, not having seen them. I assume they have a lack of depth, which is why they’ve run up so many scores. They might not have many quality backups, so they have to leave the starters in the entire game…just not sure.

          • AMAT 73

            Fred has SM winning .


    @AramT:disqus Speaking of the Mid Valley. Wasn’t there a QB either from La Salle or Marantha that was supposed to the best QB in the valley. I think Sondheimer proclaimed him late last year??? Maybe he graduated but I have not heard much from about a QB this…

    • AramT

      Andrew Elffers of Maranatha. He graduated last year. He’s playing somewhere now … I don’t remember.

      • Tom Foolery

        Isn’t he at APU?

        • AramT

          Looks like that’s right, according to Google.

          Uh yeah, I think after his soph year Sondy Sondheimer declared him the top QB in SoCal.

          I remember at the SGV Shootout, several local coaches, some of whom played QB at the college level, told me “no bueno” … that the kid was a bit overrated and needed some work although he had some nice tools. And I told them they were crazy and that he looked fantastic to me. I’m not looking too good on this at the moment, but there’s still time left in his career.

          His senior year, he got hurt.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Heres how it goes…

    Monrovia 35 San Marino 14 – Monrovia, Is looking to shut out the entire league, won’t happen. Cats struggle early then cruise to a victory.

    Arroyo 21 Rosemead 23- Arroyo has not had the one out of sync game, this will be the one. Rosemea kicks a field goal to shock the Mid Valley.

    San Dimas 31 Pomona 30 -This one goes to OT, Pomona misses the extra point.

    Schurr 17 Montebello 14– Sparty wins in a ugly denfensive battle..

    Paraclete 31 Veiwpoint 21

    • Anthony Zuniga

      Schurr reminds me of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. They win with a solid defense and the QB’s job is to manage the offense and keep possession of the ball.

  • Titan Football Fan

    What a week ahead for Mid Valley. It’s almost as exciting as the first week of playoffs — maybe more exciting given the playoff implications. San Marino will be ready for the Wildcats. Coaches and players continue to work hard — true for Wildcats I’m sure too.
    It’s incredible to see what the coaches have put together. Coach Hobbie and his team are old-school football coaches. It’s great. You mess up and you hear about it. We hear it in the stands too. The players keep improving because the coaches never stop coaching.
    Some of the SM players have known each other since pre-school — also true for Monrovia. They’ve played on baseball teams together. They’ve played on soccer teams together. And, of course, they’ve been playing football together for at least 4 years. (Not too many Jr. All-American players here, but we have a few.) Heck, they even went trick-or-treating together. None of it compares to this week’s opportunity to play the best in the area.
    What a great time for these young men. Go get ’em! The stands will be large and loud. Let’s all root for an Injury-free and well-played game.

    • AramT

      Uh, I gotta say it. I’ve been sitting on this pretty much all year. I keep hearing about how great Coach Hobbie is. And no doubt, the record this year and last year speaks for itself, but I was STUNNED by SM’s poor in-game management in last year’s playoff loss to San Dimas.

      I won’t name names, but I heard many others around the Valley who felt the same way after that game. Even some San Dimas coaches, too.

      WHY WAS SAN MARINO THROWING IN THAT GAME? ESPECIALLY LATE IN THE GAME? It was obvious from the previous two INTs that the Titans pass game wasn’t working, but then to throw at such a key time and get picked off for a THIRD TIME was just shocking and cost SM the game.

      So yeah, hopefully this staff is more on its game this year.

      • Titan Football Fan

        Won’t take the bait — as long as you approve of my grammar, I’m happy. As befits a league champion, of course. (That’s not a prediction, I’m an optimist.)

        • New York

          Don’t mess with Aram. He watched Coach Maloney up close!

      • New York

        Sounds like an insightful post from a former ball-boy of the WSGV’s greatest ever high school football mind, Bill Maloney of San Marino. Wow. That guy knew how to manage a game!

      • GrimReaper

        Or could it be that Hobbie basically told the Star News to pound sand last year.

        Aram do you hold a grudge?

        Did he hurt your feelings?

        Or should we dredge up that column from last March wherein you stated that Scoby’s guardian had “lost all credibility” Quote..

        But it appears all is forgiven in the Star News prep sports wire, and the Green and White Pom Poms are out in full force again.

        Or should I remind- Steve and you of the Prep wire predictions from last year, when only Fred got it right, that the SM M game would be a contest. Which it was. If I remember correctly SM had a lead at half.

        Does it scare you Fred might be right again this year.

        Frankly I will root for SM to end the Monrovia total domination of the league solely on principal of the matter, or any other team in the playoffs lining up against Monrovia.

        Boosters, recruiting and complicity in the CIF offices has to end. God only knows what deals were made.

        • AramT

          Coach Hobbie told the Star-News to pound sand? That’s news to me.

          He’s lucky I didn’t say more about the horrible in-game management of the San Dimas game. But anyone who was there saw it. He blew the game. Stop throwing! It’s raining! Your QB has been picked off several times already! You’re moving the ball well on the ground!

          • 626

            What i dont get and dont understand is why Arma tries so hard to not talk about the Transfer M town seems to get every year to replace the guys who r gone. Two years ago they got a QB, last year a RB and this year got not just one but like 3 or 4 transfer. Most people know about scoby but what people dont know is that also got 2 other starters on their team that transfer in. So for what maddax does at M Town with 1500 kids and transfer Coach Hobbie is doing at SM with like 950 kids and no transfers. So what Coach Hobbie is doing at SM turning a 3-7 progam around to a area power is unmatched. I wonder would Arma still pick M Town over SM if Scoby wasnt there or M Town 6-4 OL that came from Amant

          • GrimReaper

            well said, obviously you dont work for the Star News/Tribune.

          • 626

            Now that’s its out there watch him not say anything about the transfer or anything bad about M Town. They are a school that is only what it is because of its transfer. You take those kids from them I believe its 7 transfer ( based on names that r on the roster that weren’t on anything roster for them last year) and they r in a fight every game. So I believe what Grim Reaper said about Arma being butt hurt is right on dot with Arma problem with Coach Hobbie. If Arma new so much about game management he wouldn’t be right about games on Friday night he would be coach a team on Friday night.

          • observantcat

            My brother (626) you should take a better look at San Marino’s Roster, Coach Hobbie may not call it a transfer but half of those kid on the roster live in San Gabriel an have chosen to come over to San Marino to play in a more disciplined environment and more academic environment as well. Monrovia on the other hand has several athletic outlets that our talent pool exists from. Based on the demographics at Monrovia you will find that the talent pool of athletes is pretty balanced across the board, we have upper middle class caucasians who can and have taken their interest elsewhere only to comeback and join in with some of the kids they grew up with and we have other ethnic groups that could have chosen to take their talents elsewhere as well, but the main thing is that they are all Monrovians and when they choose to bond together and become one family, the results have been impressive. Our roster additions have mainly been from kids that have attended other private institutions such as Amat, Loyola and even as far away as Mater Dei that have decided to make Monrovia their final football launching pad. Guys like Kurt Scoby were sought out early on in their youth football leagues by coaches or should I say scouts to join 7on7 groups so that they would be led to believe that their talents would be better manufactured in different environments, If schools such a John Muir or even PHS would take a better approach to assure the parents of some of their athletes of a commitment to create academics as well as sports dominance they would triumph over the national scene and bring back that Pasadena swagger from the 70’s and 80’s when both schools were perennial power houses.

          • 4peat

            Why get..butt hurt..makin a big deal about transfer..wheni don’t kn to many kids that can afford to live in sm.lol

          • GrimReaper

            well there you go, the best defense is a good offense.

            I stand by my comments, and it is clear to me that something is going on at Monrovia, with all the recruiting and complicity in the CIF offices.

            Did you forget your own comments about the Scoby situation last March, that his guardian had lost “all credibility” This smells of Reggie Bush style stuff, going to the highest bidder. Smells bad.

          • 4peat

            Kameron Johnson..450 yards rushing 6td…not a transfer..a lot more that came from Rt here..so do ur homework..

          • GrimReaper

            then line Johnson up to carry the ball 25 times, if he is really a local sports hero from M Town.

            Oh I forgot you have Scoby, a
            transfer that is starting and has something like 1,300 yards rushing on
            the season and is your best player.The fact that you take the word of Scoby’s guardian that Aram has stated has lost all “credibility” to accept on face value that Scoby lived in M Town at some point in his life for some ill-defined period of time to bootstrap his application to to the CIF to transfer into M Town, is ridiculous.

            Face it, M Town is just a bunch of Mercenaries, Soldiers of fortune, without which your 4 peat would just be wishful thinking.

            I hope others will join me in pulling down this curtain to say it and see things are they really are. Rather than the Steriod mentality. This whole thing sounds like a bunch of MLB players that kept up pretenses for years but they all knew their teammates were using.

            Bad enough in M Town, to pursue such a strategy, and undermine their credibility, for a W in HS Football. But it appears there is (and for legal purposes I state this is my opinion) something going on between M Town and the CIF that is unhealthy.

          • observantcat

            Grim why do you HATE the Cats that much as to bring in the players and give them your personal evaluations? If you really knew what you were talking about then you would know that Kurt is from Monrovia and so are all of his uncles and aunts and even his biological dad, what more do you want a DNA sample of every kid that plays football over at Monrovia. If you notice in our stands we have some of the most loyal of all fans call the “Old Cats” sure a lot o them are retired businessmen who enjoy Friday night lights like and old town homer. The great thing about these guys is they are just as surprised as the next person to see the recent success’s of the Wildcat teams. The Monrovia boosters are not out scouting talent around town like you may think, they know that kid that may have struggled somewhere along in his life may be healed by joining a program at Monrovia high school that may wake him up to become a good athlete and perhaps even a greater student. You seem to sell some of these kids short on your assessment of their accomplishments. 95 percent of these kids are homegrown friends and neighbors and have been through the Monrovia unified school district all of their lives. So give credit where credit is due. If there were such a thing called mid valley Div. in the 70’s eighty’, or even 90’s, Monrovia would probably have 10 or more CIF crowns to go along with the 3 consecutive crowns we have been given lately. So this recruitment theory doesn’t really hold any value in the minds of the Monrovia fans, on the other hand I’m sure that if TC took on some of their old recruit ing practices from the nineties they wouldn’t be in such the bind their in now. Those were the good old days. Stop being so Grimm……

          • GrimReaper

            So this recruitment theory doesn’t really hold any value in the minds of the Monrovia fans.. as you say.

            I could care less what is in the minds of the Monrovia fan. I am sure they are quit pleased as you, yourself are, with the current arrangement with the CIF offices and the surprising number of high talented players that somehow end up transferring in.

            Like I said, this smells bad.

            pulling out the old reliable ..”you must be a M Town hater” .as gets paraded out on a regular basis.. well that one lost any effect a long long time ago. In fact I consider it a compliment. Thanks!

            Have a great day!

    • AMAT 73

      A while back you had posted something about the Titans getting respect on the blog . Well the time has come to go out and get it . Win or play them close down to the wire as no team in your league has been able to do this season and you get it . Good luck this week .

  • talkischeap2

    Friday game predictions:

    Arroyo 35 Rosemead 28: Arroyo’s a much better team, but Rosemead will keep it close with inspired play.

    San Dimas 21 Pomona 14: home field makes the difference.
    San Marino 28 – Monrovia 21; big scores all over the Titans record, but defense has been real strength for Titans. M-Town will slow the offense, just not enough to win.

    Montebello 21 Shurr 14: home field the difference maker here too for “any given sunday” matchup.

    Paraclete 35 Viewpoint 14: Good football teams in the Alpha as disperse as the population in the antelope valley.

    • observantcat

      Please stay away from Vegas this weekend……
      Monrovia will be shutting things down in the middle of the 3rd…. Keep in Mind we have by far the most explosive offense the Titans will have seen or see this season. And our Defense is the fastest by far as well.

      • talkischeap2

        If that’s the only one I get wrong, I should book a suite.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      LOL…You think the Titans can shut Monrovia down after struggling with South Pas…haha Monrovia is the Lock of the Week in this one…Arroyo has a better chance than Monrovia…

      • GrimReaper

        well then hang your hat on the fact that TC destroyed SP at 5-7-9 yards a play, play after play. SP looked horrible..

        Here’s your kicker, SM meets TC the next week and destroys them, I dare say the total TC offense in the first half was significantly less than 100 yds.

        Meanwhile SM was picking up 5-7-9 yds a carry and breaking big plays.

        So–so much for SP SM, SP played their only game of the season that night over a month ago.

        Go ahead and bleed green, tomorrow night means little. Monrovia will probably win.. SM will need a +3 turnover take away ratio to win. Monrovia just has too much recruiting and too many athletes. But it will be great to hear the whining and carping if Monrovia losses. I for one am completely over “YOUR MONROVIA WILDCATS” It is clearly time for a change and I will cheer any team that plays against you.

        I look forward to the complaints about the refs, how it wasn’t fair, etc etc. When it will be turnovers, untimely penalties (esp too much time-delay) and poor play calling that will sink Monrovia.. or at least make it close.

  • Cover2

    Food for thought
    SD vs PHS. League PF/PA SD 262-55 PHS 223-67. SD is 10-1 at home since they got turf, 32-5 at home since 2007. Cal preps rating SD 15-PHS 13.1 Maxpreps strength of schedule SD 5.1 PHS minus 15.

    Monrovia vs SM. MHS 29.2 rating with a 3.9 strength of schedule versus SMHS 10.3 rating with a minus 16 strength. MHS 3 time defending champ #enoughsaid. SMHS can’t get past SD in playoffs.

    Paraclete vs Viewpoint. PHS 15.5 rating with a 6.1 strength. VHS 10.4 rating with a minus 9.2 strength. The spirits are too much for VHS. VHS should get a favorable first round and a MONSTER in the second!

    The other leagues have unproven teams. Can Arroyo live up to their record or will they flame out early in the playoffs like they usually do. Can the Almont champ make a run. Either way it’s the big three we all care about. MHD, Paraclete, & SD

    • talkischeap2

      CalPreps ratings don’t tell the whole story. A team that has not been tested might still pass the test (SM). A team that has been tested and failed (SD) might not pass the next test. Past championships rarely matter in high school athletics (MHS); too much turnover of personnel. Surprise champions rise most years (maybe Pomona?). Monrovia is good. Paraclete is good. San Dimas is good. But, you gotta play the game.

  • Eastern Ave.

    Viewpoint? Calabasas? Viewpoint?

    Rio Hondo Prep beat Calabasas Viewpoint regularly.

    So much so, they exited Rio’s league.

    Paraclete, Viewpoint? Really?