All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 10 …

La Salle clearly knows where the finish line is. Del Rey champs AGAIN!

1. St. Francis (8-1) — Playing Serra tough keeps Knights on top.
2. La Habra (8-1) — BP game for all the Freeway League marbles.
3. La Serna (7-2) — Westlake win looks better and better.
4. Diamond Ranch (8-1) — Reloaded and looking for top-four seed.
5. Charter Oak (5-4) — It’s all about draw in Inland playoffs.
6. Chino Hills (7-2) — Gonna have to win the shootouts.
7. Monrovia (8-1) — Finally, another test.
8. Bishop Amat (5-4) — Late-season swoon is concerning.
9. Muir (8-1) — Offense can be scary at times.
10. Glendora (6-3) — Win by the heartbreaker, lose by the heartbreaker.
11. Los Altos (7-2) — Huge stakes vs. WC on Thursday.
12. Diamond Bar (5-4) — Must-win spot vs. rival Walnut.
13. West Covina (5-4) — Playing best ball at right time.
14. Bonita (6-3) — Finally decided to live and die with Payton.
15. Arroyo (8-1) — On eight-game win streak.
16. San Dimas (5-4) — Will Wing-Z confuse Pomona defense?
17. Pomona (9-0) — Will Devil speed perplex San Dimas?
18. El Rancho (6-3) — Very dangerous team in Southeast.
19. La Salle (7-2) — Your Del Rey League champs.
20. Rio Hondo Prep (8-1) — So much for Pas Poly threat.
21. San Marino (8-1) — Will offense hit a wall vs. M-Town?
22. Rosemead (8-1) — Ready to give Arroyo major battle.
23. Maranatha (7-2) — The Jude factor.
24. South Hills (4-5) — Clutch win over Damien.
25. Northview (7-2) — Gonna be tough first-round foe for someone.

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  • Eastern Ave.

    La Salle will exit post season early again this year.

    • quackatit

      LOL…….you must have lost to La Salle!! But hey, at least we have a post season to go to. Don’t quite see you posting about “your” team!

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Well…At this point this is all about playoff teams now. If La Habra Wins out….they will be playing in a regional bowl…If Monrovia wins out and has a little help…they will be playing for a regional bowl…Exciting times!

  • MoreKetchup

    It’s great to see you finally giving WestCo credit for coming back big.

  • New York

    How do you decide the rankings? Is it body of work for the entire season, current trend (Charter Oak), likely head-to-head result, something else?

    I assume these rankings are about tragectory, and not which team would win head up. Correct? I assume that is why Charter Oak is ranked ahead of Amat as well as Monrovia ahead of Amat. Charter Oak, because they have won several games in a row (their trend is good). Do you think the teams ranked above Charter Oak would beat Charter Oak right now?

    It seems that their might be some inconsistency with the rankings. Has Diamond Ranch ever beaten Charter Oak? La Serna has yet to win the division that Charter Oak once dominated.

    Amat’s losses are disappointing (because we have high hopes for Amat), but they were close losses to very good teams, teams that would likely be ranked #1 in our pool here. Notre Dame took Serra to double overtime and lost 20-13. Out of Charter Oak’s four losses, Amat is the only team to really put it on them.
    Looking at La Serna’s losses, I think both Charter Oak and Amat would beat them. Same with Diamond Ranch.
    Neither La Habra nor St. Francis own victories against opponents with a Cal Preps ranking anywhere close to those of Amat and Charter Oak.

    • AMAT 73

      New York,
      Don’t think you will get a reply from Aram on this question . From what little information I have pieced together is some losses do count towards the ranking and I believe that is what’s keeping us where we are. There is also the TCOTW ( their corner of the world ) which does take in account the league and division you are in .Also the what have you done lately has some weight ,after that who knows .How can you have an undefeated team at 17 , all that tells me is the TCOTW really isn’t true for all teams . Pomona has taken care of business in their world but get no respect in these rankings going into the last game of the season ??????? Here’s the kicker , San Dimas who lost all of their preseason games of which Pomona won and both teams have blasted everyone in their league by almost the same margins is ranked above Pomona , go figure . I guess who Aram thinks would beat who also comes into play, maybe ???????

      • New York

        The rankings reflect a great effort, but inconsistency in thought process. San Dimas over Pomona is a great example. 5-4 Charter Oak over 5-4 Amat is another. Didn’t they settle in on the field? Why is 6-3 Bonita ahead of any 8-1 teams? Because AT thinks Bonita would beat them? Well…wouldn’t Amat beat every team on the list?

        • SGVSports

          ARAM – Chirp Chirp Chirp …

      • SGVSports

        ARAM – Chirp Chirp Chirp…

    • AramT

      Uh, thank you AMAT 73, but I’ll handle this while you transition into “fan of every team in the Valley mode because mine is sitting home again” mode.


      As I’ve said it’s an inexact science. All of the things you mentioned are factored in. There’s no precise way to do it when you’re ranking teams that play across a broad spectrum of divisions.

      So, oftentimes I find myself doing the “their corner of the world” argument. Especially at this time of year.

      You know, you can use that age-old garbage Robledo excuse for Amat. “They play in the toughest league of any area team”, but it’s a piss-poor argument. It sounds nice and all, but there’s a reason for that. It’s not like we’re asking Mountain View to play in the Serra League.

      And when you or other people start using that crutch for Amat, then you’re basically insinuating they’re in the wrong league or the league is too tough for them. Is that what you’re saying?


        Oh snap this is about to get heated!!!!

        Seriously Aram, BA ranked below Monrovia?

      • AMAT 73

        A bit edgy today Aram , is it time for your monthly visitor ??? By the way I do root for the teams of the SGV except when they play you know who .What is wrong with being a fan of the teams of the SGV ???? And come playoff time if my beloved LANCERS are at home which will be the case this year , I simply tune into Fox Sports, you remember them don’t you , or take in a PAC-5 playoff game . On a side note I do put a little more credibility in your rankings then Fred , but tell me , was I right on the TCOTW as far as you keeping AMAT at 8 . Tell me this , if and at this point it’s a big if , we win on Friday night , what will that do for AMAT’s place in the rankings ,I do remember a year when both you and Fred gave AMAT number 1 just because losing to Crespi was a better loss than the others had that were in contension for the number 1 slot .

        • AramT

          AMAT 73

          Only a bit edgy because it seems like we have to go over this ever year. I’ve said many times it’s an inexact science.

          Yes, my monthly visitor came and I ordered eight ribeyes and a box of 30 shrimp.

          I remember “fox sports”. Thank goodness gold and gold stocks did what they did or I’d still be stuck in that hell hole instead of here doing what I love and making sure this area’s football scene is covered properly.

          Agreed, my rankings are more accurate than Fred’s. He hasn’t figured out how to stop rewarding losses yet. It’s an Amat thing, I suppose.

          • AMAT 73

            You are defintely right on Fred . It seems he carries the COTW a bit too far when it comes to AMAT . Maybe because he grew up near the school , who knows . Many come on here wondering how both you and Fred come to your rankings . They are your rankings using your criteria but maybe a 1.2.3. list in order of importance of what you use to factor you rankings would put a lid on you being edgy having to go over this every year . Then post it along wiht the first rankings of the year , Sort of a preventive maintenence thing . Something must be a the top of the list of why such as wins or beating high division teams an out of their corner of world win so to speak , losing to lower division team as opposed to same level team . Of course you will have many scratching their heads but at least we know and can see your point of the rankings . One thing we do know for sure is fantasy head to head match ups and who you think would win are not a factor nor should they be , I hope . On another note , you fire up the steaks and I’ll bring the wine and dessert and we can discuss the rankings at length .

      • New York

        Nope! Amat belongs in the Serra League based on their competitve performance against the Serra Leage teams. Including the loss to Rancho, Amat has four losses by a combined 23 points. Aside from the 10-point loss to Notre Dame, Amat has been within a touchdown in all their losses. This narrow margin does not suggest that Amat is in over their heads.
        Amat also has a three touchdown margin of victory over the Sierra League champ. Maybe the Serra League should be in a lower division, such as the Inland.
        Also, it really seems that Charter Oak belongs in the Sierra League! Perhaps the Sierra League belongs in the Central Division, but Charter Oak does NOT belong in the Southeast.

      • Think again

        If your going to do a poll then I think you need to set a criteria of how you come to your conclusions and apply that same criteria (what ever the criteria is) equally and consistently to all teams. Applying “in your own corner of the world” to some teams, “Head to Head” to other teams, then “who would be who if the played” to other teams and then “trajectory” to yet other teams doesn’t work.

  • understand

    Boycott Lancerito i need a different perspective to help me understand. You know the” Ignorant/say something way out perspective” just to get it going. Slap that week 10 on your forehead and enjoy your last week of practice!!!!Maybe you will have some time to catch a game or two over in Monrovia now that you have some free time!!!

  • Valley Athletics

    I can agree with the top four.all deserving teams.


    Aram, come on… Azusa beat Maranatha pretty good and we have yet to make any list on the HUTTLE on here???

  • Conq ’76

    Based on their performance against the Conq’s would’ve put Bonita at 11, followed by LA, DB and WC. Fair is fair, Bonita demonstrated superiority where it counts last Friday, on the field. Why no mention any where about LA’s man-power situation?

    • Think again

      Why that order? Bonita beat a team without their starting QB and WC just beat Bonita by 2 td’s 2 weeks ago. In addition DB beat both WC and Bonita by more then 2 td’s each. I think Aram has the order correct.

      • Conq ’76

        Yeah, I can buy that argument, but having a team you just beat ranked considerably ahead of you just seems out of place. I was at the game and Bonita executed beautifully which just sorta goes to demonstrate the fallibility of polls. Do we consider how the team is performing currently or do we reach back 2, 4 or 8 weeks to place them?

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Aram’s top 25, minus a flip here and flip there is pretty good. Whether its record, strength of schedule or their production now, it’s hard to have heartburn over it.

    Pomona ranked so low, I’m guessing is a SOS issue. That’s really the only logical reason why they’re ranked so low. I would imagine its the same reason why Amat is sitting at eight and not lower.

    Production now explains why Glendora fell to 10, and why Charter Oak is at five. Although I understand why, CIF and the LA Times have CH ranked above CO. Like I said before, you can’t make those four losses disappear. And unless Claremont pulls off the upset of the year, which I doubt, then CO will end the season with those four and the league title.

    St. Francis taking Serra to the limit certainly keeps them at one, and Diamond Ranch a few weeks past “Slugfest 2013” reminds everyone why they’re 8-1.

    Personally, I’m ready for the playoffs to start. Everyone goes in 0-0 and it’s win and go home. I guess we’ll know come Sunday morning.

  • Eastern Ave.

    AT, Is there any scenario where Muir plays Monrovia?

    • Coach MBR01

      They will never play again. They played each other in 99 & 2000 and split the series (Monrovia took the 1st & Muir dominated the 2nd one). Its the outside communities issues why this game will never be played again.

      • Eastern Ave.

        That’s too bad, all that talent so close to each other and they won’t showcase it? ; all because people can’t behave? Too Bad.

  • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn