STILL!!! The greatest pregame speech EVER … Antoine “Salmonella” Sims …


This was before Amat game in 2010. Sims is currently on staff at Muir.

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  • 12th man

    “Epic Fail”!!! How is this considered the best pre game speech ever? Did you download the wrong one?..this by no means is the greatest ever..don’t get me’s a good speech but it’s just your average pre-game….I’m viewing this for the 1st time & it did nothing for me & I usually get pumped when i can feel the energy & adrenaline flowing…”I am a Champion” is still the greatest pre-game speech ever~

    • AramT

      “I know him from around the way”

      “They don’t know we salmonella”

      “They having their carnival or whatever”

      “We gonna party on y’all tonight”



      I rest my case. PHENOMENAL.

      • Nomoredrama

        ROFLMAO! Thanks for the laugh!

    • AramT

      You also have to understand that I was in there and when he said “they don’t we know salmonella” and then couldn’t from laughing, it was HILARIOUS.

  • PatrickHT

    WTF? kinda name is Salmonella Sims! Lord help us!

  • Coach MBR01

    Lol Aram, you really did post this lol smh. You’re hella funny for this. Its not Muir fever. Its they’re hungry and playing good team football!!!! Gotta focus on Los Altos. Play disciplined (mistake free) and fast football. To be honest tthey’re few teams that can match up skill wise with Muir (including our Pasadena transplants at these Private schools). I know all the other Dena ppl are trying to keep up with the Jones by going private. I’ll stay true Blue and Golden. We’re getting kids scholarships at the same rate as the private schools lol. Become a Pasadena legend by doing work at a home school.

    • AramT

      Not only did I post it, I shot the video and was right there in the locker room. Big ups to former Stangs coach Kenny Howard for letting me go in. I asked and he said “No” then a few seconds later he was like “Hey! Come on” and waved me in. It was a great moment. Love that speech. It’s got humor and seriousness.

  • understand

    I was at that game and Muir took a beating. At half time no-one on the other side would pick up their cellphones. For years i had to hear about the glory days of Muir. That was a beating and the next game i went to was the Rancho game i think the following year.

  • New York

    If Muir wins the Southeast, with their small enrollment, they should be a lock for a Bowl Game! Good luck Stangs!

    • Football Fan

      I just want to know if any Mustangs got ejected at the end of the game last Friday during that incident and will they be penalized for all those klds leaving the sideline and coming on the field?

      • AramT

        I don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Coach MBR01

        Nobody was ejected. The La Mirada kid who punched the Muir kid 4-5 times in the face while he was on his back on field wasn’t ejected. The coach apologized to coach Hardy and the refs called the last 35seconds of the game. There wasn’t any blows thrown just players coming to their teammates defense.

      • AramT

        I didn’t see nothin!

    • 626

      NY–the Bowl Games are no longer based on enrollment as of 201o, and instead they are based on which division a team is in. Which sucks for Muir because that put them in DII, even though their number is VERY low. Lowest in the Southeast BY FAR.

      “The California Interscholastic Federation on Monday changed the way it will place the State Bowl participants in football for its five-game championship weekend, Dec. 17-18, at Home Depot Center in Carson.

      No longer will the bowl games be enrollment based, as they were the first four seasons of the Bowl Series.

      Now they will be based on competitive equity, with champions from the strongest divisions in each section competing in State Division I, the next tier of section champions in State Division II, and the next tier in State Division III.

      Bowl participants must be section champions. The top teams from the North and South will continue to meet in the Open Bowl and can come from any division.

      The Division II Bowl representative will be drawn from the Southern Section’s Central, Southwest, Western, Eastern and Southeast divisions; City Section Division II; San Diego Section Division II and III; and Central Section Division II and III.

      The Division III Bowl representative will be drawn from the Southern Section’s Mid-Valley, Southern, East Valley, Northeast and Northwest divisions; San Diego Section Division IV and V; and Central Section Division IV, V and VI.

      The Division IV Small School Bowl representative must have an enrollment of 500 or less, and can come from a Division III champion that fits the enrollment requirement.”

  • Jefe

    LOL! One of the worst pregame speeches ever.

    You’re a funny dude, Aram.

    Thanks for posting this though.

  • AramT

    Kevon Seymour (USC), Karl Holmes (Ariz St), Tairen Owens (PCC going somewhere) all in that room.