UPDATED: Muir QB Dejon Williams INELIGIBLE for Friday’s playoff game vs. Los Altos


UPDATE: The referee who threw the flag has informed CIF he will not rescind his decision and Williams is officially suspended for Friday’s game.

Muir standout quarterback Dejon Williams is ineligible to play in Friday’s quarterfinals playoff game against Los Altos after being ejected toward the end of last week’s 53-35 win over La Mirada in the first round of the Southeast Division playoffs.

According to Muir coach John Hardy, Williams was ejected after receiving the second of two taunting penalties in the game. Per CIF-Southern Section rules, any player who is ejected from a contest is automatically forced to sit out his team’s next game.

Hardy said late Tuesday that the school will fight the decision and that he’s confident Williams’ ejection will be overturned. According to Hardy, Williams’ second taunting penalty came when he threw the ball to the referee after scoring a touchdown on a interception return and the referee did not see the ball and was struck by it and threw a flag.

Also late Tuesday, a CIF official said that the Southern Section cannot rescind an ejection. The only person who can do that is the referee. If that happens, Williams will be eligible to play on Friday.

Friday’s game was called early with under a minute on the clock after a fight between La Mirada and Muir players.

Aram’s take: This would be totally devastating for Muir to not have Williams for a game of this caliber. Hopefully, the matter gets resolved soon. During the scuffle that happened at the end of the game, I was interviewing Williams (yes, with time still left on the clock) and he suggested we move further down the sideline to get away from the situation. So this situation can certainly have nothing to do with that. Nobody wants to see a player like Williams, who is having a dynamite season, be forced out of such a big game. If it’s true and the ref didn’t see the ball, and Muir says it has video of the incident, then this needs to get overturned.

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  • inland_1

    I’m confused, did he actually fight or come off the bench. In other blog comments, it made it sound like Aram was speaking with him when this went down. Sad to see Muir hit like this, even more pathetic for the LM bunch who started this with 35 seconds to go with their season ending.

    • saints Fan

      Yep agree, nothing to lose, you have had a disappointing season so figured they would let it fly. Sad.

      • Gotcha

        There’s always something to lose. Maybe the kid is a Jr. which means a suspension will hold over to next year. Maybe La Mirada suspends the kid from school. Maybe he’s a 2 sport athlete and serves out a suspension with his 2nd sport. Maybe he becomes ineligible for Post Season Honors. There are many different ways kids can be disciplined. FYI, in my experience, rarely is a fight on the field caused by just one kid and once incident. Usually there are several incidents that lead up to the fight breaking out, such as taunting and showing up/disrespecting your opponent. It’s not like the QB was ejected and suspended for the 1st taunt. Apparently the 1st penalty didn’t register with this kid, perhaps the suspension will.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          one preseason game…big deal! LM is a joke..

          • New York

            You picked them! LOL

  • TruTH

    Williams got his second flag not because he hit the referee. As he was on his way to score he taunted the sideline of La Mirada and that is why the referee gave him his taunting call. As Williams scored he threw the ball to the referee and the referee tried to catch it with one hand while trying to take his flag out with the other so it would be impossible for him to get a taunting call for hitting the referee.

    • Gotcha

      Taunting seems to always precede bench clearing brawls. Sometimes the taunting is the ignition point and sometimes it causes animosity that simmers for awhile until something else ignites the fight, but it seems that taunting always plays a part. Muir should consider themselves lucky that they didn’t get the Diamond Bar treatment over the fight that shut the game down early.

      • LA Fan 2

        Cry cry cry Aram. Its all about having class. If you condone his actions you add well have no class

    • LA Fan 2

      Its not the referees fault that the kids has no manners. Or that the coach can’t control him. Maybe next time the kid will have some act right. I applaud the ref for having the balls to put the ignorance in is place. That way he learns.

  • TruTH

    Dejon Williams deserved the second taunting call because it was towards the La Mirada sideline as he was on his way to score. It is clearly evident because he pointed at the sideline while he was on his way to score. The ball hitting the referee had nothing to do with why he was ejected. At the end of the play as the referees gathered to talk about the flag they clearly let Williams know it was because he pointed at the sideline because the referees clearly point at the direction of the La Mirada sideline.

  • m ramirez

    My son got ejected from a pop warner game and he had to sit out our playoff game so i doubt they’ll overturn anything..

    • Bruin fan

      How do you get ejected from a pop warner game?

      • m ramirez

        the same way this kid got ejected,a ref who over reacted. the following week the same ref asked me how did the play look on tape.

        • New York

          Well, the camera doesn’t lie. How did it look?

          • m ramirez

            in my sons case as well as in this case it didnt call for an ejection..

          • New York

            That is not the situation: The rule book calls for the ejection based on a the second unsportsmanlike penalty.

            SO, the real question is whether or not an unsportsmanlike penalty is called for. If pointing while running into the endzone is considered unsportsmanlike, then what is the call?

          • m ramirez

            oh im not questioning hes suspension,thats why i said they werent going to overturn his suspension..

  • New York

    Aram, is this a hoax? While you were interviewing him, were you aware that he has been ejected from the game??? Was he aware? If were even aware of his ejection, you’d think he would have been pretty devastated by the prospect of not getting to play in the second round game!

  • Somebody got to do it

    The Los altos fans are funny.

  • Somebody got to do it

    Come join me at 50/50 roun 10. We’ll discuss how the game went…muir 36 Los altos 22

  • Destiny Iwuoma

    I would like to highlight the racial dynamics in this situation. The referee (an old white man) who is not apart of the community of John Muir High School in Pasadena, CA has labeled the actions of a football player (young Black male) unsportsmanlike for pointing his hand to the sideline of the other team.

    As a former Muir football player (2011) I know that Dejon Williams was simply pointing to a group of Muir fans on Montana Ave where Muir Fans congregate during the games as well.

    The referee lacks the knowledge of the awareness of John Muir High School to make an accurate decision on whether Dejon Williams was taunting or not.

    Finally, as a current Race, Education and Public Policy scholar at UC Berkeley I have researched many scenarios where racial/cultural misunderstandings like this one happen all the time.

    So i urge everyone to

    1) email thoms@cifss.org

    2) Call CIF and tell them how you feel about this situation and to urge the referee to rescind his decision 562.493.9500

    • LA Dad

      That’s a cop out. First of all, it is NOT the job of the referee to know that he was pointing at the fans on the street. Are you saying that after getting a taunting call already called on him, Dejon should not have enough intelligence or discipline to rescind from showboating anymore in the game. Score the touchdown, after creating a nice turnover, and act like you belong on the field.

      Is that what we are learning today. Because the call was made by a white referee than it has to be wrong because he is not black? That it cant just be that an older referee who grew up in a different era thought this young kid should not be a show boating.

      Most of these kids will never play the game beyond high school or some smaller college but they can still get a lot of out of participating. They learn discipline, the benefits of hard work, team work, improvement, how to win and lose graciously and sometimes that sometimes the calls don’t go your way.

      Finally, shame on you for bringing up the race “old white man” of the referee. Football is colorblind. You should know better, especially coming from Muir, where Jackie Robinson went to school.

  • football_fan_43

    La Mirada is known for cheap shot poor sportsmanship every season.

    • New York

      Probably related to why they have not been living up to expectations.

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