EXCLUSIVE: Video of Muir standout Dejon Williams’ second taunting penalty … THIS IS RIDICULOUS …

UPDATE: The referee who threw the flag has informed CIF he will not rescind his decision and Williams is officially suspended for Friday’s game.

Why is this so important? Well, this was Williams’ second taunting penalty, which resulted in him being ejected and now suspended per CIF rules for Muir’s next game. The rule is that any ejected player is automatically disqualified from competing in his team’s next game. As you can see, Williams points for a nanosecond AT THE PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE FENCE. He wasn’t taunting anybody. And to throw this flag and potentially cost one of the best players around a quarterfinals game is RIDICULOUS. CIF cannot rescind an ejection, though. Only the referee can do that. So whoever you are, sir, it’s time to call CIF and squash this.

  • Valley Athletics

    Can’t really tell who he is pointing to in the video . If he already had one taunting penalty his coaches should of warned him to be extra careful . Now he won’t be playing .

  • LA Dad

    Why would Williams point outside the fence. Where does Aram get that from? Williams interview? It looks like he is pointing at the La Mirada sideline. I agree this alone seems light to be thrown out but what was the first taunting call and when was it made? Any video?

    • AramT

      There were a lot of Muir fans standing on the outside fence watching the game for free. You can see them if you look closely. There were A LOT of them.

      Do you really think Dejon is taunting three dudes in sweatshirts standing near the goal line? No way. And regardless, he points for all of a half a second.

      You cost a kid a quarterfinals game over this? Please.

      • Inland_FB_Fan

        If this was his “ONLY” taunting penalty, it would be a non factor. What did he do to get his other taunting penalty. Anytime you celebrate before you get in the end zone, you are going to get a flag.

      • Cal Fan

        I don’t know that I would call those people fans. We played the first round there last year and those “fans” are more like scum.

  • Tbonelou

    The first thing that came to my mind while watching the Williams clip was that he was “Showboating”. Looking and pointing at the fence while trotting to the end zone and not worrying about being tackled is clearly showboating.

    If you look closely at refs actions, you can see that he was planning on throwing the flag BEFORE he raised his arms signaling a touchdown. In my opinion the ball had nothing to do with the penalty.

    • New York

      Exactly regarding the reff. He clearly saw the ball coming to him and casually knocked it to the ground. It was defintely not about a softly tossed football to the white-hat.

  • spanky

    I was at the game. Their was a lot of Muir fans outside that fence behind LM’s side. There was trouble after the game with that crowd. If the ref thought he was showboating, and was called for taunting before with another penaly, it’s clearly the ref’s call. He brought the situation on himself, he knew what he was doing. It might be a tacky penalty, but why put himself in a position to be called for it?

  • abbjjmps

    I thought he was ejected during the extra curricular activities in the final minute of the game. I think the QB is least of the worries, what about the other 15 Muir players that left the bench during this time? Aren’t they automatically ejected as well? That would leave them with about 15 to play Los Altos.

    • Southeast follower

      Yes all players that left the sideline should be suspended. The person that provided the tape for Aram failed to provide that section of the tape.

  • TruTH

    He clearly got the call he deserved. If it was his second penalty then he earned being ejected from the game. It might seem like nonsense but there was an altercation after the game and though Williams was not involved, fact that he taunted after his score might have caused the La Mirada sideline to want to fight back. It doesn’t seem fair to bring a player back simply because it is the playoffs. Last time I checked CIF did not care whether the forfeit of Diamond Bar would cause them the playoffs.

    • New York

      He is not responsible for LM starting a fight. LM needs to stay calm and take responsibility for themselves. LM is responsible for starting a fight.

  • saints Fan

    Just a continuation of the horrible officiating I have seen all year long. Ridiculous penalty, nothing over the top. These Ref’s most times think they carry that little yellow hanky and have to use it. Then you see something so obvious and dangerous, yet the hanky stays in…. I know, tough job, but hey zebra’s, your gettin’ paid. Do the job and don’t make the game about you.

    • SaintsR4real

      Okay Trujillo……calm down……

      • saints Fan

        Sorry Dude, you got the wrong parent !!! hahaha Not even close there bucko !

        • New York

          I like this infighting…I might need to pounce on it in a couple weeks…note taken, lol

          • saints Fan

            Dang NY, it is so much more fun with the SD / Monrovia banter, come on now…. this ain’t nothing, cuz no body cares… hahaha Hell After the season, I’ll tell you who I am, go find kennedy, who already knows me

  • New York

    I am sure the white-hat saw him point toward the LM sideline and that was that, especially after whatever warning he received the first time. Good effort Aram. You really don’t know who or what he was pointing at, and neither do the officials for that matter.

    I do think this is a stupid rule. I like to have rules and penalties that deal with what actually effects the course of the game and creates advantages one way or the other. Not this type of BS that was almost a dead ball, non-contact foul. I hope he is able to play.

    The real foul was how poorly the La Mirada QB threw that pass!

  • New York

    Is there a penalty for showboating, rather than taunting? Can you get ejected for showboating? My gosh.

    • Tbonelou

      I’m pretty sure in the refs eyes it was unsportsmanlike conduct on behalf of Williams whether it was taunting or showboating. I think
      celebrating BEFORE you get into the end zone is unsportsmanlike.

      • New York

        “Sportsmanship” is very subjective. Some people look at blowout scores and assume it is unsportsmanlike. I suppose we have referees to make those subjective calls. I wonder if the CIF rule book has a specific reference to pointing.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    That was Busch league Officiating…You don’t make that call. I don’t care what the book says. Taking the showmanship out of football is the new trend now. I think we all know what taunting is…we know the correct interpretation should be for” Excessive” Celebrating. Pointing the ball the way he did was just a show of emotion…not a all out taunt. The kid made a sweet play to seal the game. 17 yr olds are emotional anyways…CIF has to step in the refs have too much power….I thought playoff crews were supposed to be the best of the best. This guy is the worst.

    • New York

      An in-game-only ejection penalty for taunting would encourage a bunch of taunting once the game is put away.
      It doesn’t seem like taunting, unless he was pointing at the LM fans, but rather early celebration.

      I’m a bit Libertarian when it comes to rules. If you don’t want people celebrating, then the other team needs to play better.

      However, the CIF rules committee meets every year and I am sure the book has a specific reference to pointing.

      I do hope he is able to play and receive a second (possibly third) chance. Punishment is all about learning lessons and teaching.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        I meant ejection for that game only 🙂

        • New York

          I know what you meant, but consider every time a team is up by a big number in the last minute of the game…it could be a mad-house of taunting with players getting ejected for just the last minute of a blowout game…with such a small consequence, I think that toward the end of every blowout we would see some spectacles.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            They can write a stipulation….where the coach is ejected for the following week with out being able to attend practice….

          • New York

            What do you mean? Stipulation for what? Punish the coach if the player gets ejected?

  • Southeast follower

    This goes to show you lack of discipline that some of the coaches have over the players. A coach is responsible for making sure that good sportsmanship values are instilled in players in an EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT.
    This is the first that I have heard about a fighting incident can someone give us more information.

    I thought Coach M from LM tells all the coaches that his
    players are the greatest thing in the La Mirada, no comment. I hope that CIF clamps down clamps down on bad behavior; kids need to understand that there are
    consequences for their actions.

  • m ramirez

    You know how,when the ref over reacts like in this case. funny thing is at our playoff game the ref who ejected my son asked me how did it look…the play he ejected my son for..

  • RealTalk

    CIF really needs some fine tuning!!! I’m jumping on the Muir ban wagon…

  • Eastern Ave.

    Bad News, no bueno. Is there an appeal process? These kind of flags are so unfair to a entire community.

    The kid from Muir scored and tossed the ball towards the ref. Did he say something to get the flag, or was the ref a fan of LA MIRAGE?

    • RealTalk

      He pointed for half a second before he goes into the endzone away from the La Mirada player to what looked like some Muir fans on the outside of the fence watching the game and cheering him on…

      • Eastern Ave.

        That is a weak call.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      No appeal.
      Yes it was a weak call.

  • RealTalk


    Muir vs Norwalk

    Santa Fe vs Diamond Bar


    Muir vs. Diamond Bar

    My pick for CIF Southeast Championship game…
    (Muir vs. Diamond Bar)

    I’m a WC fan & father and the team I was worried about all year was DBar. Then Noodle’s got suspended and Bell went down. But DBar with Peterson, Bell, Noodles, Brown and Broadus at full strength, who would have stopped them. No Bell but Noodle’s back and La Serna WILL NOT be able to handle DBar at all… Too fast and too determined…

  • Conq ’76

    I would only want to compete against a team at its full strength if possible, if LA were to win because of this call, it deserves an asterisk. LA would not have won in 2000, 2001 or 2003 without Cody or Harwell. I of course would have been upset if they had been suspended for such a minor infraction costing the Conq’s a crown. However, if Charter Oak or OLU had won those games, they would have been tainted wins, to my mind. Injuries are one thing, but this sort o’ thing, where ref’s determine the outcome is disturbing.

    • 12th man

      Sounds good! lol..Game just got interesting..I had Muir winning by 17 with starting QB..come friday it could be a “pick em” game

  • Eastern Ave.

    La Mirage started the fight??? Welcome to the New Age!

  • 626

    Wow. Just wow.

    I have been to a handful of Muir games over the years. Look, there is no doubt that Dejon pointed to the Montana St. crew that hangs outside the fence during the games as a “shot out” and not to taunt any player, coach, parent, or fan from La Mirada. He isn’t the only one to have ever done that either.

    The folks that hang out on Montana are there because they can watch the game for free. They are at all the games and the crowd varies from game to game. They serve almost the same role the as Dog Pound (Cleveland) or the Black Hole (Oakland). They talk a lot of shyt and get loud from time to time but I’ve never heard of anyone being harmed or hurt. Visiting teams are intimidated by them because it’s in a dark area and the dudes are black…let’s be honest here. Anyhow, Dejon was simply pointing to them to acknowledge and recognize them, just like he’d do to the home stands if he was on there other side of the field. If that’s “taunting” that’s asinine. I get the ref throwing the flag during the game as he was not aware of Dejon’s intentions and whom he actually pointed to. But upon reviewing the film, it is BEYOND evident what Dejon was doing…given a shot out to guys on Montana. And the ref’s decision NOT to rescind the decision after looking at the film (and perhaps he didn’t even review it) is also asinine.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      That all may be true, but the rules for taunting are very explicit, especially with the ball in your hands.

      Again, I wouldn’t have called that, but even with explicit rules, it’s still and will always be a subjective penalty.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    The problem with taunting penalties is they are subjective. Where one official may see taunting, another may not. In watching Williams play, by definition, it was taunting. However, does that call for him ejected? NO. Did that call for him being suspended? NO. In this case, it’s overkill. Hard lesson for the young man to learn, but a lesson just the same.

    BTW, would I have called taunting? Probably not. He wasn’t pointing to any players on the opposing sideline. I would have given him a warning and been done with it.

  • Former SGV Coach

    Aram, I agree it does look weak. Maybe he is pointing at those guys on the street, maybe he is taunting the LM sideline. You can’t really tell from the film. The problem here is he already had 1 taunting penalty. Do you really think the referee looked the the people outside of the fence? Or did he see the kid point to the LM sideline? His coach needed to tell him to stop any extracurricular activity! From what I understand, he also had a taunting flag vs. PHS in the Tussle??? Bad deal, but lesson to be learned here, hopefully he and his teammates learn from it. Too bad because I think this would have been a really good game. Not anymore…LA wins by 2 scores now.

  • Valley Athletics

    Would like to see footage of his first taunting penalty . If it is similar , then he deserves the punishment .

    • LA Dad

      Me too. Was that considered light because this incident certainly was but….. if you already got called why would you not be extra careful. What did he do to get the first one?

  • SGV 4 30 Years

    As the coach, I would have told the player after the first penalty that he better be careful not to do anything to get a second or he will be done. As a varsity player you should know that officials are watching you. There is a reason it’s called a “post” game celebration.

  • 626

    Aram, you were at the game right? Tell me…what did that really good receiver Dallis Todd (#2) do after EACH of his 4 touchdowns?

    Now. Was that “taunting?” Was that “unsportsmanlike?” Did that create “ill will?”

    Btw…I do mean EACH and EVERY time he scored.

    • LA Dad

      @626. So what did he do? I assume you are talking about the Muir receiver?

      • 626

        Not at all. I’m talking about LM’s receiver, #2, who after scoring each of his 4 TDs separated himself from his teammates in order to do his :Superman celebration.: After EACH of his 4 TDs. Why no flag? There were 4 opportunities to do so. Ask Aram.

        Maybe Destiny Iwuoma has a valid point on the other post after all.

        • New York

          I wasn’t there, but key differences that you stated are: he did this AFTER the play, not DURING the play. Also, did #2 do this right next to the Muir sideline?

          When you start celebrating during a play, it is usually considered taunting or excessive celebration which is taunting or rubbing it in.

          • 626

            So, had Dejon pointed to the crew on Montana St. as soon as he crossed the goal line then no flag? Seriously, that is f’n asinine. No difference in my book. He didn’t taunt anybody. Period. Did he bring attention to himself in a celebratory manner? Certainly. But so did the LM receiver.

            And this whole sideline thing doesn’t make sense because players and coaches aren’t supposed to go past the 20 or 25 yard line anyway! He pointed at the 5 yard line….so CLEARLY he wasn’t taunting any players or coaches….again…asinine!!

  • GrimReaper

    Player of the year?

    Cant stay on the field due to a lack of discipline and respect for the game and his opponent. Let his team down for a selfish act is more like it.

    The howls of “But it’s not fair!” are nothing.. but hot air.

    Pull up your big boy pants, and guess what.. Life is not fair. Get used to it. Dejon, hopefully, learned a valuable life lesson, about personal responsibility and the importance of the team over Me.

    Now others will have to work harder to make up for his needless mistake.

  • GrimReaper

    So what? It is all over Muir won as Dejon’s teammates picked up the slack for him. Dejon most likely learned a lesson on how to conduct himself on the field. A lesson that some other big time players in the valley could stand to learn.

    Meanwhile there was a bunch of squawking, but the world continued to spin, and people lived their lives, most in complete indifference to Dejon’s pointer finger and Muir football. A tempest in a teapot, when all is said and done.