Pasadena, WHERE ARE YOU??? Muir needs your support!

This guy can’t do it alone. Granted, he has been. But still …

The attendance at Muir football games has been lacking and that needs to end this week. The Mustangs are 11-1!!!! The Mustangs are in the semifinals of the Southeast Division playoffs!!! And yet the visiting crowds have been bigger than the home crowds the past two weeks.

This is inexcusable. Pasadena is a huge city. It’s Thanksgiving weekend and a lot of people will be back in town. None of you are doing anything that exciting with your Friday nights anyway, SO GET OUT AND GIVE THIS TEAM THE FAN SUPPORT IT DESERVES!!!

(Then pick up a Star-News the next morning to read all about it.)


    Aram, why don’t you buy the first hundred tickets and give them out for Free! Oh they’ll come! LOL…With all that side betting money, you could handle it easy.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Ayala’s attendance is ROUTINELY better than the home teams we visit. Visitor attendance at Ayala is beyond piss poor except for the Chino Hills rivalry game. Claremont no joke had less than 100. I get it, they suck, but still. Ayala was not that good this year yet they travel well.

    NO excuse for good teams to not fill the stands. WTF is wrong with Muir fans? Must be nice to still be playing.

  • reality

    Some of it is probably due to the dark streets and people trying to get you to pay to park. How many fans wish their fav had athletes like the Stangs have? Throughly enjoyed watching them play last week and will follow them again Friday night.

    • AramT

      They are VERY fun to watch. They play with lots of emotion and they are playing with so many of their classmates off to other schools hoping for a better prep career. These guys are the REAL Stangs.

      • Coach MBR01

        Like I told you last week at the Muir game. It’s ashame that these boys have to go to the championship to possibly fill up their side of the stands. They deserve better and there are very few teams they cant beat. They played Alemany better than many of the Pac 5 teams. They’re 11-1 and the stands are filled with family, friends, staff (teachers) and some alumni (mostly recent graduates back from college). Its ashame. If they win a title you’ll have close to 100 proud Mustangs commenting. I just hope they come out and support these kids.

        • woanelly

          This is the deal: hispanic kids at Muir do not go to football games, Muir 70% hispanic- all the adults like to kick it on montana and get their drink on and teachers are non-existant at any sporting event. Go boys win it for yourselves, do the best you can and good luck. I will be there!!

          • waterone7

            woanelly you’re an idiot. If you look at the rosters in the SG Valley you will see that the majority of the players are Hispanic. If you go to a high school football game in the SG Valley, you will see that most of the fans are Hispanic. Enough with the PC. The real reason why the attendance is low at Muir games is because most people are afraid of violence as has gone on in the past. As long as we’re not being PC, let me say that Hispanics in the SG Valley don’t get their due props. Take that lil RB from Los Altos, Holguin from last year, Rivera from last year, and the list goes on. Hispanics have to win an all valley title or award before they’re mentioned. “Others”, and you know who I’m talking about, get mentioned before they play a down. There are so many great Hispanic players in this valley who produce off the charts before they get mentioned!
            Happy Thanksgiving

          • Coach MBR01

            You’re 100% correct about there being alot of dope Hispanic football players all over the SGV. Muir is 70% Hispanic and many of them dont watch or participate in football at Muir bcuz they view it as a “black” sport/team. I wish many more of them came out to play bcuz alot of them balled out for the Pasadena Panthers, Trojans, and Ponies. I dont think Woanelly’s comment was a jab at Hispanics. But it is a true statement about the majority of the hispanic students not showing up at the games. And there is rarely any violence at Muir games. Thats an overestimation of the “rough and tough” muir kids. They are nice and soft. I’ve been attending Muir games for 20yrs and seen violence maybe 5 times. But please dont take offense to my or woanelly’s statement. I am deeply ingrained into everything Muir (soccer, baseball, basketball, track, etc) and its hard getting a good representation of the student body to come out

          • observantcat

            Maybe the Pasadena administrators should take a lesson from Monrovia High School and figure out how everyone seems to get along and every group has an even amount of representation on the field and in the stands. Not bad for a school in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley. Good luck Stangs…. Bring it home for all the doubters out there, the district may even decide to build a new stadium in support of this teams accomplishments.

          • woanelly

            Waterone7, please read the post correctly. I am talking about Muir specifically. I see it first hand and I truly wish it were different because at other schools especially in the ESGV the support is tremendous and or Tribune area it is very good. The coaches are doing all they can to be fair but in reality hispanic kids do not come to Muir to play football hopefully that changes because it would make the whole sports program,community and student relations that much better. Every school has a bit of violence but the current perception that Muir is a violent school is totally wrong. I will say this to you, that before you call someone a name other than the one their parents gave them please read their statements thoroughly.
            Thanks and take care.

  • 626

    Part of me says, “Screw’em! Stay at home!” They’ve abandoned the school and the kids already anyway!

    But the other part of me says it would be awesome if the community supported the kids, and I’m sure they would absolutely love it.

    Won’t happen though Aram. They won’t come.

  • New York

    Who knows. Muir fans have been spoiled by seeing their team play nationally ranked opponents throughout the years. Maybe they are not interested in seeing Muir play relatively small schools from around the valley. Also, Muir has just 1,000 students. How many people are supposed to come to the game. School enrollments are down because families have moved…therefore fan bases shrink.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    It’s so sad it’s hard to blog about it….They play for each other and the few loyal Muir fans…

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    It’s so sad it’s hard to blog about it….They play for each other and the few loyal Muir fans…

  • 626

    From the LA Times today, and appropriate in regards to Muir’s plight:

    “During his days as football coach at Woodland Hills Taft, Troy Starr could be counted on to say something controversial about once a week.

    He was the one who coined the phrase, “What time does the JV game start?” regarding the City Invitational final before the City championship game.

    Now the head coach at Helix in San Diego, Starr still says what’s on his mind.

    So it comes as no surprise in a story in the San Diego newspaper about a top running back, Royce Freeman, and his chances of being selected player of the year, Starr said, “At the L.A. private schools, if they’d have known he was down here, they would have expanded their Christian outreach from vans to include small airplanes.”

  • IE

    Aram, Gano to Wilson? Is that the story??? What happened to the Wilson coach? Gano gets fired at Tustin and then goes back to Hacienda Height only this time he has to go to Wilson? This is sad. Should have never left Los Altos

  • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

    These blogs are sure boring when AMAT is not in the conversation………

    • If I only KNEW???!!!??!?!?!?!?

      You are correct. The blogs need AMAT!