• Ray

    great game, great play, still wasnt enough

  • HomerTolegian

    You are such a homer for some of these kids its pathetic.

    • rene77

      I thought the same, but aram is not a homer. He calls it the way “he” sees it. I’m an AMAT fan and for many years I thought he hated us. I believe your just not happy because its not your kid or school your kid goes to. So stop hating and sit back and enjoy the job he does for the SGV.

    • AramT

      Darn right I’m a homer for ALL of “these kids”. I will never apologize for that. They’re the greatest things ever!

  • Valley Athletics

    He made that look easy . Great play .

  • New York

    Pretty awesome. That reminds me of the Doug Floutie and Kordell Stewart passes.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Nice. What was the final score?

  • 626

    Just saw this on the Pasadena Preps blog and if true….WHOA.–


    big rumor at muir that Desean Holmes has just checked into the school..welcome home rellie!