Desean Holmes likely leaving Alemany for Muir …

Desean Holmes, a heavily recruited receiver/defensive back who has spent his high school career at Alemany has transferred to Muir, according to several people close to the situation.

Holmes is from Pasadena and would be a senior next season. Like many other Pasadena area talents, Holmes left the city to play at Alemany. There are rumblings that the Pasadena pipeline to other schools is about to end. Holmes coming back to Muir/Pasadena could be just the start of it.

“I’ve heard buzz out there that people are starting to consider Muir, but I haven’t heard any names of people coming to Muir,” Mustangs head coach John Hardy said. “If we keep changing this thing around and winning, we’ll get people to stay in Pasadena.

“It could only help the whole community (if Holmes transfers to Muir). People will say ‘follow him’. We’re hoping to get people to stay in Pasadena from here on out, period. I’m hoping (our season) sends a message.”

Muir insiders speculated that up to 30 would-be Mustangs were playing at other schools around the Southland this season. Alemany has been the biggest beneficiary of Pasadena talent in recent years, even shuttling kids from Pasadena to the San Fernando Valley campus. Muir insiders say the bus to Alemany is actually driven by a Muir grad.

Alemany has been referred to as Muir West on this blog and other platforms. Muir went 11-2 this season and reached the semifinals of the CIF-SS Southeast Division before losing to Norwalk last Friday.

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  • AramTMZ

    All that time spent in Los Al at the CIF offices and this is what you’re pumping out….I don’t follow.

  • who cares

    Uh oh now if muir gets in a qb with holmes and mason wide I smell cif championship

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    That’s great for Muir. I hope he’s starting a trend and that it continues. Pasadena has always been talent rich and the effect of the drain to private schools impacted the area’s programs. Don’t know the reason for the transfer, but that’s a big thumbs up for Muir. I hope Alemany didn’t go flip on that tutuition.

  • inland_1

    A return to the glory days is on the horizon.

    • Coach MBR01

      I hope it is going to be a return to the glory days too.

  • who cares

    now we are just waiting on a few more homers to come back maybe the other two holmes who’s at oaks christian. or how about the other super athletes on alemany jv and freshmen team and the other kids thats at Loyola or how about the ones at Crespi D. Holmes is about to start a stampede and hopefully c.i.f dont hate on the kids returning home

    • Coach MBR01

      That would be awesome to get back all our Pasadena Kids. Muir, PHS, and Blair will truly benefit from thir kids coming home. Im a Pasadena Homer to the max.

  • 626

    Not sure if this means others will follow, but if they do….OH BOY.

  • reality

    It is very much up to the schools and the parents to offer an environment where a child is safe going to and from school. The public perception is that this may not be the case at Muir. If and when that perception changes the students will come back. You just don’t want a bunch of jocks playing ball but also some All-League scholars would be nice. That could help the school more than football players.

    • FredJ

      I’ll tell you the problem, you need those in charge of the Pasadena School District and City of Pasadena to start changing the perception. The problem is, over the years, those in charge send their kids to one of the many private schools in Pasadena, not the public’s. If you’re a city official in South Pas or San Marino for example, there’s plenty reason to make sure those school’s are top notch, because the parents in charge of change send their kids to those public’s. Not so in Pasadena. There’s no reason a city as resourceful as Pasadena shouldn’t have one of the best school districts in the area. The adults in charge of the city need to take charge, they need to create an environment that keeps kids in their own schools. But the way it is now, Pasadena is all about its own private schools.

      You can look this up, but in terms of athletic stipends for coaches, Pasadena is among the worst if not the worst in the state. Ask yourself, why is that?

      • 626

        Can’t. Say. It. Any. Better.

        You are EXACTLY right Fred.

        • FredJ

          626, I look at a school like Blair which is in a beautiful and expensive area of Pasadena but does terrible in sports and has low enrollment numbers. Why, because the people in power in Pasadena do not focus on changing the environment or improving the standards so parents would want to send their kids there, so they send them to the privates.

          There’s no other way to explain it.

          • Coach MBR01

            The coaches spend more on the kids than theyll get paid for coaching. And the coaching stipend is closer to 1200 in pusd as a walk on coach. So they truly do itffor the love of the kids and the community. @Mike that Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert has nothing to do with Muir and the PUSD perception lol. But I understand your logic. If yall truly want to see how Muir is the principal gives tours of the campus on Fridays.

          • Coach MBR01

            Muir is like any other thing in life. Its what you make it! !!! Ive worked with people with Ivy League degrees and was their supervisor and I went to CSUN. I worked and grinded and knew my ish and they didn’t. I know some Alemany grades that were on LAs most wanted list so you can’t correlate ones actions with ones high school education. If you’re trying to succeed Muir is a great high school. Hell Alemany is too. But at any school you gotta grind

          • mike

            Well 1200 should be closer to 40,000 at least. For all the coaches and assistants need to be paid well also. The Rosebowl generates so much money from Concerts and UCLA and BCS football gams so that money needs to start trickling down into upgrading all the facilities in the whole district. Before Coach Jim Mora Jr signed his extension he specifically said he was fighting for more money for his assistants and got it! But instead what this sorry a$$ city does is upgrade Jackie Robinson and put a huge gate and lock up the field so the youngsters cant even play catch on it freely. Bottom line THIS CITY DOESNT WANT MINORITIES IN IT ANYWAY, they have pushed the athletes with exceptional talent to the Catholic and Private schools.

      • Coach MBR01

        I dont understand where people get this misconceptions that muir isnt safe and people aren’t learning and that we don’t have score athletes. Muir is like any other high school. You have kids that want to do well and they do excel and kids that don’t. We do send kids to colleges and we have the most Gates Millennium Scholarships. We have kids at University of Michigan, Cal, UCLA and Stanford and all Cal States. If you’re kid wants to succeed and challenge themselves Muir is an awesome place.

        • FredJ

          What about the coaching stipends?

          • mike

            Exactly they pay the High School coaches about 2000 per season and expect to get A plus results. lol But they bring JAY Z to the Rosebowl and pay him about a million dollars to rap about how he infested drugs into our community…..

  • I’m sure he’s leaving Bishop Alemany because of Muirs outstanding academic programs….right? LMAO

  • realtalk

    Fred that statement is so true. So many school get a bad rep.. but the people in charge don’t do enough to change it. You have a lot administration that send they kids outside of there own district. All that matter to them ADA (average daily attendance).

  • mike

    Bad rap! MisconcepItion! I can pull out my yearbook from Muir and can show you at least 100 kids in jail or dead from Muir alone. My Nephew graduated from Alemany 2 years ago and cannot name me 1 that fits that profile! Muir has been loosing since Clyde Turner left. #BRINGBACKCLYDE #VERNONADAMSNEXTUP #STEVENMITCHELLALSO #LIFEISMORETHENFOOTBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dena

      This is hilarious. Who is this….Coach CJ from Alemany!? Lol. Man, if I lost my best player back to the place he grew up, and I heard others just may follow him, maybe I’d try to hate as hard as this too bro.

      So “mike”, your a Stang, hunh? Ok, which year? Who did you graduate with? 100 dead or in jail? Maaaaan GTFOH. Name them. Right now. It’s easy to throw out fake facts and random numbers and say it’s all true. Bum. Your cousin, hunh? That’s nice. I’m glad it worked out for him. But what about the ones who get denied? What about the ones that get kicked out? Like the kid that stole those iPods and got the boot….did he go to school with your cousin too?

      Bring back Clyde hunh? Oh you were one of those hunh? Lol. Rub down specials before the track meets, right? And you know there were 2 Marables at Alemany, right? Wonder if Alemany worked out well for BOTH of them? Lol.

      Coaches at Jackie Rob, hunh? Who? The ones with their flamed belts hanging? Those guys? The ones who wear orange city gear or orange prison wear? Oh my bad…wait…those just might be the same guys that were in jail from Muir, hunh? Lol. Wait…no…my bad…a lot of those cats went to HS. Nevermind. They preferred the colors and liked calling each other B-dogs.

      Lil Sali, hunh? I guess you haven’t read his Twitter feed lately. I recommend it…it says GREAT stuff about Alemany…lol!

      Butt-hurt, hunh? Sounds to me that YOU are about as butt-hurt about Dena kids coming back HOME to the Stangs House as you were when your BOY Turner was having his way with you!!!!! Bum. GTFOH.

    • who cares

      Mike your a loser and a hater as a matter of fact where is your son at now? how about this Muir has sent out players/students to top d1 colleges not d1aa (not hating on d1aa) but check out Kevin seymour grew up his whole life in the snake pitts and still made it out or how about Karl holmes we all know his struggle wait what about arnez ikner the list goes on and for sure the most recent will be taeon mason another kid right out the snake pitts so go and do the real dena dudes a favor and run away punk

  • mike

    The Community Coaches from the local parks such as Jackie Robinson etc deserve all the credit from raising this talent anyways. Their the ones dedicating time for FREE raising these young men and directing them on a path to academic and athletic success. So all you people who are butt hurt about kids leaving the community need to shut up until you put your time and time and money to raising these kids from DAY ONE! THOUGHT SO!