• 12th man

    How electrifying is this kid “Frankie Football”? Intillegent with the ball,doesn’t make to many mistakes..is rarely sacked..super illusive & athletic…I’m gonna go out on a limb & call this kid the best QB in the whole whittier,SGV, & parts of Orange County area…Last night was my third time watching this kid play & his maturity along with knowledge of the game (know whens to run with the ball & when to throw it away) is mind boggling…If you had an all encompassing player of the year..There should be no doubt as to who the player should be..

    • WCDan

      Great points, I came away impressed with the kid after the Diamond Bar game and last night he was nails in the championship game but especially in crunch time. To think he did not play a down
      of organized football before his freshman year makes it all that much more impressive. Definately the all encompasing player of the year.

      • Cal Fan

        It’s been both a pleasure and a nightmare watching this kid for the last 3 years. He is a class act, on and off the field. I’m happy he finally got the ring.

        What an epic game! I have one question. Why did Norwalk go first in the second overtime after going first initially? The only thing I can think is Jesse wanted to give his defense a rest. Did Norwalk have the option in the 2nd OT?

        • WCDan

          Lol,Was puzzled about the nightmare reference, till I noticed your username.
          Not sure about the rules on the OT possesions.