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The rumor about Diamond Bar’s Cordell Broadus, Noodles Hull and possibly Kanya Bell transferring to Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, NV is not true, according to Broadus. It seems a little far fetched to begin with, but even Broadus acknowledged hearing it. And other coaches have told me about it as well … Glendora’s Dillon Fink, a two-time all-Baseline League linebacker, has interest from Kansas. Stay tuned … Bishop Amat phenom Tre Sidney has received an early offer from UCLA. Sidney had EIGHT interceptions this past season as a sophomore and figures to get quite a few more offers between now and Signing Day 2016 … Bonita’s Jake Payton is receiving interest from Army and Air Force.

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  • reality

    None of the hyped up players from Diamond Bar have achieved anything of note.Except for some bad behavior I have seen nothing that any school would risk a free ride on. This all smacks of the continued hype of these guys that are basically average high school players .Maine’s reputation has taken a hit by fans believing he has all these D1 players but in my estimation they have yet to prove much.

    • Joey P

      So true. CB way overrated, no where near D1 level.

      • Just the facts

        USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, Florida State and several other big time schools would disagree with you.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      You hit a point about hyped up players. I watched Broadus in a lot of 7 on 7 and I’ve seen some video of him. At this stage, the hype outpaces his talent. I’m sure a lot of it is attributable to who his father is. 1. He’s not very competitive getting off the press. For a guy his size, he better be. A lot of high school coaches don’t allow their DBs to be physical with WRs like him or many others. Too afraid of getting beat deep. I’d put my best DB on him in press and let the chips fall where they may. Until he can get off the press effectively, he gets a D. FYI, a lot of college coaches once they see he struggles in the press, guess what? Lol. 2. He runs lazy routes. That may be fine in HS, but not FBS or FCS ball.

      Bell. He’s a good DB, but I saw him get worked baaaaaad in passing leagues by a kid who wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Certainly not SGV Tribunes. If you have that much hype surrounding you and that happens, either you’re not that good, or people were paying attention to the wrong kid. Personally, I think the kid Bell went up against was that good. That’s the thing about HYPE, people are so busy paying attention to that and they miss the real story happening right in front of them.

      Noodles. Not quite sure what you do with him. He’s obviously not close to the ideal QB height, so that rules that out. So do you put him in the slot? Maybe, but there are other kids, faster, more shifty, and certainly more skilled in that position. WR? No. RB? Maybe, but can he handle that pounding all season long? I see Noodles as a DB. He’s got decent size for that and good agility. As far as hype goes, he’s missed a year so I’m going to hold off on that.

    • Just the facts

      Bell – as a Sophomore was All CIF, All Valley and 1st team All League at both WR & DB, missed all of this season except for the 1st 2 games due to a season ending injury.
      Broadus – 2 time 1st team All League, and led the Hacienda this past year in receptions. A long 6’3″ and exceptional speed makes for a high upside and also makes him a highly recruited WR. Listed as the #6 WR, by ESPN, in the class of 2015.
      Hull – missed almost all of this season and yet still has a lot of interest from several PAC-12 Schools as a DB and/or Slot receiver.
      Can these kids be better? of course, that’s why they are so highly rated by recruiters.

  • Inland

    Hey reality
    Diamond ranch didn’t make it out of the first round of the playoffs. Delp kid over rated. Dranch never makes it in the playoffs. Los altos and Dbar made it to the second round.
    Dranch had many kids make first all league but yet couldn’t make it out of a low seed with Santa Fe.
    San dimas alo over rated as 3 hacienda teams smoked them.
    Don’t agree with your thoughts.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      Delp got WORKED all night long by a kid from Ayala that nobody here knows his name. Overrated for sure.

  • Valley Athletics

    HVnt heard about any preseason schedules . A buddy if mine says Monrovia is playing bonita and Los altos instead of Ayala and south hills . There must be more teams with there new schedules soon .