Hold on to your Gano-to-Wilson rumors … the hot rumor is that Los Altos coach Dale Ziola could be headed to Cal High …

It would be a big blow to LA if Ziola left.

Just as everyone is handing the Wilson job to Greg Gano comes word that Los Altos coach Dale Ziola, who revived the Conquerors program the past three years, may be interested in the open Cal High position.

Ziola had no comment about the rumors that have really picked up steam this week. But there’s no doubt that Ziola can pretty much write his own ticket to just about anywhere in these parts after bringing Los Altos back from the dead.

IF Ziola is truly interested in the Cal High job and gets it, that could mean a potential return to Los Altos for Gano, if the position opened up and the four-time CIF champion coach went for it. How about that for irony?

So why would Ziola leave Los Altos for Cal High. Well, think about it, Cal High is set to get a very nice new stadium/field. It’s in a much better paying district. And Ziola lives near the school.

As for Gano to Wilson, obviously an opening at Los Altos would change everything. It just has to. But Los Altos would also command plenty of interest considering how loaded the program now is. If Wilson’s admin is smart, they’ll lock up Gano now and not have to worry about him going for more advanced programs like Baldwin Park, Cal High or even Los Altos, if it opened up.

When contacted about the prospect of going back to Los Altos if the job ever opened, Gano said he was fully focused on being a finalist at Wilson.

“The thing I’m concentrating on right now is the Wilson job and nothing else,” Gano said while declining to comment further.

This is something to certainly watch going forward …

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  • The stands

    Not sure Gano would want to return to Los Altos. He’ll always be measured by past performance and would be expected to deliver championsships a lot sooner that at Wilson. In other words there would be less pressure at Wilson. I concur that Wilson better make him an offer soon.

  • reality

    As to your assessment that “he can write his own ticket” I must disagree. All high school head coaches are expendable as has been noted this year by many high profile and successful HC’s being let go. Also there does not seem to be a rush to hire ex-coaches no matter how good they have been in the past. With little pay and huge time investment an HC is a young mans game. To leave for Cal High and lose your seniority is risky for any young credentialed coach. Walk-ons can move all they want but teachers that leave their District wind up like Gano. Old teacher just looking for a gig even if it’s a totally battered program like Wilson.

    • Aaron

      It was obvious at Tustin: Winning Matters, and he was not winning.

    • Quick one

      You work for HR in HLPUSD?

      I think a young man like Ziola who is crazy enough to rebuild Los Altos after going 4-26 with three head coaches in four years; while coaching in one of thee toughest leagues in the southeast can handle moving back to his home town and coaching in the Del Rio League.

  • Quick one

    Why does this read as if Gano leaked a rumor to you Aram so you could help him leverage Wilson for more $ or even the job itself?

    Gano kills programs

    LA 4-6 (next year 1-9, after steeping down 1 week before spring ball.)

    Damien 4-6? Not sure on this

    Tustin (OC power house) 1-9 worst record in decades!

    That guy took a loaded program and left it in ruin.

  • hectichuck

    dave merrill joining his staff also