Lee Fair back with Greg Gano at Wilson …

The boys could be back together by the time it’s all said and done at Wilson. But for now, we do know that longtime defensive coordinator Lee Fair, who partnered with Greg Gano during a successful run at Los Altos and a not-so-successful run at Damien, is back on Gano’s staff at Wilson. The rest of the crew, Coach Howing, Coach Curtis and even the legendary Dave Merrill may also be back in the mix soon. Stay tuned …

  • The stands

    Where are they going to find the next Tim Gilmore? Maybe they should focus on getting the most out of the athletes they have. Best of luck to Wilson, it could sure use a shot in the arm.

    • mr power

      JR Nelson was better than Gilmore.

      • TruTH

        Gilmore has been the best running back Wilson has had in the past decade. He actually lead Wilson to the playoffs and had more rushing yards during his junior year nearing 2k. Plus his competition was against the Miramonte league which is absolutely much tougher than the valley vista.

        • The stands

          TruTH, I agree. I saw Gilmore run directly into a pile of defenders and, due to his leg strength, broke out and hit pay dirt. I saw this occur repeatedly. Nelson was very athletic but I’ll take Gilmore on my team anyday. He could’ve competed and excelled at higher divisions.

          • mr power

            could have but didn’t. JR has better vision, can start and stop quicker, better receiver, tougher, and more dependable. Remember Gilmore played for coach Oviedo on a good team with a quarteback who could throw. JR played for an awful Head Coach and had no quarterback. When Gilmore was on a bad team his senior year he did nothing.

          • TheeProdigalSon

            We all know Wilson won back to back titles in 96-97 but can anyone name some of the best players to come out of there before that? Let’s see who has some real knowledge of Wildcat history…….

          • mr power

            good one… I can tell you some guys from L.A. for sure. There were the two backs, really good that played for Coach Merrill in 88′ but I can’t remember their names!

          • TheeProdigalSon

            The season of ’89 actually…..Kofi Broadnax and Malcolm Thomas

  • TheeProdigalSon

    Why, Gano, why? Gano needs to hire a younger, clean, smoke free, energetic, up to date, positive coach who cares about teaching the game, not someone who is only looking to cash a stipend. Gano better get some guys that can score because Fairs defensive scheme hasn’t stopped a soul in a decade. When he had “dudes” at LA it didn’t matter what they did, they were just better. When you don’t have the dudes you need to be able to coach to get a few wins. Good luck Wilson!

    • The Living Legend

      Why would he make this hire, he was already told at one school that he had to fire him. Do you think they told him to fire Fair because he is a good coach. Just because he played in the rose bowl in the 70’s and could figure it out 20 years ago does not mean he is still up to date.

  • New Divisions

    Aram, thought I would help you out here with some info that should generate some hits on your blog.

    Released today were the proposals for the playoff divisions for the next two years (CIF revises these every two years(, and it was a very radical change.

    Parochial A (St Bonnie, Alemany, Oaks, etc)
    Parochial B (Amat, ND, Serra, etc)

    South Coast
    Big VII (Centennial, norco)
    Foothill (Canyon, Hart, Saugus…)
    Southwestern (Murrieta Mesa, Vista Murrieta, Great oak…)
    Baseline (Chino Hills, Los Osos, Etiwanda…)

    League 1&2- Agoura, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, etc
    Bay (Inglewood, Mira Costa…)
    Tri-Valley (Bishop Diegom Nordoff, Santa Paula…)
    Pac-5 (Paso RObles, Atascadero, AG….)

    Palomares (Chino, Claremont, Diamond Bar….)
    Hacienda (Charter Oak, Los Altos….)
    Sea View
    Parochial C (Cat, Harvard westlake, St Paul)

    Inland Valley (JW North, Rancho Verde)
    Sunbelt (Elsinore, Lakeside, Paloma)
    Citrus Belt (Citrus Valley, Carter, Ike)
    Mojave RIver (AV, Burroughs, Hesperia)
    Mountain Pass (Hemet, Citrus Hill, )

    Century 1
    Century 2
    Del Rio (Cal, La Serna, Pioneer)
    Pacific Coast
    Channel (Dos Pueblos, San Marcos, Santa Barbara)

    Pacific (Arcadia, Burbank, Muir)
    San Gabriel Valley (Gahr, Lynwood, Paramount)
    Suburban (Norwalk, Mayfair, La Mirada)
    Pioneer (Centennial, 4 Torrances)

    River Valley
    Desert Valley
    Mountain Valley
    San Andreas
    Desert Sky

    Los Padres
    Pacific View

    Valle Vista
    Parochial D (Sacred Hart, Bishop Montg)
    Rio Hondo
    Mt Baldy

    Mission Valley (Arroyo, El Monte)
    De Anza (29 Palms, Big Bear, Des. Hot Springs)
    Olympic (Herritage Christian, Maranatha, Valley Christian)
    Garden Grove

    Almont (Bell Gardens, Mark Keppel)
    Parochial E (Bosco Tesch, Bell-Jeff)
    Golden West
    Orange Coast
    Miramonte (Bassett. Ganesha)
    Montview (Azusa, Duarte, Sierra Vista)

    Prep (Firebaugh, Chadwick)
    Desert Mountain (Boron, Desert, Lone Pine, Mammoth)
    Tri Valley-2 (Malibu, Grace, Filmore)
    Academy (Bretheren)
    Western Athletic (Capo Christian, Fairmont, SVC)
    Arrowhead (School of the deaf, Sherman Indian)

    Looks to me like CIF is trying to align the leagues into their State Divisions with the Division numbers and “A’s”

    • Valley Athletics

      Looks pretty good . Putting the sunset and south coast teams with the inland powers makes it more competive .div 2aa looks very competive with the hacienda , palomares and parochial ( cathedral, st francis etc ) .

      • Interesting

        A lot of this looks interesting, however, the D1a division only has 4 leagues and the Moore League is terrible with only 1 good team. The total division will consist of 23 teams for 16 playoffs spots. It will be very difficult for anyone in these leagues (not named the Moore) to not make the playoffs. My idea would be to move the Moore down to D1AA and have only 3 leagues in D1A but open all “At Large” playoffs spots in D1A up to all the remaining divisions. With this, some of those “At Large” spots would include the likes of LB Poly, Centennial, Vista Murrieta, Mission Viejo, Hart, etc.

        Or option 2 – Make all of D1A and D1AA into one division with a “Open” division playoffs which would consist of the top 16 teams in the Southern Section (99% would come from D1) and the next remaining league qualifiers in D1 would participate in the D1 playoffs.

  • mr power

    hey! if all these guys are back… when will GRI makes his triumphant return?

    • TheeProdigalSon

      GRI better make its return quick! Because with the stellar defensive staff that’s already assembled he’ll need some big time signees to get some W’s, if not, Wilson is looking at 3-7 dead in the face! 3-7 At best!

    • TheeProdigalSon

      GRI needs to return quick! By the looks of the stellar defensive staff that has been assembled, Gano better get some big time signees or they are looking at 3-7 dead in the face! 3-7, at best!

      • charles wagner

        hes working on it now as we speak

      • charles wagner

        who is GRI?

        • TheeProdigalSon

          I always thought GRI stood for Gano Recruiting Incorporated.

  • charles wagner

    wow if they get coach curtis back he is the backbone for recruiting and gano really needs him

  • charles wagner

    looks like gano has 4 new players coming to wilson, 2 qbs and 2 running backs

    • Sgvfan

      From where? Edgewood?

  • charles wagner

    who is GRI

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