Despite rumors, Pasadena says Doug Bledsoe still head coach

Rumors made the rounds on Twitter on Wednesday evening that former Minnesota Vikings receiver Matthew Hatchette was going to be named the new varsity football head coach at Pasadena.

Those rumors were prevalent much of the week, actually, following the transfer of Downey QB Jorge Reyna to Pasadena. Reyna, a junior, quarterbacked Downey to the CIF-SS Southeast Division championship in 2012. Many are trying to make a connection between Reyna’s arrival at PHS with a pending arrival of Hatchette.

However … Bulldogs AD Mike Parisi had this to say

“Coach Bledsoe is still the head coach and he isn’t going anywhere. Bledsoe for sure is going to be the head football coach next fall.”

Bledsoe himself was surprised to hear of the rumors and said he has no relationship with Hatchette, so even the notion of the former NFL receiver being an assistant coach at PHS was a surprise.

Hatchette is involved with B2G Sports, which is one of the “elite” 7-on-7 teams that are popping up recently and seem to always lead to a flurry of transfer activity (think Jake Payton to Upland last year). These 7-on-7 teams are going to be a great detriment if they are not curtailed. This could be another example of that.

Aram’s take: Even the Muir people were talking about Hatchette being at PHS today. So this rumor really has some legs. My first reaction when I saw the tweets, which I was included in, was “I didn’t know Coach Bledsoe was even gone.” I get it, Reyna’s transfer to a program that was 1-9 last year is mysterious. But then again, he will be working with one of the top receiver prospects around in Tyrek Adams.

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