Your Monrovia head coach search update …

Naturally, Monrovia is being very tight lipped about the goings on surrounding its head coach search. So, that means I have piece together whatever information I can and pass it along with the best degree of confidence possible.

Underwhelmed — Evidently, Monrovia officials weren’t wowed by the first batch of interviews/candidates. From what I hear, this means that none of the coaches already in the program will be getting the job.

Reaching out — Because Monrovia officials weren’t too excited about their first attempt, they started reaching out to coaches they thought might be a good fit. There’s been some dialogue with some very interesting and well-known names, from what I hear and now there’s going to be another round of interviews (which may have already just happened).

Things to consider — There is some uncertainty with this job because of the chance Monrovia gets a serious bump up in playoff division next month. The new coach likely won’t be running roughshod over the Mid-Valley Division and if the program has some lean years in terms of playoff success, what toll will that take on the talent base? I’ve also heard the frosh team this past fall was nothing write home about, especially numbers-wise.

  • the turn

    Damm watt are they lookin for? ..its not USC..Lol

  • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

    Why not one of the coaches on staff??

    • the turn

      Cuz as i hear it they have to be teachers..too

  • New York

    Coach Maddox did a wonderful job, and I hope his replacement is able to continue with a similarly high standard of ethics and a strive for excellence.

    Anyone who is familiar with me, knows my first choice would be Fil Lujan. After him, I’d like to consider John Tuttle (Glendale) or Danny Loyd (Texas). I think they would both bring great technical skills (especially QB and passing game) as well as a familiarity with Monrovia football.

    How would we feel about giving Mike Mooney a shot at redemption? People deserve second chances, right?

  • New York

    Sidebar: I found it very interesting that Long Beach Poly hired a new head coach who has never actually coached (other than private camps) at any level…this should be an interesting experiment for LBP.

    • 626

      And I found it even more interesting that LBP’s old coach Raul Lara is the leading candidate to take over at Warren HS, which hasn’t won a game in 2 years, only 1 game in 3 years, and 5 total games in 4 years.

      I’m sure the pressure at Poly took its toll on Lara, and he will do a good job at Warren.

  • Larry

    Poly had no teaching positio.

  • the turn

    True the frosh team was not loaded with talent but..there O line and D line were huge!. some of those guys even played in the playoff last year…i just hope the Duarte Hawks..keep BLessing Us

  • New York

    Get Mike Mooney!

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    No sane coach wants to be the guy after THE guy. Maddox’s run there was significant.

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with Shuester?