• reality

    If the point of the video is to suggest we should go back to the way we were in the 50’s then it’s really very pollyanna. My grandkids can’t roam the streets til dark, have fair fist fights and play all alone at the park. Riding your bike in the streets is no longer safe even for helmeted pros. It does not take a genius or a religious person to note that times and people have changed dramatically since the 50″s. It’s all we can do right now to protect our children and feed and clothe them. It now takes two to three full time jobs for parents to accomplish this and my hat is off to Dads and Moms raising a family today. I hope they can make it to.

    • Wells

      Reality —

      You didn’t get the point at all. All of the things you mentioned are much safer today than in the past. The speed and breadth of knowledge disseminated by the media today distorts this fact.
      Also, some people may have to work two or three jobs, but is that because basic necessities cost more now…or because people live outside their means more often? We live in a generation where people believe that drawing breath entitles them to anything they want without working for it.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      @ Reality. Not sure what universe you live in but;

      “Riding in the streets no longer safe…” Do yourself a favor. Turn off the TV, stop reading the news and get outside. Take a look at the FBI crime statistics. We’re FAR safer today than we were kids.

      Personal responsibility; thing of the past.
      Team Tryouts… ROFLMFAO
      Only 1st place gets a trophy? OMG I’m going to have a heart attack.
      Riding in the back of a truck? Stop it you’re killing me.

      Aram, I usually don’t agree with you, but you hit it on the head. We’ve declined in SO many ways. I feel bad for my grandkids, and my great-grandchild on the way. They will never know what it’s like to REALLY be a kid.

  • http://sgvtribune.com/ Galileo

    roll the credits….that fat blo-hard limbaugh must be involved here….

  • AramT


    I think you’re missing the point a bit. I don’t think it was to diminish our advances but rather to show our declines.