Bogan’s Back! Former South Hills coach takes over at Maranatha

Steve Bogan, who won four CIF championships during a highly successful 20-year run at South Hills High School, was named the new varsity football head coach at Maranatha on Thursday.

Bogan replaces Jude Oliva, who stepped down last month after one season.

“Maranatha is a destination job for me,” said Bogan, who had shown interest in the Maranatha job two years ago when it was previously open. “When I believe that the lord is opening a door, and the time is right, I enter where I’m called.

“I feel that the environment on campus, the commitment to excellence and Maranatha’s focus on Christ aligns with how and I where I want to end my career.”

Bogan resigned from South Hills following the 2011 season. The move ended a wildly successful run that included four CIF championships, 13 league championships and a 32-12 record in the playoffs. He recently returned to coaching at South Hills, but at the freshman level.

Maranatha went 8-3 and won the Olympic League last season under Oliva. The school has been very aggressive in its push to build a top-flight athletics program. Last year, Maranatha hired Pasadena coaching legend Tim Tucker to head its boys basketball program.

Bogan inherits a program that looks ready to build on last year’s success. The Minutemen return one of the top players in the area in running back Caleb Devine. Also back is 3,000-yard passer Eli Snyder at quarterback.

Aram’s Take: Absolute coup by Maranatha. Bogan’s track record is just about unparalleled around these parts and he should be the long-term fit that Maranatha’s been needing to take things to the next level and beyond. Maranatha hasn’t publicly said so, but it’s clear they are trying to build the school through sports and having coaches like Bogan and Tucker around is proof of that. Could become quite the scary place considering how much Pasadena talent prefers to leave town and head to private schools … why go too far?

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  • Aaron

    On the collegiate level you build your school through sports, at the high school level it is definitely how private schools do it: Gorman, Mater Dei, St Bonnies, De La Salle in the modern era.

  • AramT

    Pasadena, City of, is there for the taking. Maranatha knows it.

    • mr power

      Totally agree. but do you think Bogan will “Gano out” over there. I am not sure if he has enough juice to get it done. Alhough the level of competition is so low and he did fare well against low level competition.

      • The Living Legend

        Bogan “Gano out” while he was at South Hills.

        • mr power


      • AramT

        I have a hard time believing that Bogan really has his finger on the pulse of northwest Dena. Or really anywhere in Dena for that matter. Not like he did the West Covina/Covina area where he’s really well known. And I also don’t think the transfers came to SH until all the winning happened. So if Bogan has some success right away, that could perk the interest of some families in Pasadena. It’s a huge city and he really doesn’t even have to stick with Pasadena as Maranatha can pull from anywhere.

        • fb102

          Perhaps….BUT is Maranatha gonna pony up for the financial aid that’s gonna be needed for all the talent?

          • AramT

            I believe they actually can and do. I have a hard time believing some of the transfers the hoops programs got in are paying full scale. Same with Devine. Same with the kid from Blair who transferred for half a season two years ago. I don’t know this for sure. But it’s money well spent if it raises the profile of the school … and believe me I think it does.

        • mr power

          Exactly! I think the school can step the same steps Orange Lutheran and St. Bonnies took back when they were D11. I know where he is as an X & O guy and that isn’t going to get them to where they want to go. But will he pound the pavement? Get the top 3 JA and pop warner kids plus one from Blair, PHS, Muir, and Marshall. That school would be a power in three years.

          I know the Admin wants its… just don’t know if its the right guy.

  • Aaron

    It’s a city that if people can afford it they do not send their kids to public schools…Muir looks like it could hold 4k, but has barely over 1k.

  • FredJ

    If I were a kid and had a chance to go to Maranatha, would do it in a second. One of the most beautiful high school campuses anywhere, walking distance from Old Town and a jog away from the Rose Bowl.

  • New York

    Could this be similar to Bill Redell building Oaks Christian into a power…stay tuned.