Is Monrovia about to become a Wing-T offense?

An ad posted on the CIF by Monrovia football seeking an offensive line coach with knowledge of the Wing-T offense created some grumblings among area football pundits that the Wildcats were going to run the archaic offense under new head coach Chris Stevens.

Stevens put those fears to rest on Friday, explaining that while their will be some elements of the Wing-T in his offense, the Wildcats will be a hybrid that works the ball to their play makers in a myriad of ways.

“We are running the Wing in the run part of it,” Stevens said of his offense. “We are going to have a little bit of the Wing-T run scheme up front. We’re going to block down, pull and kick.

“I’m a hybrid guy. I don’t just sit in one formation and run the ball 80 percent and throw the ball 20 percent. It’s a balanced attack. I’ve incorporated the Wing-T run game with the spread passing game.”

The clarification has to be good news for the strength of Monrovia’s returning nucleus — the wide receivers. The Wildcats have a scary collection of talent on the outside led by Octavius Spencer, James Jackson and Kahlil Bradley.

The bad news for Monrovia’s opponents is that Stevens has designs on not only getting his talented wide outs the ball down the field, but also on jet sweeps.

“They are the group that we return the most experience,” Stevens said of his receivers. “We’re going to get the ball in their hands and make them be the play makers that they are.”

Monrovia begins spring practice on May 5.