Brigham Harwell’s Trench Hogs ready to unleash on the Valley this season …

The high school football offseason has plenty going on to show fans just how good their team will be at the skill positions. But what about the linemen?

You don’t see the big guys, err trench hogs, at out passing tournaments unless they’re watching in the stands. No, they’re typically hidden away in smelly weight rooms trying to lay the foundation for success.

That is until former Los Altos standout Brigham Harwell started Trench Hogs, a weekly workout designed to help offensive and defensive linemen get the extra polish that’s usually reserved for skill position players.

“You’re only as good as your lines,” said Harwell, who was the Tribune Player of the Year in 2003 and later played at UCLA. “That’s why I wanted to do Trench Hogs. You only go as far as your linemen.

“I wish their coaches would see see the kind of work they’re doing. The coaches aren’t seeing it, but they’ll see it in camp, because by August these guys are going to be top-notch players.”

Harwell, now an assistant coach at Cantwell Sacred Heart in Montebello, holds the workouts on weekend mornings at Cantwell. Saturdays are for skills work while Sundays are for weight room. There are 15-20 participants on a given weekend.

“It’s amazing to see guys wake up every weekend and be here,” Harwell said. “I went hard during the week in high school, but I would never workout during the weekends. These guys are a different breed. They don’t go on vacation. Football is their lives.”

Harwell is set to unleash his proteges on the local scene this fall, headlined by Bishop Amat’s Ryan Munoz and Andrew Vasquez, and Los Altos’ David Jimenez.

Jimenez is already known a quantity. He was a force last season as a junior and figures to be one of the top defensive linemen in the area this fall. Listed at 6-foot, 255 pounds, Jimenez had 65 tackles last season, including 11 tackles for loss.

“Jimenez is just a strong guy, a lot of power,” Harwell said. “He’s going to be a senior and knows that this is his year.”

Munoz and Vasquez saw limited playing time for Amat last year but figure to be counted on heavily in their junior season. Both players could quickly develop into stars for the Lancers, according to Harwell.

“This year would be their year to make their nose in the Valley,” Harwell said. “They know all the tricks.

“Andrew has technique and is really fast and explosive. Ryan is just all around a good defensive tackle. He has it all.”

  • TruTH

    Jimenez listed as 6’2 280lb according to his espn recruiting profile during the nike training camp

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      The programs always add 1-2 inches and 10-20 pounds.

  • Mike Perez

    My son and nephew also train with Brigham and they are 7th graders. Brighams Trench Hogs group is the best I seen so far. He is great mentor and teacher. Thanks to Eddie and Andrew Vasquez for also mentoring my boys and helping us get ready for our El Sereno Stallions Football season 2014 jr. Midgets ….

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      Great to see people getting their kids training young. It will payoff. Football is a year round sport now!

  • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

    Based on the videos those trench hoggers are doing some dam good training getting ready for the upcoming AMAT season.

  • UTR

    I have seen the player from the first video, David Jimenez from Los Altos high school in numerous camps and he is an explosive player. He obviously has the strength and matches is it with quick hands and good technique. This kid will have a tremendous senior season and expect him to sign with a Division 1 school.

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      He is learning from one of the best . I have seen both Andrew and Ryan play and they are good also. Sounds like both los altos and BA will have some great talent strapping it up this year. Hold on to your seats San Gabriel valley football fans.

  • The stands

    Does anyone know how big the Amat boys are?

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      They look to be about 6 + and 200 + pounds give or take.

  • AramT

    Brigham is the best defensive player I’ve ever covered. Fast enough to get around people and then pure punishment on arrival. Ask Seth Blackamore.

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      Great to see him teaching the craft to the young guns also.

  • AMAT 73

    Have you heard anything about Crespi looking for relief. Seems they have St Francis in their corner as they are looking to move to the Mission . Rumor has it they only have 65 players in the program , all 3 teams Frosh,JV,Varsity. Maybe you can ask the guru to fill you in whether this is true or not .

    • Valley Athletics

      I see that proposal passing . The only teams I see having problems with it is cathedral and Salesian because they don’t want to be in same league .they will appeal if it passes .

      • AMAT 73

        VA ,
        Just heard Salesian got their wish and are in the Mission with Cathedral back to the PAC-5 ,which of course they will appeal . All this because Damien , St Francis , St Bonnies, and Oaks refuse to be moved up . Let’s see what the next chapter brings . I say , AMAT , ND , Loyola , Serra , Chaminade , Alemany should be the Serra league, take top 3 to the playoffs and let all those shoe clerks go where they want to play .

        • Valley Athletics

          Yeah , they are going to appeal the fact that st. Francis is 3-1 over them last 4 years and they should go instead of them .

          • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

            St. Francis is the obvious choice with the amount of kids in the program. They must be greasing some palms or group hugs in the shower… Just funny that they are not being brought up in these changes.

    • Jastrab

      I thought the new president at Crespi has zero interest in maintaining the “sponsored” football program – they cannot afford it.

      • Bobby


      • AMAT 73

        That’s what I’m hearing also .A lot of barking going on by the alumni on all the money for coaches and no results . They want to go back down where they can win with what they draw normally and not have to spend to bring in top recruits or transfers . Small school and when you figure they compete with ND for players and sometimes Alemany , it’s easy to see they do not have the resources for that .

  • sir lancelot

    In these videos Jimenez looks very strong, powerful. Vasquez looks quick and great technique. Should be interesting this fall for Amat and Los Altos.