Former Diamond Ranch assistant coach says Roddy Layton, Panthers coaching staff, scouted using Diamond Bar’s Hudl account …

Former Diamond Ranch High School assistant football coach Matt Johnson says that he, along with former Panthers head coach Roddy Layton and other members of the coaching staff, accessed rival Diamond Bar’s account in order to gain an advantage before last fall’s rivalry game.

Johnson, a 2008 graduate of Diamond Ranch and captain on the Panthers’ ’07 team, said Layton and his staff obtained Diamond Bar’s Hudl log-in information from a former Brahmas player who transferred to Diamond Ranch last fall and used it to scout the week leading up to a 34-20 win on Oct. 18, 2013.

“We were actually watching their practices (on Hudl),” Johnson said. “We were watching what they were planning on doing to us. Roddy said we can’t tell anybody. He said let’s just watch it and see what happens. I was there. I’m not trying to spare myself. I was in there.”

Layton resigned last Friday, a move that he defended by saying it had been in the works for a while. Meanwhile, the Pomona Unified School District is conducting an investigation into Johnson’s allegations, which came to light three weeks ago when Diamond Bar sent a letter to Diamond Ranch and later to the CIF-Southern Section office.

Johnson, who is now at Diamond Bar and is in the process of becoming an assistant coach on the Brahmas varsity coaching staff, came forward with the information to former Diamond Bar head coach Ryan Maine and athletic director Kurt Davies. has become a popular resource for coaches who can store game video, practice video and notes used for game preparation.

Diamond Ranch won the game played on Oct. 18, 2013 by a score of 34-20. The night was marred by a brawl that led to the suspensions of players from both teams in following weeks. Diamond Ranch later won the Hacienda League with a 6-0 record. Diamond Bar forfeited its following game against Rowland due to a lack of eligible players.

A copy of the letter sent by Diamond Bar to CIF and Diamond Ranch includes a report from that shows a significant spike in user activity for a certain log-in during the week of the game.

Layton has denied ever logging into Diamond Bar’s Hudl account, but Johnson tells a much different story. Johnson said that during the week of the game he sat in Layton’s classroom along with the then head coach and other members of the staff while the group watched video Diamond Bar uploaded of that week’s practices.

“It changed the whole game,” Johnson said. “With the Hudl film, we knew — off of alignments, or where they were standing, or the signals he was giving — what was coming.

“It was like the third play after halftime and we threw a 60-yard bomb to score. All that stuff was called specifically because we knew their tendencies. I wasn’t a play caller, but we called specific plays in specific times because we knew what they were trying to do.

“When they were backed up on the goal line, we saw in practice what they were going to run. So what do we do? We bring the house and their quarterback gets hit, drops the ball and we score a touchdown.”

When told about Johnson’s accusations on Thursday, Layton said they stem from Johnson not getting an on-campus job at Diamond Ranch and not being made the varsity football team’s linebackers coach.

One thing Layton and Johnson can agree on was that Layton’s resignation, which came awfully late in the offseason, was planned long ago. Diamond Ranch was toward the end of spring practice when Layton stepped down and pulled out of a scheduled appearance in last week’s Charter Oak Spring Passing Showcase Tournament.

Prior to Layton’s resignation, Johnson informed his former coach that he was leaving to take a coaching position at Diamond Bar. That’s when Johnson, a recipient of two Purple Hearts for combat injuries he suffered in Afghanistan and Iraq as a member of the United States Army, started receiving what he described as threatening text messages from Diamond Ranch coaching staff members.

“The threats ranged from kicking my ass to coming to my house,” Johnson said. “My phone records show that at like 2 in the morning, my phone goes crazy with text messages. Once all the threats started and everyone decided to show me their true colors, that’s when I decided to roll on people.

“I’ve kept all the text messages because I just want to have something so if that something ever happened to me, I could say ‘look this is pre-meditated. This is not just a reaction’. I’m not afraid of a fight. I’m a military veteran. But it’s just not worth it to me.”

Layton said he’s heard the same complaint from Johnson, but could not confirm the existence of any such text messages.

Johnson played fullback and linebacker for Layton in 2007, a season that ironically ended in controversy when the Panthers who were 7-3 on the field saw their record turned to 2-8 because of forfeited victories due to an ineligible player.

Following his military career, Johnson returned to the area to pursue a career in coaching. Johnson coached at Diamond Ranch last season at the junior varsity level and was the varsity special teams coach.

After an article earlier this week brought Diamond Bar’s allegations to light, Johnson said Layton called him and the two spoke for two hours. It’s a conversation Layton admits took place.

“He called me two nights ago when all these articles started popping up and asked ‘What did I do to you?'” Johnson said. “We talked for two hours. I told him this is what you did to me, this is what your coaching staff did to me. I planned on leaving 100 percent, no problem, and then you wanted to dig and dig and push.

“If I’d have said I was going to any other school but Diamond Bar, this wouldn’t be a problem. It’s not my agenda to go and make anyone look terrible. Layton did resign. He wasn’t forced out, but all this other stuff is still true, too.”

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  • Phu Lim

    That’s so funny that his ex player and current well (former) coach who is maybe at max 26 years old has the personal courage and integrity to tell the truth and even include himself in the wrong doing. I guess that’s what the military teaches you…the right and wrong thing to do. I can forgive a coach who f**** up and admit it. We’re all human. I can’t forgive a coach who is lying and has been caught and still going with his story how. You are being out classed by a younger coach, this doesn’t surprise me due to the fact that it’s a military guy. If everyone could be as direct as this guy was in his last sentence that would make it a better world. Own your mistakes and be accountable for your actions. Don’t use people to pass the blame on…I guess its not the coaches fault it must be the kids fault who brought the login info to DR . What a joke Layton your character is revealed more and more every day, and it looks worse and worse every time. I’ll bet on the WAR Vet if the threats become reality.

  • reality

    Thanks coach for coming out. Thanks for your service and purple hearts but it does not make your story any more credible. My neighbor is a vet and a cop and he is still an ass. My first question is why would Roddy and his staff start threatening you because you switched to another team? Thats happens all over the SGV every season. Is there a lot on ass kicking of coaches going on. Now that’s a story. Apparently that’s the reason you “rolled on people?, out of fear of getting beat up right. I still see no motive for such threats. Would they make them just because you left for a better coaching job at DB or was just because it was DB and not another school. Thanks for clearing up the fact that coach resigned on his own terms. The two hour conversation must have been something. .I’ve never even had one of those with my wife. Second question then is you say he”dug and dug and pushed and pushed in this conversation. Did coach threaten you during this gabfest? If you feel you and your family were in danger from DR coaching staff why not go to the cops instead of the paper or did you go to the cops? Anyway thanks again, I always appreciate getting stuff from the horses mouth..

  • PatrickHT

    Your communication skills are tacky! If you read the story, your questions will be answered!

  • OnBLUE

    You know what’s really sad? With all this alleged “spying” Diamond Ranch only managed a two TD victory. The game was tied 20-20 going into the 4th Quarter.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      So overall even sneaking couldn’t help his lack of coaching ability.

  • Football


  • Brahma fan

    I googled football cheating and this exact same incident happened in Louisiana. The coach faces charges of up to 6 months in jail AND a $500 fine.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    If Layton was so concerned, then he could have had an assistant from his team, or a freshman coach attend their practice disguised as a parent sitting in the stands and document what he saw. Accessing Hudl’s site using a password given to him would still be just as stupid, but at least he’d be able to deny it as opposed to Hudl producing a report that shows an increase in time spent accessing the account from one password.

    He must not have had a lot of confidence in his coaching ability or game planning.

  • Inland football

    Roddy Layton is a horrible role model. A group of diamond ranch parents are gettingbtogethervto go to the school board to discuss what we know.he doesn’t belong in a teaching position period.

  • Lance Armstrong

    That’s a great article Brahma Fan, pretty much the exact same situation what’s going on here. Anyone who hasn’t read the article that Brahma Fan posted the link to should do so.

    • That article really puts some perspective as to the seriousness of those allegations. Its sad that this will probably cost someone their job. Instead of just following the rules and playing an honest game.

  • In the know

    Rumor has it that when Hacienda League officials meet to discuss this issue, possible sanctions will include a 2 year playoff ban for DRanch.

  • voizofreason


    • football fan

      Has to be a coach who can cheat better than him. Maybe the coaching staff from Chino Hills

  • Timothy Fischer

    Many of you are defaming a man you know little about and praising a man you know even less about.

    In the 10+ years I have known Roddy I have seen him apart of Cancer walks in Diamond Bar, forcing his players to participate in the joy of giving. I have seen him lead community clean-up efforts in Pomona with his players. I have seen him force his athletes to study up on the schools they want to attend, teaching them to go beyond the name and make sure the substance supports what they want do for the next 40 years. I have come to know him as passionate leader of young men. I’ve known Matt for almost as long and am appreciative of his service to our country. That said, I have found no record of his Purple Hearts. He has admitted to being bitter at at not receiving a higher coaching role or teaching position. How do you know he isn’t trying to sabotage Roddy? In not having all the facts, that suggestion is no more absurd than the “guilty until proven innocent” stamp many of you are putting on Roddy, especially considering the accusers character is in question. Knowing Roddy and all the work I’ve seen him put in for the Diamond Bar, Pomona and football communities I give him the benefit of the doubt; and that benefit is strengthened by knowing more of the facts about this situation than probably anyone that’s responded on this blog. I just wanted to shed the other side of the light on this dialogue, Roddy isn’t quick to compliment himself, but as I see it he deserves better than many of you are representing

    • PatrickHT

      So all of this makes what happened ok, just because his name is Roddy Layton???? If character us what you want to defend, then where was the character to discipline ONCE he knew the situation w as full and wrong!!?

      • Timothy Fischer

        Hadn’t heard substantiated word that he knew about the situation prior to discipline being put in the hands of the district – SHOULD ANY WRONG DOING ACTUALLY BE DETERMINED. That being the basis of your comment not sure I can respond further, so I’ll leave it at that. Oh, my bad, as for defending his character, I do so unapologetically. Character is exposed over a lifetime and Roddy has far and away contributed more good than bad over the course of his.

        • PatrickHT

          I’m talking about the fact that some staff member/athlete hands him a password to another schools account and he is not the LEAST bit concerned even at that point as to how it was obtained??? I’m furthermore pointing to the fact that he should have reprimanded that staff member/athlete then and there. I not going to believe for one sec he didn’t have knowledge prior to viewing the footage!

          • Timothy Fischer

            Where did you ever hear or see that someone handed him a password. If you have your mind made up, with no facts to back it up, then it’s a mute conversation, anything is possible in that world.

          • PatrickHT

            Correction! He viewed videos off of an opposing teams account! Doesn’t change anything!:Stop making excuses for bs behavior!

          • Timothy Fischer

            With all due respect Patrick your comments are shallow, emotional, and void of any facts…pure speculation. But, you’re entitled to that, just like Roddy is entitled to a fair and impartial assessment of what really happened. There are no “excuses” for any behavior in my comments, because frankly, and this seems to keep going over your head, there is no substantiated wrong doing to make excuses about. All the best on your continued witch hunt, seems to be your primary means of recreation.

            PS: when you have to correct your own comments may be time to for a little introspection

          • PatrickHT

            And STILL your point is??? I have no emotional ties,BUT many people have have been in DO before there was a DB high! So your point about knowing him 10+ yrs sheds little light on the subject at hand. And calm the he’ll down, nobody is calling the man out of his name…it’s simply poor judgement!

          • PatrickHT

            And shallow is letting your emotions run wild over a silly ass blog that is just filled with opinions as everybody is entitled to!! YET here you are with your drama!

    • Brahma fan

      Then why did he resign?

      • Timothy Fischer

        That has been asked and answered. Read through Matt’s comments.

    • Are you serious

      I can’t believe someone would stoop so low as to use this mans military service to our country as a means to backhand insult him. You, Sir, should be ashamed of yourself. Not only should you be ashamed but everyone at Diamond Ranch High School as well as all of you friends and family (if you have any) should also be ashamed to even admit to knowing you. I had always heard that things were pretty bad at Diamond Ranch, but until now I had no idea just how terrible the people at that high school were.

      • Timothy Fischer

        Actually I complimented him on his service…my comment was related to his claim of receiving multiple Purple Hearts, and I didn’t make it lightly, I checked it. Being in the military does not make you immune to criticism. I have family currently serving, no shame here…sir.

        • Are you serious

          No you didn’t. You brought it up for the sole reason of insulting the man in a backhanded way all the while trying to hide the fact that you are a rotten human being. Text book

          • Timothy Fischer

            Okay, I’ll let you tell it…and hide behind your little screen name, coward.

          • Are you serious

            First off I would like to apologize to you for calling you a rotten human being. That was very unchristian like of me to do so. It’s just I get so darn upset anytime someone takes a shot at one of our fine young men that protect our country everyday. Obviously your simply a lost sole and I will pray for you that God will help you find your way.

            God bless you and please forgive me.

    • Mr. Fischer,
      It is understandable that you would defend Coach Layton. However, you fail to realize that the statements that you are making are only further tarnishing the image of The Diamond Ranch Football Program.

    • PantherPride

      Mr. Fischer – Please remember what we were told regarding the blogs!!