Former St. Paul head coach Elijah Asante is new head man at Compton …


Former St. Paul head coach Elijah Asante will be wearing the big head set again this fall. After two seasons as an assistant coach at Santa Margarita, Asante is now the new head coach at Compton.

Compton is a member of the Moore League and finished 2-8 last season.

  • The stands

    This guy gets around as much as Scoby.

    • Not Since 1995

      Rumor has it Scoby just transfered to Compton high….

  • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

    Time to dust off the church suits…

  • reality

    Is Diamond Ranch seeking a new coach or did an assistant inherit the task?

  • New York

    Is this “the beginning of the end” for Coach Asante?

  • fb102

    NOW we shall see how much he ‘attracts’ talent…..

  • The truth and nothing but…

    What don’t kill us makes us stronger!

  • Lupe

    Let’s get the pool going for how long he’ll be there.

  • AramT

    Say what you want, but I wouldn’t want Asante in my backyard. He does “attract”

    • Not Since 1995

      If you are speaking of recruiting that’s illegal and a fine coach like Asante would never do such a thing.

      • The truth and nothing but…

        Recruiting wasn’t illegal when he was at St. Paul.

    • observantcat

      What a lot of people don’t know is that half the great Long Beach Poly teams along with the Great Serra teams all have kids from Compton on them. Asante could become a legend if parents decide to take to his coaching style.

  • Aaron

    Shirt and tie on game day.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Now that Asante is at Compton, it’ll be interesting to see how many kids in the neighborhood he can keep from defecting to Poly. That’s going to be hard. I expect Asante to hit the ground running and pushing hard in recruiting. Oops, I mean looking for kids to believe in the program he’s going to be running. Compton is a hard school to coach at for a variety of reasons unrelated to football or gang activity (for those of you who think Compton is the gang hub of Southern California).

    I’m not a fan of Asante, but I wish him well.