Desean Holmes winters at Muir, falls at Alemany …

So much for highly touted receiver/defensive back Deseasn Holmes playing for Muir in 2014.

Mustangs head coach John Hardy said via text message that Holmes never joined the Muir football program despite spending the second semester of the school year there after leaving Alemany following last season … you know, because that’s the new thing — to winter at Muir.

Anyway, the LA Times reported on Wednesday that Holmes was back at Alemany and that’s that.

Aram’s Take: Ridiculous. Remember the whole “Muir’s back” craze earlier this year? Well, there goes that. So many people talk all this garbage about being from Dena and yet they’re hopping shuttles to go play private school ball in the San Fernando Valley. It’s hilarious. Holmes and current Mustangs Taeon Mason would have made for a scary duo at receiver. And I don’t know who in the Southeast Division would have ever completed a pass on Muir. Now, it’s just Mason. Which is nice. Still wondering who the heck the QB and RB are, though.

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  • New York

    Yes, I remember the craze…that YOU started and hyped! I certainly don’t blame you, though. Rather, I appreciate your effort to support local programs.

    • AramT


      I accept that. I did certainly feed into it, but hey there was all this action. And part of it was me reporting what was happening. Disappointing to see it not all come to fruition.

  • AramT

    I accept that. I did certainly feed into it, but hey there was all this action. And part of it was me reporting what was happening. Disappointing to see it not all come to fruition.

  • The stands

    Alemany has been making decent playoff runs recently in D1, so who can blame him.

  • Valley Athletics

    I wonder why he left Alemany in the first place . Maybe the coach begged him back. alemany lost Colin Samuels to long beach poly And running back Langi to Chaminade . Holmes returning will balance out those 2 transfers .

  • reality

    Call me slow Aram but I’am not sure I understand this story. A D1 type player, suits up for Alemany lets say for three months then bugs out to public school for the remainder of the year and now is going back to Alemany for summer practice and another three months then back again to public school maybe? Is that what you are saying is going on?

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Could getting eligibility be a reason?

  • New York

    Is this a strategy around full tuition? Whether he is paying or getting a scholarship, is the price reduced by 50% if a student is only there half the year?

    • The truth and nothing but…

      I don’t think so. Most if not all private schools make the parents sign an agreement that if there kid leaves middle of the year they are responsible for paying tuition for the full year. I have a feeling eligibility is the reason. I know a kid who was barely getting a 2.0 GPA ended up with a 3.5 GPA last semester after transferring to Muir.

      • Pops

        You don’t really think that the ball players recruited out of Pasadena are on the same program as the rest of the student body, do you?

      • New York

        That has been my family’s experience regarding private school tuition as well. The school sets a budget based on enrollment. Students need to commit to the full year.

  • Valley Guy

    Maybe Alemany is trying to cut corners on tuition scholarships and will only cover tuition during football season. So the athletes then have to slum it at their home school during the off season and then return in the Fall to pick up an additional 3 months of tuition. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see this become the norm with these dirty privates.

  • 626

    The kid never wanted to leave Alemany in the first place. That’s why he never joined the team at Muir…he knew he was going back. The thing is though, about 4-5 really good young players followed him to Muir…and they’re staying. Not as good as Desean, but damn good.

    Btw…after Muir throws against Monrovia early next week…they throw against Alemany on Wednesday. Should be a lively matchup.

  • New York

    Convenience? It is easier to roll out of bed and attend the local high school. So, why bother with the long commute during the off-season?

  • Muir Alum

    I coached his Dad back in the day and he has shown the lack of character that his Dad was known for most of his early career. “What is tolerated is condoned”

    The lessons we teach our kids knowingly or not, it’s a little scary.

  • Muir Alum

    I’ve been keeping up with all these events over the years and chose to stay out of the mix, but this is getting stupid!