• Valley Athletics

    He will have many offers by end of year . Now you need to post something about Duartes 6’4 290 pound OL who performed well at the prime time Polynesian camp .

  • CoFan

    I have seen video of that Duarte guy he’s a beast too! We got some good OL/DL in the Valley this year

  • anonymous

    This dude looks as if he should be playing on Sunday afternoons already. We’re going to need to see the birth certificate.

  • WG

    It’s called Roids. We act like these kids aren’t using. Who are we kidding the majority of the top kids are on roids. Yes I do know for a fact the kids in multi local programs are on roids. Los Altos is one of many. I also know of a local college program that they are being sold like candy to the football players. This isn’t even one of the top programs in the area. Why is it that roids have the big fest impact on linemen and since this staff showed up at LA, they have alway had the best line in their league, but always lacked skilled players. You don’t even want to get me started with Charter Oak, they make LA look like angels.

    Real simple you don’t get a chest like that at 18 years old naturally, just doesn’t happen.

    Another example of that is that skinny receiver that left LA, and went to a private school in the city of LA, a few years back. Saw the kid at 24 hour, heard he is going D1 as a tight end. Put on over 60 pounds of all muscle in a years.

    It’s not just LA and Charter Oak, it’s the majority of the successful programs, if not all of them.

    That’s what really sucks about the Tribune, they are more of a PR magazine than a real newspaper. Aram is the worse, lazy.