Angel Verdugo back at Bonita …

The much-anticipated, much-awaited varsity football career of Angel Verdugo is now back on track at Bonita.

Verdugo is/was thought to be on the verge of being one of the top weapons in the area a couple years ago, but his career has hit some bumps. Last August we reported that he left Bonita for Damien. He didn’t play for the Spartans and is now back at Bonita.

Look for Verdugo to be the Bearcats’ feature back and while it’s hard to say he will fill the void left by Jake Payton, he certainly is capable of having one of the better seasons around … assuming everything goes right.

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  • reality

    By far Verdugo was one of the most impressive sophomores I ever saw. Size speed and played a fearless brand of football you don’t see from a sophomore. To find out what happened to him last year was disappointing to say the least as I have seen to many potentially great players toss it away for silly reasons. I hope he makes it back not for Bonita’s sake but for his. It’s up to you son.

  • HardBall

    Looks like Medrano has stayed true to his wing t roots from San Dimas and El Rancho. Guard Sweep! Thanks for sharing coach.

  • Michael Gutierrez

    Angel, I hope you are reading this. I hope nothing but the best for you. You have a great opportunity in front of you. Do not ruin it and most of all do not blame others. I have witnessed with my own eyes and ears that you have a coach and teammates who have bent over backwards for you and truly do care for you. Appreciate it, as opposed to expecting it and acting as if it is your right to play football and not a privilege. When things get difficult, do not blame others but look inward and see what you must do to improve. Best of luck young man.

  • Patriot 25

    Will he have to follow the 30 day transfer rule?

    • In the know

      He didn’t play last year, so he shouldn’t be subject to any transfer rules.

  • OJneckslice

    This kid is no RB…runs to high,average speed…doesn`t finish off the runs…but I guess you people out their in the SGV have no idea what a RB is…

  • Green IM

    If you don’t know why Angel left Bonita, you should not comment on his return. He is not the second coming of Jake Payton. Why is this “much anticipated”? Bonita still has some great football players, some of whom have been varsity starters since they were sophomores. I like Angel Verdugo. Likes him since he was a little kid.

    Respect your coaches. Respect your team mates.

  • Frank Castro

    Mr. Verdugo,
    As others have already written here. Appreciated the second chance opportunity that you have been given and make the Best of it. Some are not as
    fortunate or receive a second chance opportunity. As Mr. Gutierrez wrote “look within yourself and be the Best that you can be. Work Hard and prove to yourself and others that you are deserving of your opportunity, and the Very

    Best of Luck to you on your upcoming Senior Year.

    Congrats Fred.

    See you, Steve and Aram when the “Boys of Fall” hit the field!

    Frank Castro
    73’ BoHi and Smudge Pot Alum,
    Go Bearcats!

  • reality

    Your OJ Avatar fits you to a T. Thank goodness your a Norco fan.So your only good high school backs are the ones that go pro. Your right you do talk out of.the side of your neck.