Bishop Amat’s Andrew Vasquez too fast for the competition …

Look for Vasquez to terrorize opposing QBs this season off the edge for the Lancers. Hoping he’s something of a Julian Gener-type guy for Amat. Vasquez is a protege of former Los Altos star Brigham Harwell’s Trench Hogs, which is a workout group just for linemen types.

  • Valley Athletics

    He might be the biggest key in Amats success . Cal Preps has Amat rated 5th in the league . So they will be coming in as underdogs .

  • The stands

    Amat will be in a dog fight every week this season but here’s hoping for a successful campaign.

    • New York

      Nothing new for Amat. That is why they are always better than all the other local teams. Amat’s players and coaching staff are accustom to getting every ounce of potential out of themselves on a weekly basis. Every other “top team” has “off-weaks” all the time.

      • The stands

        Yes, there’s no St. Paul or Culver City on the schedule this year.

  • New York

    He looks great.

    However, these drills are so skewed in favor of the defensive player. As a former offensive lineman, I remember doing these at various combines. If you don’t quickly set and pop the guy right in the chest immediately, you are done. There is no opportunity for your hands to slide up to the throat, to cut, to bang heads, or any other method to get the rusher’s attention. Oh yeah, there is zero threat of a run block too, so the d-linemen can pin their ears back and go.
    This is another one of those summer time drills for exercise.

  • Pasadena Dave

    Are these o-line that bad or is he that good?! I’m sure truth is somewhere in the middle, but AV is entertaining to watch.

  • Husky Dad

    I am so happy we get to play Amat again this coming season. The last 2 games felt unsettled to me. I actually think Amat will be better this coming year than the last 2 seasons. I really think that us playing teams of this quality makes us a better team, and prepares us for the Inland division. I have respect for Amat for never running away from any competition, even when they are not at their best. I don’t envy their 2014 schedule. Every game they play will be against a very very good team, including us dawgs from CH. We will have a very good team in 2014. Look for CH and Amat to surprise many teams and people in their respective divisions.