Time to take South Hills serious? Huskies lose to Loyola in Tournament of Champions at Santa Fe HS championship game …

I heard several positive things about South Hills at the Bonita Air Assault and the Huskies were at it again on Saturday, taking second place in the Tournament of Champions at Santa Fe.

QB Garrett Fonseca is back for the Huskies, but I thought the rest of the skill spots looked shaky on paper. Guess not. Supposedly this team is just fine at receiver, thank you very much.

Making the finals on Saturday before losing to Loyola is pretty solid. Where the Huskies fit in the Palomares League is anybody’s guess, though. But it’s clear they’re going to have the skill players to run around with Glendora and Ayala and the rest.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine


    Covina – Win
    La Habra- Loss
    West Covina-Win
    La Serna- Win
    Daimond Bar- Win or loss…Depends on who DB has.
    Bonita- Win
    Ayala- Win
    Glendora- Loss

    2nd place in league
    2nd Round Central Appearance

    • bow wow

      More likely scenario… Not based on passing league (which is completely irrelevant) but based on what these schools have coming up from lower levels over the past 3 years.

      Covina – win
      La Habra – loss
      West Co – loss
      La Serna – loss
      Damien – loss
      DBar – loss
      Bonita – win
      Ayala – loss
      Claremont – win
      Glendora – loss

      3-7 overall and 4th in league. Take that to the bank, because I guarantee that my prediction will be at least 2 games closer to reality then your prediction.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        You have no basis for that statement. Here is what I am looking at..
        South Hills vs
        West Covina- Win 31-28
        Damien- Win 42-10
        Ayala- Win 42-20
        Claremont- Win 23-20
        Glendora Loss 16-14
        Bonita Loss 24-17

        They are 4-2 against the majority of teams they are playing against this year. South Hills has always had size on the line, and a great Running game. They AVG over 200 a game rushing last year. If they can average 200 yrds passing this year, they are going to be tough to beat.

        • AramT

          Ayala is my No. 2 team in that league. Third place looks up for grabs between SH and D-Bar and maybe Bonita.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            SH hills smoked them Last year. I don’t think Ayala is better.

  • Plaid Pride

    Monrovia Verses:

    1. San Dimas – loss
    2. Bonita – loss
    3. Arcadia – win
    4. St. Francis – blowout loss
    5. Los Altos – Beat down loss
    6. San Marino – win
    7. Temple City – win
    8. S. Pasadena – win
    9. La Cananda – win
    10. Blair – win

    Followed by 1st round playoff loss to a Central 3rd place team.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Lol…Funny. St Francis is the only team that could dominate Monrovia, But I don’t think that’s going to happen. out of these 10 games. Loss Altos, Sorry, I don’t think so. Bonita, don’t count on it. As a league champ, I don’t think Monrovia will be losing in Rd 1. If so, who is going to do honors?

  • New York

    I think it is a good idea to always take South Hills serious(ly) if you care about grammar.

  • Huskyfan

    South Hills went 8-1 on the day (same record as Loyola). Their results were;
    Win – Loyola
    Win – Don Lugo
    Win – Milikan
    Win – Burroughs
    Win – Artesia
    Win – Santa Fe Springs (host)
    Win – Carson (tough kids)
    Win – Garden Grove
    Loss- Loyola in Championship

    A good effort by the Huskies. Their offense is clicking and their defense covers alot of ground.

  • Bulldog Boy

    South Hills is gonna have a tough time this year. Passing league means absolutely nothing! If you understand the game you know this already. Goss is gone…They will be a hard working team but they don’t really have any proven skill players . Name one??? They will NOT beat West Covina that’s for sure!