Glendora’s Matt Fink: Best QB in the Valley? You be the judge … I say YES!

I have been saying for quite a while that Glendora’s Matt Fink is the best QB in the Valley heading into this season. Many bloggers have scoffed at this. Some bloggers have recently brought up a low completion percentage. Or the fact he didn’t even throw for 2,000 yards last season. I get all that, but this kid was a SOPHOMORE and was able to do some pretty impressive things against a solid schedule and in a very difficult league. He’s a fantastic scrambler, has a strong arm, very heady and great touch on the ball. If the unwritten laws of puberty and adolescence hold up, he’s going to be even better this season as a junior. What else do you want?

  • TruTH

    Fink is absolutely the best quarterback in the valley. What other quarterback that will start this season for any team has victories over Bonita, Charter Oak, Ayala, and Upland. This kid lead his team to those victories and maybe his weapons aren’t there this season but a great quarterback brings the best out of what he has and I think Fink will do that.

  • Mean Joe Green


  • Lupe

    I think when we see the BIG-TIME schools that will being going after him it will be case closed. Maybe the biggest recruit @ QB in many, many years.

    • Galileo

      neither USC nor UCLA have given him a shout, in fact, each school has an OC commit from the same class, USC has Darnold from San Clement and UCLA has Costello from Santa Margarita

  • green reality

    Looks great. Nice feet and can actually read a defense.

  • Not Since 1995

    AT… He is the best in the SGV??? What happened to him against Mo-town at the BOHI tourney? From what I can remember it was pick city and the kid throwing the ball for the other team smoke the Plaid Skirts. We will keep inflating this kid and let the others fly under the radar. TURN UP MAAAAAAAN!!!!

    • AramT

      If you think for one second I’m gonna go overboard on a passing game, it isn’t gonna happen. You get Fink with his big line and a run game in full pads out there against Monrovia and I guarantee you it wouldn’t be pick city.

      Glendora may have a speed problem outside and Monrovia is one of the fastest teams around. But there are ways around that.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Fink Looks good Here. Especially for a Tenth Grader. I will say that His receivers did not help him at all in the Bohi Tourney. In a real game, it would not be pick city because Glendora would not throw 100% of the time, and there is no clock. If the line holds for 5-6 secs…No Db will hold for that long. I still say he is about a 4.8 40, but that is fast for Jr Pocket passer. maybe he could be a 4.6 by the end of his senior year. However, Right now I would agree, that he is the best QB with Game time experience in the SGV. Everyone else has a lot to prove. Zamora is going to be good. If we can get him decent blocking.

        • Green IM

          Hard for the line to hold off an angry defense for 5-6 seconds. Best in the SGV? Most likely since it’s only July.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            yeah…not many big time pass rushers in the area…well the kid from Los Altos is a legit rusher.

  • Frank Castro

    Well Aram,
    This is a Highlights film and he had some impressive throws both deep and with
    touch, as well as good speed with the ability to set up his blocks like a
    running back when he tucked it and ran. But still I think you still need the
    eye test to appreciate his abilities. saw him up close against BoHi up, and for a Sophomore or Senior he was more impressive as the game went on He led G-Hi to a come from behind win in OT. He has all of the tools as you have indicated and shouldfill out as he matures. He also had some impressive weapons to throw to last ear. G-Hi’s Tight End had Hand, Size and Good Speed as well as determination to not go down after catching the ball ashe broke 2 tackles en route to scoring the winning TD in the OT Period. Even if he has a down year, he will turn the heads of some recruiters. Where every he land in college they will go out to get the receivers to utilize his ability unless he goes to a running school which have become fewer and fewer with allof the Spread Offense now in college. You got my vote. Look forward to see one better!

    I would not mind see him in Bruin Blue and Gold myself.

    Aram, Fred and Steve,

    See you all under the Friday Nights Lights watching the Boys of Fall!

    Frankie C….Go Bearcats!

    • Galileo

      I doubt if he’s an upper echelon Pac 12 recruit ! meaning Utah , Colorado Wazzou, UW, Cal, AZ are likely landing spots, IF he continues to improve

      • Frank Castro

        Is that based on the Eye Test as like you said if he continues to improve. He still has 2 years to improve and it will be all based on his Worth Ethic. And in a real game MoTown will have to defend against both the Run and the Pass. But Speed does Kill as they say. Have you seen a QB that you would rate above him In the Valley? I know the QB at Muir is a Stud by he not in the same Area.
        Frankie C.

        • Galileo

          Galileo thinks that the SGV is not usually a hotbed of D1 QB recruits, with that said Fink is probably the best of the lot, certainly in a drop-back offense, so that will limit him somewhat in where he will land collegiately, he’s got a ways to go,in his release and footwork and he’ll be just average athletically at the next level, so his work ethic will be key, surprisingly Tarty was absent from the major touch football offerings this summer, why? I would imagine he’ll have crazy numbers this year losing RC,Osos ,Upland and Etiwanda from the schedule

    • Jefe

      Then I guess you wouldn’t mind watching him on the bench since UCLA already received St. John Bosco’s Josh Rosen’s letter of intent.

      • Frank Castro


        As a long time Bruins Fan (back to the Beban Days) I always
        believe the best should Play Start and Play. I even believe in Coach Carroll’s Philosophy of Competition (even though he was not a UCLA Coach) so the Players don’t take their position on the team for granted. The Coaches will see their QB’s compete against the same competition and evaluate, and not just at the helm of the Best 2013 HS team with the best weapons. I would rather have a more than one QB ready to take over the Offense, as I fully remember when the Bruins lost both their top 2 QBs just prior to the start of the Season. That was one Tough Season to stomach for the Players and Bruins Fans.

        May the better young man earn his spot.

        Frankie C…………Go Bruins

  • reality

    Did not see anything eye popping in this video. I saw some good drop back technique but did not notice great scrambling that you mention. I did notice a very good O-line that gave him plenty of time to make his set up and throws. Most of his runs were by design. Before i can agree I would like to see if he improves from last season in his ability to extend plays ala Frankie Palmer. Not hating just waiting.

  • Valley Athletics

    Looks good . Even before he started his sophmore year he was being mentioned on recruiting sites as a future top prospects . He impressed scouts at some camps . Another Qb mentioned is La Salles big Qb . Have not seen any film of La Salles Qb though .

  • WCDan

    Best recruit for college or highest ceiling in the future, yes, especially considering he was only a soph. Best this year, not so sure,too early to tell, Peterson from DB and Fonseca from SH are both returning, both are more experienced and certainly capable of having a bigger year. Monrovia QB had a good summer, Also there are a couple of stud QB’s over in the Pacific league if you don’t count that as too far. We have a couple good ones over here at West Co who may not be big recruits but look to have a good season coming up. As for his big wins, Upland was a great win and his stats were good in that game. Bonita he was 50% but he had 3 TD’s so great game for him, CO was a struggle as far as stats go. QB is a very tough situation especially for a sophomore in high school, credit to him for leading his team, and credit to all the QB’s, it’s not an easy job.

    • TruTH

      I agree with you Peterson as well as Fonseca have shown they could be considered the top quarterback in the area. Fink has an edge not primarily by his stats but his wins. Btw I saw Bravo start for West Covina towards the end of the season and did a great job leading that team to the playoffs. He has good arm strength as well as composure in the pocket. I am surprised he is not the outright starter

      • WCDan

        Your right, Bravo did a great job coming in as a sophomore last season, I agree he had a nice arm and good composure, I thought he threw better from the pocket more so than on the run. From what little that I’ve seen over this summer, it looks like Gomez has worked hard in the off season and has vastly improved his game this summer. He was starting in the one or two passing games that I saw and he looked good. Nice mobility and good arm and decision making from what I could tell. There is also a third QB in the mix, this is kind of a nice situation for West Co, to have a few good quality QB’s battle for the starting position.

    • Biguglydog

      I’m a little confused on the SHills QB. When I saw SHills play last year I could have sworn that it was that Goss kid playing QB? Was Fonseca the full time QB? And did he get play time as a Sophomore, or was last year his 1st year?

      • WCDan

        Actually Goss was their playmaker, he mostly played RB although he also played QB on occasion, seems like I remember him killing us out of the wildcat last year. Fonseca was the main QB though.
        As for Fonseca’s sophomore year, when they played West Covina, Goss was the QB, he was doing a lot of wildcat that year too.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Very true, he torched Monrovia in the first half from RB and QB. Nice player.

  • Iheard

    @aram fink is good but he should of transfer to a school with a better staff and skill guys. Glendora Graduated all their rb and wr from last year and have nothing coming back except their te. Jv team had no good skill players to pull up so unless the te goes for 7 catches ans 125 and 3 td a game than they will have a chance but I think they will get out coach in league just like last year when the team was 6-0 before getting out coached in league! I say 7-3 record and 2nd place in league behind south hills.

    • Plaid Pride

      South Hills lost more from their team last year then what we have. Every point scored last year by South Hills was done so by a Sr. and 90% of their Defense was Sr’s.

      • Iheard

        Trust me glendora lost 90% of their offense in rb raad,wr noskoff, rb Evans and wr moore. It’s going to be a disappointing year. Trust me I coached their.


    Aram, when I went to go film Glendora vs Rancho Cucamonga baseball last year (2013) all the buzz I heard from everyone in football was about this soph QB that was going to be a really good one. For a sophomore, I like his tape. He probably needs to work with a high profile QB coach just so he can get promoted much better, but he’s as good as it gets for the SGV. Kudos to Glendora!

  • Frank Castro

    Galileo, perhaps you are correct and he would be better suited at a school like Stanford with its Pro Style Offense.
    Not a bad choice of schools to get a Diploma from if he gets an offer.
    Frankie C.

    • Galileo

      well, UCLA offered to Costello of Santa Margarita (same class as Fink 2016) and as far as Stanford being an option, I think that bar is too high for him too….nothing wrong with that, he can get a ride and an education at a lot of fine schools, being the number 1 QB in the fish bowl is almost a left-handed compliment !

      • Frank Castro

        Well I can’t say that you’re wrong as it is a wait and see
        as Fink is still only going into his Junior campaign. I will need to check out these other 2 OC OB’s that you have mentioned (Darnold & Costello) and see how they stack up. I don’t what to see another PJ Loshman Year where Kyle Boller of Hart wanted to come to UCLA and instead landed at CAL. If I remember correctly he beat Both UCLA & USC. As far as Stanford I believe a kid from Upland got to a shot at Stanford so why not Fink? Well good luck to the kid except when he plays against BoHi, a Pick or Two would be a okay with me!

        Frankie C………….Go Bearcats!

        • Galileo

          the Upland kid had a brief stint as a starter only to be benched in favor of Hogan, then in the following spring his career ended (medical decision) I believe they kept him on scholarship and he graduated on time. Stanford is just like Duke , they only let their FB and BB players major in the “relatively” easier offerings, which is still a better deal than most of the brain surgeons at the 3 letter school…of course,UCLA had “billie don jackson” who said he was illiterate and still got into Westwood…..

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Aram, Since we have a dead period…throw up some threads so we can talk about the Best Players at each of the other positions. We discussed QB…not let’s talk RB, WR, DB’s, LB’s ETC…that will keep us busy for minute lol