SEMI-BREAKING NEWS: Jim Arellanes leaves Marshall to become asst. principal at Duarte …

Jim Arellanes resigned as varsity football head coach at Marshall on Tuesday to become assistant principal at Duarte.

No word yet on who will replace Arellanes at Marshall as the job is being flown on the CIF-Southern Section website.

Arellanes was 6-14 in his two seasons at Marshall. Prior to that, he was briefly the head coach at Los Altos and before that the head coach at Northview.

Arellanes was a standout quarterback at El Rancho in the early 1990s before later playing at Fresno St. and then overseas in NFL Europe.

Arellanes’ departure leaves Marshall in a lurch with its first game mere weeks away on Aug. 29 against West Adams. Marshall will also play its first season in the Mission Valley League later this fall.

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  • Desert Rat

    You’re “semi” welcome….lol

    • AramT

      Hey, I wanted to fully thank you.

  • reality

    This will make any coach complaining to the CIF about transfers look like an idiot. If the grass is greener some HC’s will leave their team high and dry in a heart beat in the middle of the heart transplant. “Find another surgeon kid I’m going to Cedars to be an administrator.”

  • mr power

    Not surprised at all. I am just shocked schools still keep giving this guy work. He should coach the team this year. This guy is one the most selfish and crappy coaches to ever set foot in the valley. And that is saying something!
    Jumping ship in August??? Unbelievable!

  • what a classy move(not!)

  • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

    Then we wonder why there is no loyalty!

  • Pete

    I don’t know the guy from Adam, but I think people need to take note that these are paid positions, a job, someone’s livelihood. It’s not a friendly agreement or romantic relationship. In order for men to support their families and pay bills, they need to do what’s beneficial for their families. It’s so easy to wax on about loyalty to an “employer” , yes even school districts are employers, when you’re not the one having to make that decision. If you had the opportunity to make a move that would be better for your career, a step up the ladder and possibly more dough, you telling me you wouldn’t do it? if not you’re a dope. Family first my friend.

    • AMAT 73

      Don’t you think he owes something to the kids in his program . I understand moving up and the family first issue . But you can’t tell me this job just popped up yesterday or the day before . Kids transfer for what could be viewed as the same reason ( better their situation , better chance at a scholarship ) and get slammed on all day on the blog . But for this guy just to walk away and especially at this time when preseason is a couple of weeks ahead is a very self centered move . I hope he left with setting up an assistant ready to move into his shoes or tried to explore still coaching and doing his duties at Duarte as Bogan is doing . If he just left them hanging , doesn’t say much about the type of man he is .

      • Pete

        Amat & MJ,
        You guys make a fair point. If this came as a total surprise to everyone at Marshall and he hadn’t prepped a back up, then I see your point, but from what I hear, there’s usually some talk or clues or rumor well before a departure. The point is, you’re not necessarily disloyal for leaving, but if you’re burning kids and bridges on the way out, it’ll certainly come back to bite you in the a##.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          It would take at least 30 days to check out a person for a asst principal position.

    • Mean Joe Green

      Coach Maddox from Monrovia did it the right way. He did not notify his team the moment that he got an administrative job. He notified his team the moment he was looking at administrative positions. This allowed the team ample time to find a new coach during the offseason. Sounds to me like the guy wanted to keep his coaching job in case the admin job fell through. Which is why he waited till he got the job before he notified his team. Classic case of wanting one’s cake and eating it too.

      • New York

        Great observations. My exact thoughts as well, including the Coach Maddox reference. Of course, Maddox was classy and took the high ground from Day 1. I am one of the people who initially objected to his hiring, and quickly converted to become a huge fan of his. Of course, I never had anything against Coach Maddox. I had just wanted my #1 choice at the time…

    • AramT

      I agree. How can you blame Arellanes for looking out for himself and his family first? You think your employer would be looking out for YOU first if this were the other way around? No way. Loyalty to the team is nice and all, but at the end of the day if Arellanes had a better career opportunity he did the right thing taking it.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        This was tasteless timing. Like I said Brown and that Duarte staff should be nervous now.

        • AramT

          I believe all the old football adages go something “god and family first, then football” … so Arellanes lives by these principles.

          So if GP or any of you got offered a job that advanced your career and paid you more money, you’d turn it down? Sometimes timing sucks. Oh well. You’d have all done the SAME THING.

          • reality

            Also part of the football coaches mantra is “Your football team IS your family”. A few silly boys believe that and look at the coach as a surrogate Dad. How dumb is that.

          • AramT

            I would urge every football coach or even any other sport to have their ask athletes “what am I getting out of this?” and “what is the team getting out of this?” BOTH. Not just the second. 10 years from now YOU have to live with YOU! Better make sure YOU are getting something out of it.

          • Mean Joe Green

            I heard for the past two years how the principal at Marshall is a complete jerk and impossible to work for. I also heard that there was going to be a huge faculty exodus over the next year if he returns. Given those circumstances, I do not begrudge Arellanes for taking the new opportunity. However, I think both sides of the argument are correct. Yes, you must always put family first. That is pure common sense. However, when you put family first, you might have to do some crappy things and make some terrible choices in the process. I think its safe to say that Arellanes’ departure for a new career is logical, justified and crappy at the same time. If all decisions left us squeaky clean in the end, then there would be no such thing as a hard decision.

    • mr power

      Family first. Agreed but you do not leave your team out to dry like this. Anyone who has ever been a coach has had opportunities to move on to higher paying positions. It was an unwritten rule before no coach would leave his team once spring ball started.

      As a coach you may have a chance for a better job. But you have already asked you kids to buy in. You’ve already begun lifting and training. Offensive and Defensive practice, whatever is the opportunity has to wait until next year.

      Its called LOYALTY. It has nothing to do with convenience or what pays more. Its all about Integrity which used to be the backbone of High School sports. Twenty years ago in the San Gabriel Valley if you wanted to find a man whose WORD was gold all you had to do was go find a Head High School Football Coach. He may no be the smartest, you may not like to hear what he has to say, but he will tell you the Truth.

      • Pete

        I believe that a man’s word is his bond. Your values are the cornerstone of your reputation. However, your point is week. Let me first direct you to my reply to Amat and MJ where I said that if you go around burning people, it will certainly come back to bite you. That said, your comparison to today’s coaches and coaches 20 years ago doesn’t hold water. First, 20 years ago was 1994. You must be in your mid twenties. Please know that 32 years ago some coaches appeared to be honorable men and some were just as slimy as some are today. There are good men today that let their ACTIONS speak for themselves and their example is shown by how they live their lives and not how they say they live their lives. It is a man’s responsibility to provide for his family! His loyalty is to his wife and children first, but as I said, if Arellanes left without word or prepping and did leave them “high and dry” it’ll come back to him- I guarantee it!
        These are basic values and principles of being a good man.

        • mr power

          Coaches were loyal. It was paramount you be a man of your word. These coaches had wives and children also. But you made a COMMITMENT to your team. And that was that

          Just because I said 20 years ago doesn’t mean all the coaches started coaching that year. You are defending a person who doesn’t deserve your defense. Based on a supposition that doesn’t even exist.

          Anyway here is a list of the top of my head of some great Head Men doing it in 1994. I would think I am probably missing a good dozen or so local coaches that should probably be on here also.

          Coaches in 94′

          Marion Ancich
          Dwayne Despain
          Pete Yoder
          Harry Welch
          Terry Roche
          Jim Brownfield
          Lou Farrar
          Steve Grady
          Mark Paredes
          Dave Merrilll

          • AramT

            Bill Maloney (San Marino)
            Steve Bogan (South Hills)

          • mr power

            I would say those guys belong on the list also.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    #1 Reason, why you can’t judge players for transferring. Marshall’s team is in a bad spot. There is really no chance a coach can come in there and have this team ready. They have Two a days right now. Who’s running that.

    This is just ridiculous.

  • MonroVian

    “Arellanes aint loyal” isn’t there a song out that says that? Anyway hope Marshall can pick up the pieces and have a decent season even after this.

  • midvalley

    I am sure his Wife and kids are the most happiest about this situation. The guy just received a 20-40k a year raise and people are second guessing? Family First! There is a reason why more and more top football caoches are stepping down, it’s not like back in the days when you coached your sport and sent your players to their next sport. Football is a year round sport now and to be frank it just ain’t worth it to the veteran coaches, they need to be paid for the work they put in.

  • Foosure

    If the guy had bailed on these kids to take another coaching gig at another high school then I would say it was a BS move, but this was a huge “step-up” job that no rational or responsible parent or husband could walk away from. This is not the same as a kid transferring from one high school to another because he think the grass is greener somewhere else.

    • Mean Joe Green

      Foosure, I was in complete agreement with you up until the end. I think its the exact same as a kid transferring. A kid may not transfer because of a $40k pay raise, but he/she is transferring for what they believe is best for themselves and their family. As this sport becomes more and more of a business, you can expect more coaching and player movement. I have nothing against a kid who transfers into another school to increase their chances of exposure and a free education. A partial scholarship to even a DII school can mean a six-figure reward for some households.