UPDATED: Former Monrovia RB Kurt Scoby suffers serious head injury at Fresno St. practice


UPDATE: The Fresno Bee reports that Kurt Scoby will miss two weeks with a concussion.

Former Monrovia running back Kurt Scoby was having a dazzling scrimmage for the Fresno St. Bulldogs before suffering a serious head injury following a jarring hit during a carry.

Scoby had just ripped off a 68-yard run and on his next play was hit hard by a linebacker. He suffered a concussion and was taken to the hospital. Scoby finished with 94 yards on five carries.

Aram’s take: Our hopes and prayers are with Scoby for a speedy recover.

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  • observantcat

    Well Kurt, Welcome to D1 football. Monrovia insiders heard about the concussion and as of now Kurt is ready to go again. Fresno coaches are going to hold off on letting him go full speed until another Dr. Ok is agreed upon, but the good news is that he is quickly becoming the front runner for the RB position and this could be his wakeup call.

  • reality

    Hope Scoby recovers well.I guess the backers were mad after that 68 yd. run he put on them. Was it a intra squad scrimmage or against another school? I know the QB’s are protected during practice games why not the skill guys? Let the linebackers crack each other. And did not Scoby have concussion issues last season?

    • The truth and nothing but…

      Colleges don’t scrimmage other schools.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Run Smart Kurt…

  • Mean Joe Green

    Wishing Scoby a speedy recovery.

  • New York

    Coming back from a concussion too soon is one of the most dangerous routes to go. Nothing but a long rest period should be considered.

  • MonkeyWrench

    In my past post I be saying Scooby was a stud HS RB but his style wont be translating to D1. He be thinking he is a powerback..Not at D1. If he going to be successful at the next level he needs to change his style. most importantly avoid contact.. not find it.

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      I remember that post. And you’re correct. His running style in high school isn’t going to work for him at the college level. Here’s hoping his RB coach teaches him that.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      No…you can’t avoid contact all time. He should just pick his battles…Verses a DB..dip on him vs a LB..don’t give them a clean shot.

  • Pete

    Really glad to see a local kid producing on the college level. I agree that changing his style by not trying to be the hammer is a smart thing to do. Sometimes you can’t always avoid that type of collision though. I wish him all the best and hope to see him get reps this year.

  • observantcat

    By the way, looks like G5 will be seeing plenty of time at fullback over at Colorado.