• Mean Joe Green

    Aram, I don’t agree with the final analyst but I must say that was a fair and balanced assessment of both teams.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    This Pride is a hungry group. No accolades, No #1 Ranking in the division, Not the favorites in the opener, Not the favorites in league, Not Ranked in the top 10. All of a sudden… Monrovia has gone from being a top program, to a bunch of “athletes” and “nice” players. All though Monrovia leads series, It’s San Dimas Style of Football that strikes at the heart of what Monrovia wants to do. I would think it is the other way around? Well, this is the tribune at it’s best. News Flash the only new coach at Monrovia is the head coach. But Anyway…Monrovia Football accepts the roll of undercats…

    All Monrovia needs to do is take their shots down field. The key player is Zamora. The Oline also will have to have a “Decent” Game as well. If he can get comfortable, the Cats skillz will get loose, and no one is catching any of them behind.


  • New York

    Defending CIF Champs San Dimas! Tough opener for our new coach. HOWEVER, the good thing about playing this game in week #1 is that no other game during the season would afford Monrovia as much time to prepare for a unique offense. Playing in week #2 or week #3 would be better from an offensive standpoint, but not defense. We will see how well our new defensive staff has taken advantage of the situation.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      SD has never seen this offense… If Monrovia can come out and execute, they will be in a good position.

      1- New Head Coach

      12 – Returning coaches including a upgrade at the D coordinator spot.

  • 4peat

    im..so pumped!!!! gonna be a good game .wing T vs wing T