• Oilers can

    hey aram. i got a big laugh when i looked at your rankings and you had montebello at #23 and diamond bar not even ranked. then i watched you 2 minute drill and you have diamond bar winning on the road at montebello. dont you believe in your own rankings? if you dont then how do you expect your readers to believe in what your writing?

  • Purple_Reign

    Montebello is a good team in their league but let’s just be real they cant play with DB…DB plays at a different speed! This new coach has made the beginning of program discipline and dedication. I can’t wait until Friday at 7pm. As for physical play by DB watch on Friday. Or ask LA from the scrimmage these kids play physical hard football cuz that’s what the coach teaches and preaches, you guys are gonna be shocked at the success for DB. Kids are excited and whole new coaching staff from head to toe and new league…fresh start to be the team to beat. New logo also check out the helmet stickers Steve. And to boot new AD…………recipe for success…………….

  • Tony

    Montebello is in a very weak league. Not a problem for db. Db has an easy pre season. I believe they will struggle in league. I predict them to be 4 th in the league. Next year for db should be a challenge. The demographics isn’t going to change.

    • WCDan

      I think Diamond Bar will battle Glendora for the Palomares league title. People are underestimating DB because of the loss of Brodus and Bell. But the DB team were good as freshmen and they have picked up Noodles since then who may be better than the two that they lost. This DB team shared the league title with West Co as freshmen. West Co beat this Glendora class as freshmen so who is to say that DB is not at Glendora’s level. As for DB vs Montebello, wrong year for the Oilers to challenge the Brahmas, I would be suprised if it’s close.

  • Palomares Guru

    I pick db