Hey Los Altos, take a good, long, hard look. Immortality is what you’re playing for …

1999 Los Altos CIF champions

Study the faces. Stare into the eyes. You hear them talking to you? “The ghosts” … Current Crescenta Valley baseball coach Phil Torres used to call them “the ghosts” when he’d refer to old pictures of teams that won CIF championships in the Temple City football locker room. Back then (early 90s), Torres was a JV football assistant coach at TC. Whatever. But it always stuck with me — you win CIF and you’re NEVER forgotten. Some day, maybe 100 years from now, when all of us are long gone, the current crop of Los Altos players will look at the ghosts. Study the faces. Stare into the eyes. Immortality!

  • Conq ’76

    Despain, Hertel (s), Benton (s)), Hewko (s), Fairman, Wilson, Aney, Sproul, Smith, Hill, Aguilar, Cody, Harwell, …..

    • LA Dad

      The HH legends that we were all weened on!

    • Don

      Wow, Shaun sure got big after his little league years over at Highlander. LOL.

  • Conq ’76

    BTW was not naming the folks in this photo…..although Cody stands tall….

    • The Real Conqueror Crazy

      Its gonna Be great

  • Panioikawai

    Despain, Smith, Stark, Davis, Morales, Fitzgerald, Guardi, Lino, Scheffler, Beck, Estrada….82 CIF Champs…14-0

    • LA Dad

      That was a pretty sweet game, under the lights at Anaheim Stadium. Would love to see this group go back and do the same. Of course, it won’t be the undefeated season like ’82 team led by Mike Smith and the guys you mentioned beating Mater Dei twice that year [preseason and semi’s].

      • Panioikawai

        I posted our names, in hopes that in some small way, our “Whisper” will help the boys along tonite…Always a Conqueror….Do it for all of us Boys!! Engage and Conquer

  • Jefe

    Being a Hacienda Heights native, I’d love to see Los Altos return to the glory years.

    • AramT

      Well don’t look now … two wins away and a coach who is keeping the talent in the program.

  • LA Dad

    Since its Thanksgiving, its time to give thanks:

    * Thankful for the community that has really supported the program for 5 decades!!!! Yes 5 decades. I remember seeing the Sprouls, Hills, Bentons and Hertels and thinking that one day I would be part of that school. In the 80’s it was standing room only, 90’s with Cody and that bunch. I was at the Santa Monica game when I looked across the field to see maybe 40 to 60 people.

    * Thankful for continuing great coaching! Despain was picked by this paper as the coach of the century in 99 but Gano came and continued the same success winning two of his own. He gave the program to the QB that got him his championships and he failed in his two years. He was a smart kid but that was the problem, he was too young to manage a program. He might be a great X’s-O’s kind of coach but you need to control parents, problems and Felipe Aguilar did not have the maturity to be in charge yet. He will be a great coach one day. Now Ziola has taken 3 of this 4 teams to the second round of the playoffs or more. This team is chugging along and this could be a special year.

    * Thankful for the great kids that give everything they cab to be the best that they can be and put in the work and have the discipline to create these great teams. The last names have changed and many have said that the demographics have changed in the area to have a successful team but no one at Los Altos seems to be hearing them. Keep it up!!!

    • rgd2626

      LA Dad-
      Very nice, well said.

    • Conq ’76