Hey Charter Oak, take a good, long, hard look. IMMORTALITY is what you’re playing for …

2009 Charter Oak CIF champions

Study the faces. Stare into the eyes. You hear them talking to you? “The ghosts” … Current Crescenta Valley baseball coach Phil Torres used to call them “the ghosts” when he’d refer to old pictures of teams that won CIF championships in the Temple City football locker room. Back then (early 90s), Torres was a JV football assistant coach at TC. Whatever. But it always stuck with me — you win CIF and you’re NEVER forgotten. Some day, maybe 100 years from now, when all of us are long gone, the current crop of Charter Oak players will look at the ghosts. Study the faces. Stare into the eyes. Immortality!

  • Charger Pride

    at Charter Oak, as soon as you walk into Big Lou’s classroom, you can just feel the tradition everywhere. The CIF championship banners aren’t hung in the gym at CO, they’re in that classroom. You have giant posters of past CIF champions and senior classes. Old helmets, team pictures, etc. It truly is a thing of beauty, something I’ve always remembered about my time there.

  • Tan K Solot

    My oldest son played for CO during the 3 years they went to the CIF finals against LA. His senior year we finally won it. It’s been good to be part of the Charger football family for the past 15 years. When these “ghosts” materialize, we feel a family bond. Cherished moments. I hope to see many of these “step sons” tonight rooting on another generation of champions.
    If CO and LA make it to the finals, it’s going to be sensory overload.

  • Don

    Thank the Lord Freddie and Aram both picked the Conq’s to beat BoHi tonight . . . I thought that CalPreps had ruined it for everyone by favoring the Bearcat’s by a point.

    Good luck to ALL of the boys tonight. Play hard and stay healthy.

  • Mike The Clone

    LOU!!! Enough said!!!!