• last picked

    Did Fred just say it was a close game as he thought it would be? Maybe he needs his memory refreshed- “Amat will score on Centennial just like Serra did in a 68-64 first-round loss to Centennial, the difference is Amat’s defense will hold Centennial in the 20s”.. good call on that.

    • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

      “it was a close game as he thought it would be?”

      38-37 isn’t close?

      • last picked

        Fred never thought it was going to be close. Again this is what Fred wrote “Amat will score on Centennial just like Serra did in a 68-64 first-round loss to Centennial, the difference is Amat’s defense will hold Centennial in the 20s”.

        • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

          You know, he was pretty accurate with the defense if you subtract the 10 pts scored directly off fumbles in Centennials Red Zone. I attribute that to Amats offense.

          • AramT

            I should have picked Centennial. Would have put Amat right in the winners circle. I knew the minute I picked them, it would be like the cooler. Yes, the world revolves around me and who I pick.

          • OnBLUE

            Hahahahha! Probably true, Aram!

  • last picked

    I know the Amat kids would rather still be playing next week, but congrats to Vaughns for being named co-mvp of the Mission league and Wiley for being named one of the tri-mvp’s on defense and the rest of the Lancers who were named all league.

    • All Mission League

      Congrats to the Entire AMAT Team and to the players below who were recognized for their outstanding leadership and play by the Coaches of the Mission League.

      9 AMAT players were named to the All League Selection and 2 were named All League MVPs.

      From the LA Times…..

      After a three-way tie for first place in the Mission League, the coaches voted for linebacker John Houston of Gardena Serra and junior
      receiver Tyler Vaughns of Bishop Amat as the co-league MVPs.

      The offensive MVPs were TJ Brumfield of Crespi and junior Khalil Tate of Serra.

      The defensive MVPs were DJ Beavers of Crespi, Rasheem Green of Serra and Christian Wiley of Bishop Amat.

      The MVP linemen were junior Oluwole Betiku of Serra and Vaimoe Sekona of Crespi.

      First-team all-league offense:

      RB_Jalen Starks, Crespi, Jr.; WR_Brandon Arconado, Bishop Amat, Sr.; Deontay Burnett, Serra, Sr.; Desean Holmes, Alemany, Sr.; Dymond Lee, Chaminade, Jr.; Brandon Pierce, Alemany, Sr.; CJ Sanders, Notre Dame, Sr.; OL_Robert Alexander, Serra, Sr.; Matt Brayton, Bishop Amat, Jr.; Josh
      Davis, Serra, Sr.; Andrew Lopez, Bishop Amat, Jr.; Bar Milo, Chaminade, Sr.; Marcus Moore, Crespi, Jr.; Talalemotu Uili, Crespi, Sr.

      First-team all-league defense

      DB_Brandon Burton, Serra, Jr.; Zari Leacock, Crespi, Jr.; Chris May, Crespi, Sr.; Chris Pollard, Serra, Jr.; Trevon Sidney, Bishop Amat, Jr.; Marvell Tell, Crespi, Sr.; DL_Andrew Vasquez, Bishop Amat, Jr.; Austin Swanson, Notre Dame, Sr.; Christian Rector, Loyola, Sr.; Tyree Thompson, Alemany, Sr.; Ryan Munoz, Bishop Amat, Jr.; Brandon Lawless, Crespi, Sr.;
      LB_Anthony Camargo, Bishop Amat, Sr.; Nolan Jackson, Alemany, Sr.; Tysyn Parker, Serra, So.; Mike Ramos, Notre Dame, Sr.; Blake Walls, Serra, Jr.

      • OnBLUE

        6 out of 9 of the Amat players listed will be returning next season!

  • Don

    And then there was one.

    Congratulations to the Conquerors’, who were. Fly into the finals with grace and class and act like you have been there before because, you have.

    To the teams who didn’t make it to the dance, especially the seniors, hold your heads high, as hard as it may be to do today. You have gotten further than all but two and should be honored for that. To the Bearcats, Lancers, and Chargers, thanks for the ride, you gave the whole area lots more than anyone ever dreamed of back in September. Enjoy the props. You deserve them.

    • last picked

      and Northview, who was a botched snap away from beating Paraclete. Great season to all the local teams, way to fight it out to the finish. Los Altos, finish the job boys, good luck.

      • Don

        Right you are lp. My bad. Well done to the Vikes on a great run. Shouldn’t still be holding those old Darren Murphy wins down deep. Besides, he’s almost a Bearcat now anyhow.

        • AMAT 73

          Hey Bear,
          Better check your pockets for salsa containers , maybe NV wasn’t all you forgot hahaha nice run by the BCats

          • Don

            “To the Bearcats, Lancers, and Chargers, thanks for the ride, you gave the whole area lots more than anyone ever dreamed of back in September.”

            And I gave up free golf in the rain for THIS?
            Oh, the humanity.

  • Jefe

    A 2-point conversion away from a St. John Bosco vs. Bishop Amat Pac-5 Final. Would have been beautiful….

  • Mike The Clone

    AT you went yard with the Ziola interview. Guys like that are what’s needed at Bagpiper U. That was a great “get”….hell I even got pumped up listening to that guy. Good for Los Altos.
    When was the last time a “Sweet Lou” team turned the ball over eight times???? errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr NEVER!!!
    Bishop Amat shouldn’t hang their heads, It’s just good to see the Lancers were still in it …..in late November.
    Overall a pretty good year for some programs that were down for so long and have gone deep into the brackets.

  • JM

    Bishop Amat was so close……..two points conversion and your n the finals….tough tough loss. Hey ! Great year !.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    reposted from Fred’s blog.

    That was a great game! Hard fought, nail biter. I chewed off four fingernails in the last quarter. Amat showed a lot of fight, certainly more than I expected. Great battle between two teams and frankly we were very lucky to get the win.

    • AMAT 73

      Well I guess that’s why nobody’s answering the woodshed door this morning . Hell of game 2 heavyweights going toe to toe !!!! Good luck to CC next week

  • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

    just watching a little Buckeye/Wolverine football and having my morning coffee, I realized for it to be best it maybe needed to be a little SWEETer (see what I did there?)

  • Conq ’76

    Great season Amat! Competing with the best of the best and proving you are an elite program!

    LA, you can see the mountain top and the key to victory next week is to learn from your long time rivals mistakes, protect the ball! I was not particularly excited to face Big Lou and CO again in the same season. But as they say, be careful what you wish for.

    The good news is, preparation should be relatively simple this week., you exemplify “pound the rock”. Coach Ziola, great job this year and here is a little unsolicited, amateur advice. Try and resist the urge to pull any rabbits out of your hat. When you have the ball, KEEP the ball and MAKE Colony take it away from you. If need be, rotate 94 in once in awhile to spell Neven’s but don’t let that nagging sensation to let Silva wing it down the sideline overcome you unless Colony is putting 9 or 10 in the box.

    The formula is working, and the second half is proving very difficult for your recent opponents. Keep the pressure on!

    • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

      Rabbits are tempting. Rabbits get you in trouble. Dance with the one that brung you. Congrats to the Conqs

    • AMAT 73

      Congrats on making the finals. Yes it was a great season for many teams of the SGV . Good luck to the Conqs this Friday

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Still only hearing :crickets: on “THEY DON’T WANT NO BLUE AND GOLD”.

    Congrats on a good season though. You played well when it mattered. Amat was able to hang with arguably one of the best teams in Southern California. Amat did better than I expected but nevertheless the eventual outcome is exactly what I expected. CC going to the finals. Hopefully a good showing in the finals so we can see another CC vs. DLS matchup. I don’t see anyone else in SoCal that has the horses to go toe to toe with ’em.

    We shall see.

    • Jefe

      I don’t think SJB or CC have the studs on defense to beat DLS this year. I hope I’m wrong though.

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Yeah… sadly, I think you may be right. That is just a beast of a program up there than is tough to beat.
        Hoping it’s at least a good game. We’ve been getting embarrassed the last few years down here in just about all divisions.

        • Jefe

          Oh it will be a good game. If it’s Bosco, they WILL score on DLS. I just don’t know if they’ll be able to make enough stops on defense to win the game.

    • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

      REALLY?!? YOU are going to come in here and pop off about Centennial? An AYALA guy? You should have been gone a month ago! Stick to rooting for your dysfunctional Bulldogs and don’t jump on someones bandwagon because you’re stuck with a 10 game season again. You guys have enough trouble trying to stay out of last place in the Chino Valley School District!

      Better than expected? BY who? Some manure sniffin’ cow-chip throwin, udder tugging, dairy-farmer (if you know what I mean) Crickets?!? Like the ones in the Ayala football locker room the past 4 weeks?

      As Mike the Clone would say, “I am OUT!”

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Not on CC’s bandwagon. I’m not DLS’s bandwagon either and I speak highly of them often. Those two are consistently better than just about any others in California. You want to talk about the best, those two are in the conversation. Amat… not so much.
        Amat played better than when they played CHHS. Many of the Amat honks were jumping off the bandwagon then.
        Look, I’m ALWAYS going to pick an IE team over anyone else. I just am. Call it whatever you want, Big-Boy Football is just better out here in the land of cow-chips. You know it. I know it, everybody but the most jaded know it.
        Oh, don’t think I don’t have plenty to say about the train-wreck that is Ayala High School Football. Two things need to happen for them to even have a chance at making the playoffs; 1) Get rid of that principal, and 2) Hire a proven coach. Nothing will be happening there until those two things happen first. It’s a shame. Kind of like what happened to Fontana High School.
        “Don’t want no blue and gold”. Talk about lack of respect for a proven opponent…

        • Don

          Big Boy football huh?
          Fact is that of the six or eight “Big Boy” teams here in the southland only one is from the ie. It must be hard for an ie fan to realize that only Centennial could actually be mentioned in the same sentence as teams from Poly, Crespi, Bosco, and yep, Bishop Amat. You ie guys just don’t run in the same crowd and when an ie school DOES step out with a REAL big boy program they get worked. (Think Vista Murrietta and Lutheran . . . a 4-6 Lutheran, at that, or Uppityland losing to Mater Dei, or the hills of Chino losing to JSerra. OK, credit to them for beating Amat but hey, even a blind chipschmuck, etc, etc.)

          Maybe Chuck Chastain will change it someday, but for now the only “Big Boy” location in the ie besides Centennial is the burger joint in Norco. Big Boy football teams play (and beat) other Big Boy teams.

          Everything else is less.

          • last picked

            I’m not chippy, I’m really not, but to think the I.E only has Centennial and no one else is crazy. I think it was Joe Amat who put up playoff records /appearances over the last several years and based on that, you have 3 “Big Boy” teams that are consistently at the top of the game that would be Mater Dei, Poly and Centennial. SJB has been on a run since 2012, but the previous years not so much. Crespi got smashed by Vista Murrieta 42-2 just last season. Norco has wins against Pac 5 teams over the last several years, they beat Alemany 2 years in a row, the same Alemany team that beat Centennial and Amat last season. Upland, well, they are the prime example of transfers not always working out, but they don’t belong in the “big boy” conversation. With the restructuring of the playoff system next year, I guess we will all find out when VM, Upland, Mission Viejo get added into the “Big Boy”division. Again not being chippy haha.

          • Don

            I don’t consider you as chippy lp and props for you making your bones here with a reasonable give and take. Frankly, my experience on the blog with ie fans probably colors my take on what they post. That nut in the cowboy hat from uppityland and some of hills of Chino guys will do that to you. Now, on to your points:

            Vista Murrietta has a swell record since it became Candy’s Room. They have beaten Crespi a couple times but really other than the Celts, (replaced by the Lutherans this year), who do they play? My point exactly. If Corona is a smaller version of the football craziness that infects So OC then VM is a slightly smaller version of the same stuff a little further south.

            Norco will be back, I have great respect for Chuck Chastain and frankly, there is just too much talent in that area for them to stay down forever. To return to Gerhart greatness is this decade they will have to ramp up the preseason schedule. Citrus Hill and Serrano, as tough as they are, just won’t get them ready to face playoff competition in the Pac-5.

            I look forward to the Section adjusting the teams from the Southestern and South Coast Leagues up. (And I hope they move some of the weak sisters out.) They belong for sure but remember my basic premise is that to be a Big Boy team you have to play other Big Boy teams. Not just one or two a season, but play them all year. And beat them.

          • last picked

            Agreed. I do think you will see a shift in scheduling across the board though, where preseason wise, even Amat will have to consider dropping the non power conference teams like Chino Hills ,Aledo- as good as they are in Texas, they would be D3-4 here, and replace them with the Gormans, De La Salle’s of the world. The way it’s heading it’s going to be all about overall strength of schedule not just league results. These teams benefited from the move down in divisions, but they will probably be right back in the Pac 5 for playoffs coming up, Mission Viejo, San Clemente played in different years for the D1 title recently, Newbury Park, Trabuco Hills are playing for titles as well after getting relief. Population growth both benefited and destroyed some programs out here. FoHi won a national title, but Miller, then Kaiser opens and FoHi will never be the same. Eisenhower was a state power and weren’t they named national champs the year they went 14 or 15-0, but Carter opens and bye bye Ike. Even Ayala suffered when Chino Hills opened. I am a realist, do I think the IE have schools that can compete consistently in the Pac 5, absolutely. Do I think the IE is better overall, no, I think OC still has that title, but for not having the private schools like LA/ OC that add to the overall strength of these counties , I think we here in the IE are doing just fine. Citrus Hill, Rancho Verde have as many athletes as the next schools, but they are along way from playing on the highest levels, too spread out and King is 1 mile north of Citrus Hill, so that hurts them. I will vehemently disagree with you about Norco, Rancho Taco Shop has the best food in the city! P.s a little background about me, I am SGV born and raised, will always support and root for my alma mater 1st and foremost, then the other local schools, when they are playing my current local schools though, like Centennial / Norco/ Roosevelt, I stay neutral and hope for a good game either way.

          • Don

            You make an interesting point about the effect a new school opening has on the local programs which preceded it. After WW2, success in the top ranks of SS football followed the development of post war home building in SoCal in the public
            schools as well as privates. The lowland
            burbs in places like Anaheim, Lakewood and then up the Rio Hondo through Downey, Whittier, and PR boomed in fallsport as the kids raised in those developments built in the 50’s grew into HS in the 60’s. OC followed where guys like my old pal Bill Workman won year after year at Edison then the vineyards and fields of the ie sprouted homes and disciples of Ancich, Coury and Johnson like Bruich and Churchill won there with kids growing up in the 80’s.

            More recently, we’ve seen schools in southern OC and Riverside counties grow into powers because that’s where families can buy the house they want. One thing that has held true through all of this movement is that every time a newer school evolves into a football destination, other schools in the area begin to slowly
            backslide. I think the transfer frenzy we have now, good or bad, will be the thing that changes the evolution we’ve witnessed over the last 70 years or so.

          • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

            I wrote something about this around the time of the early season Chino Hills over-exuberance. Locally, we’ve seen that impact with South Hills – Diamond Bar – Ayala – Diamond Ranch – Chino Hills… I’ll be curious to see how Eastvale begins to impact hem

          • last picked

            There is growing support and strong demands from Eastvale residents to break off from the Corona Norco Unified. The breaking point for us just hit in this last election. Another property tax increase to fund 300 million in school improvements just passed, with Eastvale bearing a huge brunt of it due to our property values and getting the least amount in return.There are over 3,000 new home permits approved for the next 2 years so Roosevelt will be huge numbers wise. The area to keep an eye over the next couple of years is just north of us in Ontario with the New Colony development going on. 21 thousand new living units, Colony HS will benefit quickly from it, but that might also move them into the Big VIII before they know it.

          • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

            Interesting. Do you think that also impacts Chino Hills as Chino Hills and Diamond Ranch impacted Ayala and Diamond Bar?

          • last picked

            If Chino Valley Unified has the same enrollment policies as Corona /Norco, it will impact them eventually. As the areas known as the Preserve and College Park continue to grow and build in Chino, most of those kids go to Chino Hills right now, but they will be at capacity soon enough, especially with the large apartment complexes being built in Chino / Chino Hills area, forcing kids to Ayala, Don Lugo and eventually Chino High.

          • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

            As I thought about that I also thought about the closure of Royal Oak the mid ’80S and how that drastically improved Charter Oak.

            I also chuckle when I think that CO opened shortly after Amat and *used* to be the blue & gold Lancers.

            Wannabe much?…was the old joke.

          • last picked

            West Covina gained from Edgewood’s closure as well. We’ll see how it hits them with the reopening.

          • Conq ’76

            Skipped an era, in the mid seventies, Amat, LA WC and South Hills all won at the highest level.

          • Don

            I sort of had the
            Jones/DeSpain era blended into that run up the Rio Hondo, (Hill, Lopez, Johnson, Van Hoorbeke), since all that housing sort of sprouted around the same time; never meant to give short shrift to the SGV.

            The Catholic schools were a whole other thing becoming the modern juggernaut they are behind the likes of St. Paul, Loyola, and Amat.

          • Conq ’76

            Appreciate that!

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            “…Poly, Crespi, Bosco, and yep, Bishop Amat…”

            Any of those teams have even ONE win against DLS? They could play them in pre-season. Guessing they don’t want any of that.

            Upland does NOT belong in this conversation. They are more like “the ewe”, than “THE U” they proclaim.

            Corona Centennial and Vista Murietta. Those two will hang with ANY PAC-5 team. They probably won’t embarrass those teams but they will do well. Look, you don’t need to get all belligerent. Just stating a fact that there is ONE team that has beat DLS in SoCal in the last decade and a half or so and that team is NOT “Poly, Crespi, Bosco, and yep, Bishop Amat”, it is Corona Centennial.

          • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

            Here’s some IE losses from the best of the rest this year alone Bulldog,

            Mission Viejo 49 – 21
            St. John Bosco 48 – 7

            Santa Margarita 56 – 27
            Hart 57 – 35
            JSerra Catholic 55 – 16

            Vista Murietta
            Orange Lutheran (the Trinity LAST place OLu) 37 – 3

            Servite 45 – 17

            Temecula Valley
            Mission Viejo 42 – 6

            Damien (yes, DAMIEN!) 31 – 13

            King, Citrus Hill, and MANY others prefer NOT to leave the IE – for reasons we’re seeing

          • last picked

            Selective results always look worse then what reality really is. We can go back over the years and pull up just as many wins as losses. With the exception of Mission Viejo- to a certain extent and Hart, you have all public schools from the IE vs. OC catholic school powers.Roosevelt is pac 5 only due to being in the same league as Centennial, same with Corona and King Just last year, VM put a 40 point beating on Crespi. Norco beat Alemany 2 years in a row. Norco also beat St. Bonnies in CIF this year, and Mission Viejo is 1 season removed from the Pac 5 and based on the upcoming changes to the playoffs, will be back next year. Let’s be real,Amat’s loss to chino hills trumps any loss to a pac 5 school for bad losses and they also lost to Santa Margarita so that’s a mute point. Hart also got beat by an IE school in CIF. Damien got beat by an IE school in CIF. Another number to put out there, 7 out of 13 Division Title games are represented by IE teams, including the 2 big boy divisions.

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            You forgot to mention your precious Lanceritos loosing to a team that plays with “Cow Chips” I believe is how someone put it.
            To get all that way, talk smack, against CC and come up empty handed. Must bunch your panties.

          • http://bishopamat.org/ Joe Amat

            There is nothing “empty handed” about losing (Note the spelling? “loose” is how I’m told you hold the udder between squirts)) in the semis.

            Let’s remember…I’m having this conversation with “an Ayala guy!” The school that apparently “ducked” their neighbors on the other side of the Boy’s Home and the Serranos Mud Hole…err Lake Serranos. (get it…duck…Serranos…I make myself chuckle) That’s a pretty nice area around there too.

            And really, you guys should make up your mind. Are you an SGV team – or an Inland Team. You can’t pick and choose. As for Amat – it’s Pac5/D1/Big5/4A…and there to stay.

          • Don

            I don’t usually bring DLS into the SoCal conversation to compare against teams here because I consider them a regional school, drawing talent not only from the East Bay but all over a huge area. San Joaquin to Santa Rosa and Sacramento to San Jose, people migrate to a privileged Catholic education and the best football north of the Tehachapi’s. Schools like them, Paramus (NJ), Bellvue (WA), St Augustine (FL), the big Texas powerhouses, or Gorman community college really can’t be compared to anything other than theirownselves.

          • Uh hello

            Didn’t Bosco beat DLS last year for the state title?

          • OuttaYourMindTrib

            Fair enough. 2 schools in SoCal have beat them. CC and Bosco.

        • Nomoredrama

          I applaud you for not stooping to Joe Amats level of “mud slinging”. He threw shade on the residents of Chino Hills, but, he needs to step back and take a look at the hood that surrounds Amat!


    It’s because all the Amat Fans are on Fred’s page! So when Amat was going for two points for the win, were you still sure of yourself? Cricket, Cricket… I’m not a Amat fan but I do support them and wanted them to Win! I support the SGV teams and it would have been real nice to see Amat win an IE team! For them to be on the Road and have a chance to win the game at the end, says a Hell’uva a lot more then what you Expected!

  • Valley Athletics

    Congrats in the 2 valley reps Pomona and Los Altos for punching there tickets to final .Congrats on all the teams who participated in this years exciting playoffs … Going to be some good football next season ..

  • LA Dad

    Wow, it has been a great post season for the SGV. Even though we lost Amat, CO, La Serna and Northview today, all of those teams did a great job. They all represented the Valley well this past week and just came up short.

    Good luck to Los Altos and Pomona next week. Hoping we can get two CIF Championships in the SGV.

    BTW, I would love to see where we can access the Century stuff that Stevie talks about in the PrepXtra on this weeks Post Game show. I remember when Despain was chosen the Coach of the Century by the Tribune, the article was really inspiring to those that were around him. I had an old clipping i kept for many years that stated of a time when the writer [a coach at the time] approached Despain at a clinic and told Despain that he did not think his kids could learn that offense or defense, Despain very dryly turned to him and said “Mine do” then turned around and walked away. That confidence was always around him. He didnt want to win, he planned on it!!!

    • Conq ’76

      I recall reading that article as well, great quote!

  • New York

    I’ve been away travelling the past couple weeks, but I did want to congratulate Pomona, Los Altos, Bonita, Amat, Charter Oak and others for improving throughout the season. That is what good programs do, and this year those teams are good examples of staying focused on the achieving excellence.