SOURCE: Hardy out as head coach at Muir … Mustangs post COACH WANTED ad on CIF website …


It appears John Hardy is out and Muir High School’s varsity football program is in the market for a new head coach. A source close to the team said that Hardy was let go on Friday.

Mustangs athletic director Milica Protic posted an ad on CIF’s website Friday saying that the school is looking for a new head coach with a teaching position available for the interested candidate. But when contacted, Protic said she is referring all questions about Hardy to the school’s principal.

Hardy was 25-11 in three seasons as Mustangs head coach. He led the Mustangs to their best season in recent history in 2013 when Muir went 11-2, swept the Pacific League and advanced to the semifinals of the Southeast Division playoffs.

Hardy played at Muir under legendary former head coach Jim Brownfield.

Aram’s Take: I truly hope Muir has a good reason for this as Hardy did an outstanding job with a program that isn’t easy manage. Not only that, he was slowly but surely keeping key portions of the local talent at home. Hardy’s no-nonsense demeanor was perfect for Muir and the record showed it. Hope there’s a good reason for this.

  • CIF All the Way!

    Why can’t Muir keep a coach? This has been going on for decades.

    What was wrong with Hardy? And the way they through the previous coach under the bus was terrible. If Muir were to keep a good, solid coach this program would be a powerhouse, but the good ol’ boys in Pasadena won’t let it happen.

    No I don’t think Muir NEEDS an area person. They keep hiring people that are in the area, but then they let them go right away. What’s the deal there?

    There’s no reason why Muir shouldn’t be in the finals year in and
    year out, but it’s too hard for a coach to make that happen because the admin, alum, and community will be dissatisfied with anyone not named Jim Brownfield.

    • New York

      Even if Brownfield were there today, would the administration allow him to run the program the way he did? There seems to be a real disconnect of understanding between administrators and school board members and proven coaches of what it takes to run a successful football program. Throw the parents/guardians into that discussion as well.

  • New York

    This type of dislocation, combined with the momentum Coach Bogan and Maranatha had this year, could pave the way for the making of a juggernaut in Sierra Madre in 2015. Stay tuned!

    • 626

      NY, you must have been in NY for a long time! Lol. Maranatha is now located in SW Pasadena at the old Ambassador College. Maranatha might snag a few kids here and there, but I doubt some huge shift will take place. Muir will be fine. Just like after their last two dismissals, they’ll pick up the pieces quickly. When you’re smack dab in the middle of all that talent you’ll always get a few kids who can ball and if you find a dynamic coach who can create a “program,” then we’re talking about a potential monster. Stay tuned!

      • New York

        LOL. I appreciate a good ribbing. However, Muir’s talent pool is not nearly as deep as it once was. They certainly still have more than most, but not like the old days when they could sustain big disruptions. The number of football families have dwindled and kids are more mobile than ever. Headlines like these are a boon for ESGV schools and private schools.