Improved All-Star Game guidelines lead to bigger talent pool and more participation … Colony’s Randall to coach East, CV’s Schilling and Maranatha’s Bogan to coach West … Game is Jan. 30 at West Covina HS

Two CIF champion coaches and one legend have been selected to coach the upcoming San Gabriel Valley All-Star Game on Jan. 30 at West Covina High School.

Colony’s Steve Randall, who guided the Titans to a 12-2 record and Central Division championship, will coach the East team. Crescenta Valley’s Paul Schilling, who led the Falcons to a 14-0 record and the Southeast Division championship, will join forces with four-time CIF champion coach Steve Bogan of Maranatha to coach the West.

The game, which has traditionally been played in early summer, was moved to winter by game organizer and West Covina coach Mike Maggiore in order to provide players with one last recruiting showcase before signing day and hopefully lure some of the area’s top talent.

The borders have also been changed and expanded. Instead of using the 605 Freeway as the dividing line to determine East and West rosters, Azusa Avenue will be the new divider. This means that area powers like Bishop Amat, Los Altos and Northview will be part of the West’s talent pool. The West’s boundaries expands to the Burbank area.

The East has also expanded out to the 15 Freeway and that will mean the inclusion of the entire Baseline League. The expanded borders have led to some impressive early returns in terms of nominations, according to Maggiore. Roster are expected to be finalized in early January and there will be four practices for each team.

“The nice thing is that this year everyone is nominating their best players,” Maggiore said. “We’ve had more nominations than we’ve ever had and more Division I kids than we’ve ever had, so I think it’s going to be a more high-level game than we’ve ever had.”

  • last picked

    All Valley teams coming this year or ?

    • AramT


      • last picked

        Gives you a few more days to prepare for the backlash.

  • reality

    All- league teams have been selected by the coaches a long time ago. Any media awards I cannot speak too.

  • Mr.Mr

    What about the
    All Olympic league team
    When is that coming out

  • New York

    It is really great that Coach Maggiore has picked up the reigns to this game and is putting his own thumbprint on it, for the better! Coach Maggiore should be commended. You can tell that his heart is 100% about the kids as well as heightening and reinvigorating local football tradition.

  • New York

    area powers like Bishop Amat, Los Altos and Northview…Hello, JoeAmat!

    • Mike The Clone


      • Joe Amat

        It’s an honor to be mentioned in such good company 🙂

  • ValleyProtector

    I understand this ups the talent pool and in theory makes for a better game but this is the SAN GABRIEL VALLEY all-star game right? How do you tell a kid from Baldwin Park, Covina, or Walnut High that his invite went to a kid that transferred to Upland for 8 months but actually lives in Victorville or San Berdo? Maybe i’m just an old geaser but I miss the days when athletes played for the schools that they grew up in and were a cause for community pride. Off-season camps (unless put on by a college, are worthless anyway) and transfer schools have corrupted the essence of prep sports.

    • reality

      i have read recent stories about local teams having an influx of Basketball players from all over the world.The landscape has changed because the value of a schlarship and the pot of gold that is a pro contract is astronomical. The only way to achieve that goal is to get noticed somehow. And Southern California is the destination for many. Kids from the outlying communities are getting noticed and all-star games are the next step for many players that are overlooked. You may not like the way Maggiore expanded the feel of the SGV game but that is the brave new world. I miss the old days too. If you want the community feeling join the local neighborhood watch.

    • MoreKetchup

      This game is about showcasing area talent that contributed to the prestige of SGV football, not just those born in the SGV. These transfers that you dislike, no matter their transfer status, contributed to area football. We should really be looking at it as a positive. Their is now motivation for teams like Walnut and Baldwin Park to become better at what they do if they want more recognition for their standouts. It is not enough anymore to just be content with having a few good players stat sheet stuffing.

      • ValleyProtector

        how exactly did upland, ontario, or the rancho schools contribute to the ‘prestige’ of SGV football? Might as well invite the corona kids too. Hell, lets invite city section, bosco, and orange county private school kids too. That’ll ramp up the sgv prestige even more. Can we at least take San Gabriel Valley out of the title of the game and be honest with ourselves?
        I’m confused, are you saying schools like Walnut and Baldwin Park need to get better at recruiting?

  • CIF All the Way!

    Does anyone on this website know anything about La Mirada and the booster club accusations that were written about in the Downey Beat? It seems to me that the writer makes some major accusations that could be considered libel. I don’t know all that much about journalism ethics, but are private emails public knowledge?

    • reality

      I to read the link and found it titillating. Also on a minor search I found no confirmation or any reputable news service picking up the story. So far it feels like a disgruntled coach trying to throw all he can at La Mirada sports primarily football and see what sticks. The accusations have been going on for over a year according to local gossip. Time will tell.