Shopping for linemen? … Things are bitterSweet at Amat … Find you at the “A”?

Francisco Perez. Who? Exactly. Francisco Perez, dang it! I guess it’s partly our fault that you probably haven’t heard of Perez. We obviously missed the boat with our All-Area team when it came to Perez. He is a 6-foot-5, 300-pound senior-to-be offensive lineman from currently head coach-less Baldwin Park. Perez has DOMINATED the offseason buzz around these parts. Perez is/has been actively shopped all over town. First, the hot rumor was that he was headed to La Mirada. Okay fine. Who isn’t transferring to LM this offseason? Then the word was Perez was headed to Bishop Amat. Now, the buzz is possibly Charter Oak … but more likely Cathedral. And yet as far as anybody knows, Perez is still at Baldwin Park. It stands to reason that a lineman of Perez’s size would garner this kind of interest. After all, they’re in high demand and short supply. Stay tuned for his final destination. Speaking of Cathedral, bet you didn’t know that Arcadia hired former Cathedral assistant Robert Maxie. And in typical Cathedral form, Maxie is already getting after it on social media while trying to perhaps “attract” talent over to Campus Drive (see below). The eligibility of former St. Francis standout receiver Dylan Crawford, who transferred to Santa Margarita this offseason is in the “pending” phase, according to the CIF website. The case is awaiting “former school’s response” … which should be interesting. And finally, it’s been argued on this blog in the past that the catalyst for Bishop Amat’s mid-season turnaround in 2014 was the emergence of running back Torreanho Sweet. Once Sweet was inserted into the starting lineup, poof, Amat had a good ground game and the offense was darn near unstoppable. That also led to linebacker Anthony Camargo being able to focus solely on defense, and so on. And Sweet is (or was) one of the key returners for the Lancers … or so everyone thought. Turns out, Sweet is currently no longer part of the football program. He’s playing baseball for Amat but according to several sources is off the football team for some sort of violation. Will Sweet transfer? Will he be reinstated? Stay tuned … True SGV football veterans will agree that there was a time not long ago that under these circumstances a guy like Sweet and unseated Amat QB Damian Garcia would both be starting for Uncle Greg over at Los Altos next season.

Is that legal?