• Midvalleydad

    The arrogance of this young man was obvious as he walked by the people he hit and didn’t stop to see if anyone was ok. “I know I’m amazing, fast, a D1 athlete who will enjoy all the spoils of being a special athlete, I know I made a great catch and saved my own backside with an awesome athletic movement that will surely go viral but I have to stop and ask…are you ok, sorry for almost destroying you!”

    • Carlos

      Unless u know him, save ur judgment!!! He is nowhere near arrogant cuz I won’t allow it!! How abt the ppl not be that damn close to the field of play so that he doesn’t have to do that! What if HE had been seriously injured, WHICH HE COULD HAVE, if he hadn’t been able to do what he did!! He’s not a gymnast. This isn’t Pop Warner so ppl shouldn’t have been that close! Which is why they had to MOVE after that play! It’s a damn shame he had to jump over a row of ppl and soon as he landed, had to FRONT FLIP over another row of ppl but yet u critcize and judge him, WHO U DON’T KNOW!! But for ur info, the ppl sitting there were saying, “we’re ok.” How bout next time instead putting HIS OWN body at risk by flipping over ppl, he jus protect himself and run them over!! RIDICULOUS!!!

    • Jastrab

      He is the antithesis of arrogant. He took time to talk to my son while he was busy and he strikes me as a “solid” kid with all the things you want to see in a young man.

    • AramT

      Ridiculous. Tre is one of the most humble, non-arrogant athletes in the area. Couldn’t be more wrong about a kid if you tried.

    • Jester

      Clearly you know nothing about Tre the kid is nothing but a class act! All you have done is make yourself look like a complete idiot!!! If you stand on the sidelines anywhere on a football field guess what you stand the chance of getting ran into! He is playing in a game and did what he was suppose to he headed back to the game that’s his job!

      You speak of D1 talent no question Tre is, but he is a great person first and foremost! Would you be saying the same thing if he was the one seriously injured and lost his D1 offers? It is completely baffling that the kid makes and insane play to save himself and the people I might add(he could have just steam rolled the people but he didn’t) and all you have to say is he is arrogant…

    • AMAT 73

      Have you ever met this young man , or do you just judge by looking at video footage . Take the time to meet him and you will find out just what a fine young man he is . Kicker is he will most likely take the time to talk to you if you approach him in a friendly manner and without showing that huge chip you carry on your shoulder . He is talented , athletic , and all you say except no arrogance and is humble and a true LANCER .

    • sir lancelot

      One of the most well respected, well mannered kid at Amat. Dad is great never puts him out to be “the one”. Kid works super hard and for you to come on here and say after watching one play that this kid is arragonte?? Please do your homework, Trey is a great person, I’m sure he was in shocked himself. Remember he is still a kid and isn’t an NFL player. So let him develop

    • Mean Joe Green

      You couldn’t be more wrong about a kid. Tre Sidney is nothing, if not humble, respectful and kind. He has been nothing but a gentleman to me and my family each time we see him. I have seen Tre on and off of the field, with the cameras on and the cameras off and I can tell you that you will get the same respectful kid each and every time.

      My son has played with Tre and against Tre, and one of the things he always shares with me is how nice of a kid he is. Despite being from different schools and playing the same position, Tre has taken the time out to congratulate my son on his successes, help him with his game and encourage him when he was discouraged. The kid is simply a class act and anyone who TRULY knows him will tell you the same. If Tre felt that he had injured anyone in that instance, I know he would have stopped to make sure they were alright. How about asking yourself “what kind of fear must have been coursing through this young man in that moment.” Even though the move was acrobatic, athletic and entertaining, can you imagine the amount of fear that he must have been experiencing when he saw himself on a collision course with those spectators? MVD if you had somehow managed to pull off the same feat, I am sure you would have been stunned silent for hours in disbelief at your own ability to preserve yourself. If you have a complaint, lodge it against the event coordinators who are not doing enough to protect the kids or the spectators from these type of accidents.

    • SirRedDevil

      And survey says…Tre is not arrogant kid sorry Midvalleydad better luck next time on “In The Huddle” w/ Aram T. Now you have a blessed day sir!

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      Hey midvalley… Wanna get away??? Here’s a snickers, put that in your pie hole and try again.

      Great job Tre… We know what you are all about.

  • OnBLUE