Ramsey Lambert leaves La Canada to take over at Santa Monica …

Ramsey Lambert has left La Canada High School after one season as its varsity football head coach to take the same position at Santa Monica.

Lambert led the Spartans to a 5-6 record and a berth in the CIF-Southern Section Central Division playoffs. La Canada is now looking for its fourth coach in five years.

“It’s a better fit for the goals that I personally have,” Lambert said of his decision to leave. “And I’m from Hawaii, so anything from around the beach is a draw. It was a long process, going through it. But when I was doing all the research on my part, it looked like it was a good move.

“Maybe not the best timing in my life, but it was something I couldn’t pass up.”

  • Just Coach

    Ramsey we hardly knew Ye.

  • reality

    “Maybe its not the best timing?” LOL!!. If you are a head high school football coach and you are still looking for another job at this point of the season please just quit. The boys can tell if you don’t want to to be there and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on your way out.

    • AramT

      I’m sure a lot of this has to do with the schools/districts finding out what types of teaching openings they’ll have available for next season and then making late hires. Yeah, the timing sucks. The kids should be well through spring ball by now and to lose your coach sucks. But these are the speed at which things move.

      Look at the El Rancho coach who left. He got that position lined at Pacifica late in the day and was gone. Just how it goes now.

      • vegemighty

        What was the deal at Santa Monica? When did their last coach leave (or get fired, whatever)?

      • reality

        Yeah I get that late hiring thing but as a coach a what point do you make a moral commitment to your team. To get closer to the beach is a fine reason to leave your boys behind.

  • vegemighty

    So now half of the RHL will have first year coaches and two other teams will have second year coaches. Hobbie, with four seasons at SM under his belt, has a tenure twice as long as the rest of the league combined.

  • SantaMonica

    I’m so excited for the new SM head FB coach. Change is good. Coach Lambert did well at La Canada and took pride in the game and his boys. Now SM will have the ability to experience that also. I think LC is sad to see him go but I’m confident that LC will find another coach just as good as Coach Lambert. Welcome Coach Lambert!!!

  • Mean Joe Green

    When do we start penalizing and criticizing coaches for transferring?

  • SGV Football Historian

    I am back in the blogosphere. What a shame, but ARAM T is spot on….many districts do not know of open teaching positions until this time of year. Poor timing, but is there ever a good time. LC should hire long time Assistant Coach Jason Sarceda as a a solid walk-on. Good coach and an even better human being who really cares about LCHS. That is what is needed. Not a stranger with experience, but a guy with local knowledge and the connection to the community. LCHS hemorrhages student-athletes to nearby private/parochial schools. Maybe the local connection could turn that around a little. In the very weak RHL, an athlete or 2 can/could make a difference.

    • vegemighty

      Why do you suppose that is? I mean, I get that many LC parents can afford private school fairly easily, but one of the things that makes it such an attractive (expensive) place to live is that the public schools are terrific. I understand the odd Loyola legacy or Evangelical who wants to send their kid to Maranatha; I can even understand if your kid is an elite athlete (which is rare) and you think St Francis will be better for football. But for the most part, what is to be gained by leaving LCHS? And what did their basketball coaches (both boys and girls) do right that their football coaches haven’t?

      • SGV Football Historian

        One word explains the hoops at LCHS – consistency. Hoffman has been there for an eternity and has established relationships with the community as a whole. Public schools are very cyclical – LCHS has had its share of good runs in football (League Champions in 2000) with a solid coach (Wheeler). He is the last guy that LCHS has had that was there form more than a cup of coffee. To many who leave the public school system, it is about “status” more than a quality education. “My son goes to Loyola or FILL IN THE BLANK.” I do get the spiritual aspect, but few are in that boat. People respect consistency and flea from the unknown. In football, what are you going to get from year to year? In hoops at LCHS, you are going to contend for a league title and play a solid HS hoops schedule. Instruction matters in education. Extend that to the field and coaching matters. Look at what Hobbie is doing at SMHS with a few pretty good classes. That success will transcend some of the leaner year(s). Public schools need to value their coaching staff members and also do a better job of hiring ACES, not 2s through 7s. The problem is there are 52 cards and only 4 ACES (extending that comparison).

        • SMHS sports Fan

          San Marino had a similar issue as La Canada in the early 2000’s. The 05 senior class went through three different varsity head coaches in 3 years. It wrecked havoc on a program to lack a consistent voice for the program to keep talent at home. Loyola’s 06 championship team had 3 boys who went to SM schools through middle school than left for greener pastures. Talent wise there’s no reason why LC and SP can’t do the things SM does. The difference is overall program health from top to bottom staff wise. Couple that with the idea of focusing on one sport at an earlier age and LC and SM are losing some of there better athletes for SM to baseball and LC could be a handful of sports. If they get the right guy for the job they will be fine.