Bishop Amat beats Alemany to win Saugus Tournament …



Bishop Amat defeated Mission League rival Alemany in the championship game to win the Saugus Tournament on Saturday.

The Lancers have won the first two passing tournaments they’ve played in spring/summer, but that’s what happens when you’ve got two freaks like Tyler Vaughns and Trevon Sidney.

  • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

    No MAS says Alemany…… Tap tap tap….

  • 12th man

    We all knew the passing game wouldn’t be a problem.. What’s going on with the running game? Any new updates to report?

    • AramT

      Sweet = still not with team.

      • truth teller

        That is terrible… why are they toying with this kid’s future? What if he were to leave? This doesn’t sound right.

        • Fight ON #9

          Sweet should leave, sit out the 5 games and possibly get some playoff film , go on to school and leave BA in the rear view. Right now BA coaches are having this young man seen as a problem kid. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a good kid and what is rumored to be “the crime” does not warrant the punishment. I find interesting that some kids get a game or two suspension , and “others” get kicked off the team. This staff should come clean about the issue and free this kid up one way or the other.

          • MoreKetchup

            Certain players don’t even get suspensions. It seems as though punishments are determined at Amat with skill and importance to the team team in mind, which is sad for those who aren’t all stars there.

          • OnBLUE

            Sweet was one of the main factors why BA turned its season around. The kid was 150 yards shy of a 1,000 yard season while only really playing HALF the schedule. Trust me, he was and is important to this team. Everyone at Amat (Including the coaches) know this. He is definitely an All Star to this team. The “Punishment” you referred to has absolutely nothing to do with his skill. But you know this already don’t you…ya joker =)

          • MoreKetchup

            Sorry if it wasn’t clear, I was just making a general observation about a few things I have seen heard, sorry about that. Would really like to know about this though since the action hasn’t been bad enough for an expulsion.

          • truth teller

            You might be right. It’s a shame because from what I see, the team needs him. Their season turned around when they started giving him the ball last year and I don’t know of any rb that they have ready to step up and do what he does. Who’s the child here? I’ve heard that others have done a lot worse and weren’t disciplined near as tough.

      • AMAT 73

        Haven’t had a chance to see the team but who’s filling in at RB ???? Someone must be lining up in the backfield at these contests .

        • AramT

          I believe that would be Sweet’s little brother

          • Valley Athletics

            I did not go to the last tournament . But at the CO tournament . It was Brandon Cummings , Andrew Perez and I believe the freshman running back . Tyler was playing receiver .

          • AramT

            I’ll go with what you said.

  • reality

    It seems that the WR’s are getting most of the buzz at Amat. Are the QB’s getting any offers?

  • Speed Kills

    Sad to hear Sweet isn’t back yet. The real sad thing is how they treated this kid and “all” the African American coaches who were let go after season besides McCutchen and we all know why he is gone. Hmmmm