Corona Centennial No. 6 in MaxPreps national rankings … St. John Bosco No. 15, Bishop Amat No. 24 …

The latest Pac-5 team in the ultra-important MaxPreps national Top 25 rankings is Corona Centennial, which is No. 6. That means there’s two teams (so far) in the Pac-5 that MaxPreps thinks is better than Ole Amat.

I know, I know, Amat fans are about to drop all the cliches about rankings not meaning anything. Spare me. It’s a good conversation piece. Personally, I think Amat is better than both teams (from what I can tell). But hey, that’s just me.

  • AMAT 73

    It seems to me that you are the only AMAT fan dropping clichés , ranting on these ratings , and plain old making a big stink about them . Spare us your perceived feelings on The Faithful as there is no evidence to back your play , at least on the blog . I for one have no problem at all with CC nor SJB ranked above AMAT , until we prove different , that’s where they belong for our area .

    • OnBLUE

      I agree. I would have never thought BA would be ranked above SJB or CC in any ranking system. As I said before, I think the vast majority of BA fans are very happy just to make the top 25 in the nation. And as great an honor it is to be ranked so high…in REALITY, it means absolutely nothing. We will see how the season pans out when our boys in blue take the field. IS IT FOOTBALL SEASON YET??? =)

      • Eric

        Ummm, does anyone remember the other teams in the Trinity League still exist? JSerra is going to be a beast this year and give SJB a run for there money, Servite is rebuilt and ready for action, O-Lu and Santa Margarita have so many returning players and then Bishop Amat has to face Mater Dei at the Santa Ana Bowl for the first game of the season? Ouch.
        All i can say, not being biased, I think MaxPreps needs to get back to the West Coast and start recognizing the so many excellent teams that are here in So Cal, which should dominate that list.
        Good Luck and I can’t wait for the crashing of the helmets either!!!

        • Jefe

          JSerra lost a lot to graduation and just lost their best WR to Gardena Serra. I don’t see them as being a “beast” this year. Agree with AMAT 73’s sentiments, 1,000%.

  • reality

    You are so right Aram. Spare us your drama all you Amat honks. Don’t drop on us your tired old cliches on how Amat should be ranked #1. And that goes double for you Fred.

    • AMAT 73

      What’s funny is there are more posts like yours then actual AMAT bloggers complaining about the rankings .

    • Here’s JOHNNY, or Little Johnn

      Actually no, the mighty lancers are right where they need to be until the prove other. BTW… You sound like a discruntled honk, is it because your little Johnny was not good enough to play for the MEN of blue and gold? Is it because your little Johnny played for one of the schools the MEN of blue and gold destroyed over the last couple years. Do you sit in the stands at Keifer stadium and wish you could have played on that field? What is it?? Is that why you call yourself reality? Because you could never face it? Please don’t hate on these MEN as they are balers, a family, and they play the game as a unit. If you can’t see that then you don’t know anything at all.

    • Jefe

      LOL I can’t even imagine how annoying Fred’s going to be this season with his ultra-blatant Amat homering.

      Amat, you sure you guys have room for him on the bandwagon??

  • Valley Athletics

    The way rankings work it was no surprise that the 2 finalist in the nations toughest division are ranked high . Both teams will be tough to beat .but it can be done .

  • vegemighty

    Ultra-important? I mean, it’s cool for local kids/teams to be getting national press, but it doesn’t mean anything. All three of these teams just want to win their league, Pac-5, and hopefully a state championship game. If someone wants to say that they’re better (or not) than some team from Florida or Ohio, then that’s cool. But it’s not like anyone actually knows who would be better, nor will we ever find out.

  • AramT

    So yeah, doesn’t anyone want to talk about Centennial? Quasi-leading passer, leading rusher and leading receiver are all back. Scary. Scary. Scary. You’re gonna have to score 50 to beat these guys.

    • Valley Athletics

      Actually the QB who graduated was the leading passer , but not by much . Catalano was a better runner . They are always going to put up big numbers . I think Amat will be more equipped to handlle javon McKinley this year .

    • MonkeyWrench

      I be giving da edge to CC mostly because of line play. CC Oline will be big, strong and well coached. BA will be strong and well coached but size will make the difference on both sides. CC Defensive MVP back in LB Brumbaugh and a strong secondary with CB Bynumm and S Ulloa should be good football against a very good BA offense. CC offense will have another dual QB sitch Catalano going to be tuff to stop on ground. Mckenelly and Bonner will get theirs. I think BA be a very good team just CC be better.

    • Norco

      As for right now CC has 10 kids with D1 offers
      six of those are on the defensive side of the ball…to beat CC you need to
      control the clock and get at a minimum 4-5 stops. Norco back in the day had the
      recipe to beat CC when they pounded the ball at them. As for CC this year the
      OL and DL are huge question marks. The OL will be big, but very young and inexperienced.
      Dl is unproven…

  • 12th man

    At the end of the day Corona is always going to be in the discussion regardless of their record or rankings.. This high powered no huddle spread offense is equiped to score tons of points but vs the right team will also give up many points.. Ultimately the game needs to be played on the field not on paper.. If Amat does end up playing Corona along the way.. How important is home field advantage? We all know you can’t really stop Coronas offense but you can slow them down.. Keep them under 40 points & you give yourself a chance to win in the clutch!