Mass exodus at Muir? What the heck is going on?

There appears to be serious problems at Muir. Two of the Mustangs’ top returners — Wide receiver Jamire Calvin and defensive back Elijah Blades — have left the program and transferred to Cathedral.

Calvin, a junior, caught 27 passes for 279 yards and a touchdown last year. But with his blazing speed and ability to make people miss in open space, would have been counted heavily in the offense this year. Especially with leading receiver Taeon Mason graduated.

Blades, also a junior, will play defensive back at Cathedral and some receiver. Both players are expected to develop into next-level prospects. Prior to the above departures, running back Jaylyn Newson, left after the first semester. His whereabouts are unknown.

This isn’t the way first-year head coach Antyone Sims wanted to start off. Sims took over for John Hardy, who was let go by the school shortly after last season despite a successful three-year run.

Muir lost twice to Cathedral last season, once in nonleague play and once in the playoffs. The two teams play again on Sept. 4 at Cathedral.

Aram’s Take: I’m sour. Was looking forward to covering these two. Had heard all about them coming up and now they’re at Cathedral.

  • reality

    Just part of the yearly transfer drama that plays out in the Valley. Poor Muir seems like it loses more than its share of players. Cathedral I’m sure will be soundly beaten up by the bloggers but so would any school they chose to go to be it Amat or Maranatha etc. I don’t have any direct knowledge of Muir but I hear it’s environment is tough. If that’s the case you are bound to lose players every year.

  • Don

    Nothing new about the “Dena drain, parents been moving kids out of the area when they could for years. Blame it on the district since families looking for better education, committed teachers, and yep, even safety, take kids elsewhere. Same in LAUSD.

    Sad for the Mustangs, but parents gotta do what they gotta do.

    • Mean Joe Green

      Pasadena is so desperately trying to maintain a three high school system despite low enrollment. Being the largest city in the SGV, it is hard to imagine kids in Southern Pasadena to bus all the way to Muir. So for logistic purposes you keep three schools open. However, it depletes Muir of the needed enrollment and resources. Pasadena has to find a way to make it work, or we will continue to see the private school flight. I am a John Muir alumnus and would never send my kid to that school.

  • Jefe

    Can’t blame them. I’d rather go to Cathedral too.

  • AramT

    Yeah, but this isn’t leaving for Alemany. It’s Cathedral. Muir is really teetering. These two guys were the next studs of the program. To lose them on top of ALL the other guys who by rights should be in the program if they didn’t start their HS careers somewhere else is a big, big blow.

    Of course, I gotta wonder why Muir/Dena talent doesn’t go somewhere else in the SGV. Why does it always go so far away?

    • Don

      “Of course, I gotta wonder why Muir/Dena talent doesn’t go somewhere else in the SGV.”

      Two words: Gold Line 😉

    • Jefe

      True it’s not Alemany but I’d still take Cathedral over Muir for my kid.

      Don’t see how anyone would be surprised about that.

  • Steve Ramirez

    You can still cover them, when Cathedral visits St. Francis. 🙂