Numbers don’t lie: CIF commish goes on the offensive after Pac-5 first-round fiasco …


First Round
Pac-5 Average Margin of Victory: 37.5 points
East Valley Average Margin of Victory: 25.6 points
Inland Division Average Margin of Victory: 37.2 points
Southern Division Average Margin of Victory: 27.6 points

(Wigod also cited the disparity in other sports and that was part of his argument, not just football. But we’ll only focus on the football part here for obvious reasons)

Furthermore, Wigod goes on to say

What this data clearly indicates is that there is a very large gap, across the spectrum of sports and divisions, in the competitive levels of teams that enter our playoffs under the current system. By placing an entire league into a particular division, we see that it creates numerous scenarios where every team from that particular league does not belong in that particular division and the results of that situation are difficult for everyone involved: the winning team, the losing team and those who are there to watch it happen.