San Marino QB Carson Glazier still a question mark for Saturday’s State Bowl championship


On Monday, San Marino QB Carson Glazier, who leads the Southern Section in passing yards, vowed to play in Saturday’s small schools State Bowl championship against Central Catholic at Sacramento St. University.

Glazier’s status is/was in doubt due to a head injury in last Saturday’s win over Sierra Canyon after he was slammed to the turf on a rough tackle late in the first half and was held out the rest of the game.

Glazier has some concussion protocols put forth by CIF to pass this week before he can be cleared to play and (as of Wednesday) that hadn’t happened yet. Given the current climate in all levels of football as it pertains to head injuries, convincing CIF that Glazier wasn’t concussed last Saturday and that he’s okay enough this week to play may prove very difficult.

Keep in mind that many people feel extending the season to 15 and 16 games puts kids at an unnecessary risk. And some of those people are CIF officials. So, there may be a bigger reluctance to risk someone like Glazier than usual.

Certainly, injuries like this can happen in Week 2 just as easily as Week 15. But the fact is, in this case, it didn’t. I received an email from an area official who will remain nameless. The official said that NO WAY should Glazier be cleared in less than a week’s time after having such a serious moment last Saturday night.

I must say, I agree. If you’ve ever talked to Glazier, you know he’s a great kid. Whole life ahead of him. Yes, he knows the risks. He’s a warrior and wants to fight. That’s all commendable. But what’s he risking it for? So CIF can make a few extra bucks? So the Sac-Joaquin Section can see whether they’re better than the Southern Section or other sections?

NOBODY left Citrus College two weeks ago wondering where San Marino stacked up against the other small schools in the state. San Marino’s point was proven after Week 14. These kids and their coaches are already legends. Yes, last Saturday was a nice chapter to add. Thrilling, to say the least. But at what point does the reward outweigh the risk?

  • Colt74

    This young man has nothing he needs to prove. I think him and his teammates proved more than enough to even my grand-kids.

    • AramT

      very well put.

      • mr power

        It is a privilege to be in the game. Not a burden. The fact that San Marino was picked to be in the small school open division is also an honor. From everyone I talked to about the injury it was because of a dirty sierra canyon team.

        As a reporter you should be covering this like it is a “High School Rose Bowl Game” with a breakdown of both teams, stats, rosters, accomplishments, coaches, history, and an op ed if you want. But give the players and the game the respect it deserves.

  • Semper Titanius

    One of the toughest kids out there. Proved it hard against Summit. Flat out dealt all season. Ridiculous numbers. Highest QBR in the country wire to wire this season. Mostly, just seemed to love being and winning with his team. Fun to watch the old and the young in San Marino come up to him after games for a handshake or a picture. All class all the time. Hope we get one more chance to see #7 sling it for the Titans.

  • reality

    You are really picking the low hanging fruit on this one. The more you ride your bike on the street the better chance you have of getting run over. Walk the streets of any SGV town after dark with a hoodie on and your chances of getting shot at are almost a sure thing. Add 2 games to your football schedule and injury numbers will positively increase. Aram and the no-more-football nay sayers that it seems you and the Trib papers have become have the bully pulpit to criticize the game. It started even before the season began with many stories of the West Covina player that was injured going to a 7 on 7 exposure. Now it lasts till the last game? Beware of biting the hand that feeds you. A positive spin on how football can help a kid in other areas of life would be nice, but that would require some leg work wouldn’t it?

  • SGV Football Historian

    While the rest of the state and country deserve to see the best public school team in the State of California (under the enrollment of 1,250) take on the three-time defending state champion in Central Catholic, I am torn here. This is the best team in the history of the school and I will throw it out there that it may be the best team to ever represent the RHL. Comparison across eras is difficult (TC – 70s, MHS recently and late 90’s, SMHS late 80s/early 90s), but not certain that many would argue. I want to see this kid play again – FOR THE TITANS, At this point, if he passes the protocols, is cleared to play by an MD, then it is truly a family decision and one that we should respect whether or not we agree truly is not our place. All that being said, I hope that SM is able to pull it off and win this division that it was “PLACED” into. Having to play 2 private schools of this caliber when you are a small public school should be an option (if you choose) not one you are forced into. Glazier and the boys can play with any public school of relative size in the COUNTRY. They need their best to compete against top programs – he is the BEST – look at the numbers and look at his QBR. Additionally, this is a team – last Saturday eliminated any doubters about SM remaining. The SM TEAM will be there – hope to see #7 with them in whatever capacity he and his family along with the advice of his medical team decide is the best course of action.

  • vegemighty

    I am sympathetic to the notion that 16 games may be too many. That said, the CIF official is way off-base in declaring Glazier unfit to play. The fact that the injury was taken very seriously in the moment is not proof that the injury was serious. Maybe it was, and a competent doctor needs to rule him out. Maybe it wasn’t, and a doctor can give his blessing. At the time of the injury, the severity was unknowable, and it was necessary to treat it like a big deal, but that reaction ought not trump a proper diagnosis made away from the heat of the moment.

    • guest

      Yes if the “Area Official” has the conviction of his opinion, he or she should come out and put his or her name on it.. and own it

      Otherwise one can have serious reservations as to what he she is saying, and or if he or she actually did say it. This would not be the first time on these pages that a tempest in a teapot was fomented herein to get a click or a comment.

      I sincerely agree with Mr Power, that the game should be treated like a real game, with real pre game analysis and features one would expect of a professional sports reporting of the match up.

      We in this area know little about Central Catholic. Their running back from the footage on MaxPreps is a beast. Not the fastest runner, but a smaller CB or safety is going to be tested to take him down. He also plays Strong Safety. But we havent heard a word about it here.

  • Don

    Not being a board certified Neurologist who has personally examined young Mr. Glazier like, you know, your ‘unnamed area official’, I would be a bit hesitant to provide any medical diagnosis either clearing him or keeping him from playing.

    I DO think that someone from the Section and the State should have weighed in regarding the non-call of the play that injured the kid. Anytime a player makes an obvious attempt to injure another the officials on the field have to step in and rule, at least with a flag if not an ejection. Not making a call on the play is at best an invitation for both teams to make unsafe plays.

    • guest

      It was automatic, a 7 game sit out, meant no Glazier for the state championship. If the game were on Sunday, he would have played, having been cleared by a neurologist earlier in the week to compete.

      But 7 days is 7 days.. one day to few for Glazier and the Titans..

      The what ifs are all that were left, playing as an underdog even at full strength. With the second string and or third string QB.. well it was too tall an order.

      • Semper Titanius

        Except that state law and CIF bylaws require six days, not seven. CIF refused to read their own rules. The entire protocol requires two stages be completed in no less than six days. The final two stages, a contact practice and a game under medical supervision, can be completed on the seventh day. CIF just can’t read, but nobody on these pages ever accused CIF of any real intelligence. Too bad.

        • guest

          wow.. I read the article that stated it was a 7 day sit out, assuring any player would not play in the next game, absent extraordinary week and a day scheduling that happens very rarely.

          I am sorry that the CIF could not read its own rules.

          Clearly from the statement of the unnamed CIF official in the Aram piece, they were not going to let Carson play no matter what. He must have felt terrible having to sit and miss the game that he worked so hard to get to with the rest of the team.

          That really blows.

          • Semper Titanius

            Yeah, it was hard to watch. That’s not even the “best” part. SMHS principal, without coach or parent permission or consultation, sent private and totally inaccurate medical information to CIF before Glazier cleared by USC Director of Sports Concussion Medicine.

          • New York

            Sounds like a pretty significant HIPAA violation, as well as an ill-advised attempt to “do the right thing”, meanwhile costing Glazier and his teammates some significant memories. I don’t care what these sportswriters say. Playing in a bowl game like this is a very big deal! It is an incredibly special opportunity to go on a playoff trip similar to the old days, the very old days.

          • Semper Titanius

            Nail on the head.