San Marino QB Carson Glazier still a question mark for Saturday’s State Bowl championship


On Monday, San Marino QB Carson Glazier, who leads the Southern Section in passing yards, vowed to play in Saturday’s small schools State Bowl championship against Central Catholic at Sacramento St. University.

Glazier’s status is/was in doubt due to a head injury in last Saturday’s win over Sierra Canyon after he was slammed to the turf on a rough tackle late in the first half and was held out the rest of the game.

Glazier has some concussion protocols put forth by CIF to pass this week before he can be cleared to play and (as of Wednesday) that hadn’t happened yet. Given the current climate in all levels of football as it pertains to head injuries, convincing CIF that Glazier wasn’t concussed last Saturday and that he’s okay enough this week to play may prove very difficult.

Keep in mind that many people feel extending the season to 15 and 16 games puts kids at an unnecessary risk. And some of those people are CIF officials. So, there may be a bigger reluctance to risk someone like Glazier than usual.

Certainly, injuries like this can happen in Week 2 just as easily as Week 15. But the fact is, in this case, it didn’t. I received an email from an area official who will remain nameless. The official said that NO WAY should Glazier be cleared in less than a week’s time after having such a serious moment last Saturday night.

I must say, I agree. If you’ve ever talked to Glazier, you know he’s a great kid. Whole life ahead of him. Yes, he knows the risks. He’s a warrior and wants to fight. That’s all commendable. But what’s he risking it for? So CIF can make a few extra bucks? So the Sac-Joaquin Section can see whether they’re better than the Southern Section or other sections?

NOBODY left Citrus College two weeks ago wondering where San Marino stacked up against the other small schools in the state. San Marino’s point was proven after Week 14. These kids and their coaches are already legends. Yes, last Saturday was a nice chapter to add. Thrilling, to say the least. But at what point does the reward outweigh the risk?